Friday, May 30, 2014

*Cue Alice Cooper*

"Schools out for Summa'.."

I now have a 3rd Grader! 



That is CRAZY!!!

Third grade seems so old to me. He's starting the "half way" mark of his grade school years!

I just keep thinking about 3rd grade and how they say its one of the toughest years of school, or at least they said that when I was in school many moons ago. I'm a little nervous about the teacher selection this coming year. However I was last year too and Kobe got the teacher I originally wished he wouldn't get and come to find out she was awesome! You hear all these "horror" stories from other ppl when honestly you just need to find out on your own. I loved Kobe's teacher this year and I was glad he had her.

Kobe's report card was awesome.. he got straight A's! I'm very proud of him!!

Tuesday morning we went and signed up for the Summer Reading Program at the public Library. I love that he wants to do this every year. It makes me proud and I know it makes his Mamaw Kathi proud since none of us (her kids) were readers. I HATE to read unless its on the internet or some magazine.. Not Kobe he loves to read. He picked such a variety of books too, even the Librarian commented on his variety lol. He chose a book about Mars, How to raise Chickens, Monster Trucks, Science Experiments, and How to Draw Dinosaurs lol..
Making sure this book about Mars was good enough to check out.

Decisions.. decisions!!

Finally picked out all his books..

In other news.. Kinda sad new really.. We are getting ride of Duke :( I hate it and so does Kobe but for some reason he attacks Kobe.. Kobe will just be walking by and he'll just attack Kobe. He's not playing either because we've seen him play with Kobe.. he's being vicious. He even snapped at me the other day. Jason will not have a dog that does that.. We've giving him a lot of chances and tried things we've read/heard about to try and its getting worse.. Here are some pics just to show you.. Kobe had a shirt ON too..

We aren't sure whats causing it.. he's a well loved dog.. especially by Kobe.. So we'll be finding him a home in the near future :( As much as my heart breaks.. because I do love him.. but I can't have him hurting my baby either.. He is so strong and I'm afraid one time when Jason isn't home he'll attack Kobe and it will be more serious..

Another little tidbit of info.. Kobe lost another tooth! Still haven't lost those top teeth yet but one is slightly wiggling!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Camping, soccer, more camping!

Friday night we all headed out for our annual camping trip! We only camp about 15-20 minutes away from home but its a nice get away. My whole family camps and we have a good time.. Me and my guys of course tent camp and honestly its not too bad except I had to run into town and get a new air mattress at 10pm since our patch job didn't work out too well..

Here is our tent

My parents camper

My sister and brother-in-law's camper

 I didnt get a pic of my brother's tent.. but it kinda looks like ours..

Saturday we headed back into town for Kobe and Olivia's championship soccer game of their tourney...
We played a hard game.. we were up 2-0 at half.. they ended up tieing the game up 2-2.. we went into sudden death over time(first team to score wins) for 5 minutes.. No one scored so that took us to PKs (Penalty kicks) we ended up getting beat in PK's.. we played a good game.. We still got a trophy 

Kobe got to be "captain" and be in on the coin toss
Kobe's team who played a good game!!

Kobe and his cousin Xavier

Kobe's team

Kobe's coach handing out awards

One wore out kiddo!

After the game we headed back out to the camp ground to enjoy the rest of the weekend..

Josh man'd the food on the open fire.. Eggs and bacon for breakfast...

Uncle Jason and Noah

Miss Emma Lynn eating some of Josh's yummy bacon

My mom "Mamaw" rockin Noah to sleep

Uncle Jason's turn..

My Boy!

Me and my boy!

Emma showing Mamaw her "puppies" lol aka rocks ;)

Lovens from Papaw

I just though this pic was funny since it looks like these are Noah's legs lol

Monday morning we all packed up and some of us headed back into town to say good bye to my Great Uncle Tom. He passed away unsuspectingly Friday afternoon.. He was Dx with Acute leukemia on Thursday and was given 2 weeks to live but he didn't even make it 24 hours. However I wasn't very close to him.. but to my cousin's he was part of their world and my heart broke even more for them and my great Aunt Joyce... RIP Uncle Tom

 On a brighter note.. when I got back home after the funeral I saw my flower had bloomed!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One stressed Momma...

I have been so anxious and stressed lately.. I just wish it would all go AWAY, but thats life. Jason still isn't home Its 9:34pm and he went in at 5AM... but any ways On a brighter note we finished our last two soccer games of regular season last Thursday and Saturday both with wins.. We went 8-1 the whole season.. Thats pretty good if you ask me. Tonight we had our first game of the tourney.. we won 6-2.. it was a pretty intense game.. we were tied 2-2 at halftime.. after the half we poured on the pressure and got 4 more goals.. Kobe scored 2 goals tonight.. he was on FIRE!! Seriously he scored one of the goals when he was on defense. I was so proud of him and his team tonight.. They did awesome!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Today is Mother's Day.. kinda boring if you ask me.. No cookout, no family time, nothing much.. I Didn't even get to sleep in. I spent the majority of it in bed on the internet while the guys did their things outside.. just having a me day.. Which that was kinda nice.. just thought I'd post some things to let you know whats been going on.. First off Saturday we had our first loss in soccer.. we lost 1-4.. it was a tough game.. intense is the word I should use.. But like I told Kobe.. ya gotta lose sometimes.. and I'd rather lose in regular season than in the tourney..

I taught Kobe how to play "Mary had a little lamb" on the keyboard.

He wanted to make a heart with Duke lol

We bought our seeds for the garden. We haven't bought the plants yet.. still gotta do that but our Garden is planted with these guys..

What Noah thinks about peaches

Kobe's outfit from when he was a baby

The things we do to this baby LOL

Making Mother's Day gifts for My Daycare kids Mommas

Noey's little hand

Kobe's baby turtle he found

Looks who is 6 Months already!!!

Kobe's first keep and filet fish lol

Saturday, May 3, 2014

What a good day!

First off this pic is from Friday...

Check out who is sittin up by himself for little periods of time!!!

So back to today! We had such a good day.. we started off Kobe's soccer game at 10.. it was kinda chilly this morning.. but I'll watch soccer in any weather!! I let Kobe play in his game this morning even though its not been 7 days.. I wrapped his hand up good just in case and he did fine.. He even fell down to the ground once and kept from using his hand.. Kobe's team won 6-1.. We played a good little team too.. we are now 4-0 this season!!

After that we took Jason over to my parents so him and my dad could go mushroom hunting.. Jason found 72 and dad found some but is a dork and lost his sack LOL.. (sounds like a hunter's story to me lol) but Jason being the brat good son-in-law that he is.. he gave his to dad because we've already had some.. even though I wanted more lol but I'll share with my dad lol.. So any who mom Kobe and I went and watched my friends daughter play soccer.. she plays on a travel team that my friend (her dad) coaches and they were playing in town today so we went and watched.

After the guys got done hunting we headed home and had a weenie roast for dinner.. WITH marshmellows of course lol.. After we ate, Kobe Duke and I played soccer lol we had a fun time and Kobe was quite impressed with my kicks LOL he kept saying "oh my gosh mom you kick good" lol he still is fascinated that I played soccer in my younger years ;) My son would play soccer all day if he could.. I'm so glad he loves the sport so much! 

Isn't my fur baby cute!?

The perfect Marshmallow

Our UGLY chickens

See this yappy little dress wearin dog? LOL well she sits and barks and barks at Duke are big ol boxer.. He ignores her and stays in our yard until he has enough then He'll run as fast as he can at her and she'll take off running as fast as her little legs can go back to her porch LOL

This is what they always do.. wrestle