Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Goodbye Summer Break!

It's August 1st! Tomorrow is Open House for school then we start back on the 3rd. It's crazy to think we are going back already but part of me is really looking forward to it. I miss the kids and my co-workers and of course I miss my paychecks LOL. I'm kind of excited to start the school year and see what students I will have this year. Kobe is looking forward to school starting too. He'll be a "Big duck in a little pond" he will be a 6th grader! That seems so crazy! 6TH GRADE! Sounds so old.. makes me want to cry!

We did get one more swim in before summer break was over!
 Headed to church... not sure where Jason was. He WAS with us lol
 We made our first batch of pickles. This round we made 25 pints and 1 quart of dill.

We got family pics taken.. here is just the sneak peak she sent me.. Can't wait to see the rest.

I got to babysit my cousin's son for the week. He usually has nothing to do with me because we don't see each other often but we bonded this past week lol

Kobe had his first ever fishing tourney this past weekend... there was a big turn out

Kobe got 1st Place!!

 Here he is listening to the rules before he could go fish.. they had 2 hours to fish.

 The fish who helped Kobe win the tourney!
 Kobe showing the judge so he could measure it. It was a 14in Bass

 Kobe's name was also drawn and he won a tackle box loaded with good stuff

I was very proud of him!!!

The next say we took the whole family fishing..

 I caught a fish!! Actually I caught the most... 2 hahaha
 My baby catfish

 Kobe's Bass he caught

 Jason's catfish

Monday Kobe Mom and I went to Vincennes to get Kobe some school shoes.

We were in and out of Hibbett Sports in less than 10mins.
That NEVER happens.
Usually we can't agree on shoes but this time we agreed on the first pair!

After that I took Kobe to spend his $20 he had from mowing.. 

Guess where we went...


Fishing supplies

He has another tourney this weekend so he had to get prepared! 

Also check out this shirt I got made for Kobe..

I love it

One last thing that is really awesome to our family... 

Kobe got a shout out on FB from Bucks of Indiana

That's all for now..

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