Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bear with me!!!

So imagine that, I'm WAY behind in blogging once again... 

So as the title says "bear with me"

Here is a quick update..

Mom, Dad Kobe and I went to the Christmas Parade 

Got all decorated for Christmas

Kobe and I went ice skating with the school as an Incentive Trip for passing his AR goal and behavior goal...

Christmas Eve at home

Christmas Eve at my parents!

Christmas Morning

New Year's eve

Celebrated Krista's Birthday

Leavell's Christmas

Got a new puppy... her name is Roxy

Celebrated Kobe's Birthday

Valentine's Day / Kobe's b-day

Shopping Day in E-ville

Had a tornado on March 1st. This is not my house this is a friends.. but I wanted to remember the intensity of it..
Took Roxy to the vet!

I know this was boring and short but Just needed to play catch up...