Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringin' in the New Year

We rung in the new year the perfect way... With family (blood and non blood lol). Although some backed out on us at the very last minute we still had a good time and too much food.. But let me tell you kids + late bedtimes = lots of tears, fighting and whining lol Kobe is in his room tucked in his bed by no later than 8pm. well staying up to watch the ball drop got the best of him. But he made it and so did Mom.. lol I was up way past my bedtime too lol. Even tho I'm just 28 I am an old lady lol. I put my jammies on as soon as I know I don't have to go anywhere else for the evening. But we made it and had a good time.. We had lots of laughs, a few fights, lots of food and good company. Amanda brought a new board game that she bought called "Last Word" it was really fun.
 Olivia made cupcakes in her Easy Bake Oven :) She was so proud of them..

 We even let creatures in our house LOL this is what BumbleBee and The black Spiderman's baby would look like LOL
 Super Heroes were at OUR party... be jealous LOL

 This is the kinda love you have after almost 34 years of marriage haha

 "Last Word"

Ready to ring in the New Year
 They have their "Champagne" its actually Sparkling Grape juice..
 Counting down....
 Happy New Year