Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying goodbye to 2013

I can't believe in just a couple hours 2013 will be in the past. I think it went soo fast this year.
We had a very emotional year that's for sure. Here is a recap.. Starting off with my sister having a miscarriage in January and having to have a D&C done.. That was so heart breaking and such a shock.. It really bothered me because I knew exactly the heart break she was going through since I had went through it a few months before.. I think I cried for 3 days over it.. but she got pregnant again shortly after ;) Then in February Kobe turned 7! March Jason got a new job.. more hours and more money. April Kobe FINALLY lost his first tooth.. May Kobe had his tonsils out. Even though the recovery was pretty easy he had HORRIBLE night terrors that I'll never forget. These happened for a couple weeks.. June We celebrated my parents 35th wedding anniversary. July Jason's sister Sarah got married! She was a gorgeous bride and her wedding was beautiful.. However later that month His Grandma "Nan" passed away.. In August I celebrated my 30th Birthday and had a hard time with turning 30.. The end of August/Begging of Sept my sister found a lump on her throat.. she had a biopsy done and showed suspicious things so she had to have part of her thyroid removed while she was very pregnant with my nephew.. Surgery went good but recovery was a little rough... a couple weeks later we found out the part they removed was cancer..(If you are wondering why you never heard anything about this, its because Amanda didn't want Olivia to know so it was just told to family) and that she would have to have another surgery after Noah was born.. That was a hard thing to swallow.. you always think "oh that wont happen to our family" never think that... It can.. also in September we had a family reunion with the Kennedy cousins.. Kobe and my niece pig wrestled for the first time and had a BLAST! We also got Duke our Boxer Puppy! October we celebrated our 2nd wedding Anniversary.. that same day Miss Kara was born.. November my precious nephew was born! That day was a day none of us will ever forget.. let me just summarize, I took Amanda in for Blood Pressure observation.. ended up being admitted for labor.. Noah's heart rate wouldn't cooperate so she was rushed into emergancy c-section.. Both were just fine after... until Amanda's bleeding didn't stop and was rushed back into the OR and had to be stitched up again..and have a blood transfusion..sigh.. but her recovery after the c-section was pretty good ;) December We celebrated Jason's 31st bday on the 7th and Amanda's 34th bday on the 15th.. On the 18th Amanda had her 2nd thyroid surgery to remove the remaining part of her thyroid.. recovery was WAY better than the first surgery.. Mr. Noah got to have his first sleep over at Aunt Annie's that night.. the 24th and 25th was Christmas get togethers.. the 28th My Grandma was taken to the ER for bleeding from her colon and only had 1/4 of the amount of blood she is supposed to have (we could have lost her if she wasnt taken then :( that has bothered me more than you know..) That following morning was rushed to surgery to repair tears in her colon and had part of it removed (she had this same thing done 8year ago)  Shes still in the hospital trying to heal :( Please Pray! and last but not least we end with ( I hope nothing happens between now and midnight) yesterday Amanda found out the part she had removed this past surgery had no signs of cancer!!!!! So she will finish with a Radioactive Iodine treatment in January and hope we can put all this behind us!! So basically my sister is the reason for all this emotional roller coaster ride hahaha JK!!! It does show she is supposed to be here on Earth with us she fought a lot this past year and was brave the whole time! She is an inspiration for sure!!

Well thats a recap of 2013!!  Bring on 2014!!

Christmas 2013

I could write out all the details of Christmas but what better way to blog than to show pics

Christmas Eve - My parents house

 Jesus' Birthday Cake
 From My Parents
 From My brother
 From my sister
 First Time using my Keurig on Christmas Eve

 I caught Santa puttin gift outs
 Christmas Morning

 From Mommy and daddy

Christmas Afternoon - Christmas at my In-Laws

Christmas Evening - at my Grandparents
I didn't get any pics but this one, a gift from my Grandparents