Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Mini "ation"

Aka VACATION! LOL Kobe calls it our "ation"...

I had to do a girls hair 2 days in a row for her senior pics (they go all out) so instead of driving home we got put in a hotel at French Lick. Its the one with the indoor water park!!! It was alot of fun... I how ever didnt purchase a water camera until AFTER we went the first time... But we HAS planned on going back on day #2 but plans got changed... which I was ready to head home... anyways... Kobe has a blast tho.. he went down one medium water slide ALL by himself... then attempted another which was dark blue so it was dark in the tunnel.. well he never came out and never came out... then my panic mode starts to kick in just when I see the little stinker climbing back UP and coming out the top... When I can get to him I asked why he didnt go down and he said "it too dark mommy" so that little stinker climbed that wet slippery slide with water coming at him....

After that we went to eat at the Boatyard Restaurant... Where I discovered Kobe LOVES Cesar Salad.. I must admit it was the BEST one I have ever had! After we got done eating we were sittin and talking and Kobe was standing in the booth and lost his balance and fell, yes I know he shouldnt have been standing, but its hard for an active 3 yr old boy to sit steal and he wasnt hurting anyone BUT himSELF! He fell and hit his mouth on the table and continued to fall all the way down to the floor... well when he came up he was crying and had his hands to his face and when i pulled them away he has blood EVERYWHERE! He busted his bottom lip open REALLY good... so of course ppl come runnin towards us and they had to fill out an accident report and have their EMT come look at it... The lady was sooooooooooo nice she had them go to the pool area and get Kobe Dip n Dots!! It didnt take long for him to recover after he got to get a toy sword at the gift shop lol this was a couple days after but I just wanted u to get an idea of how bad it was....

Later that night we went to bed at 10 PM... and in the middle of the night Kobe fell off the very high bed!! UGH I was bout to pack up and leave then but I had more hair to do the next day! I think we were being cursed LOL


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now my son is a Fish! LOL

Yesterday the kids got to swim for the first time this year! My sister bought the kids a pool to keep at mamaw and papaw's house since they dont have a very big back yard and I'm not aloud to have pools at my apartment. The kids loved it. It was just the right size for them.. They swam all day until papaw was done cooking on the grill. Then we went in and ate dinner and about 7:30-8pm Kobe was back in the pool... and was soo upset that he had to get out... I think my son would live in the water if he could... Here are some pics from the pool!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Here Piggy Piggy....

OH WAIT! That's MY son! Kobe was a dirty little pig tonight. His bath water was dark grey lol. But that means he had a good time. Right?! LOL ...

He has now discovered Rollie Pollies... He calls them Lady Bugs tho. So he decided to get a little plastic dish and put all that he found in this dish. Well I was sitting on the couch watching TV and he comes in and sticks the dish right in my face. And says "Wook Mom, Wady Bugs" and I said those are Rollie Pollies not lady bugs, he looked at me and said with this long sigh...:"Yeh me know" HAHAHA! He is a character! Well anyways bout 15 minutes goes by and he's just out in the yard (what tiny yard we have) looking for these bugs... So I walk in the dining room only to notice Kobe had left his bowl of "lady bugs" on the dining room floor and they were crawling outta the bowl...**YUK** so I couldn't kill em' So I opened the back door and told Kobe he needs to get the bugs off mommy's dining room floor lol So as he is squatting down and picking up the bugs I say "honey, you can't bring bugs in the house" Kobe: "Why??" Me: " they will get out and climb on our food and drinks" Kobe: "Well dem birds try'n to eat dem" HAHAHAHA there is NEVER a dull moment with my child... I Love him to death... Even tho I get stressed to the max and being a single parent is the most challenging thing I have ever done I wouldn't trade it or Kobe for ANYTHING!

My Little Piggy does Clean up nice tho!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trip to the "Camper Ground"

Tonight a friend of mine and his daughter had a campsite out at Glendale so we went out there for about an hour or so and hung out. It was kinda chilli and damp... But the kids loved running around and having fun! Kobe brought his gun (its a toy LOL) so that he could "peeiulk" some deer LOL. My son is a total outdoors man for sure! He loves four wheelers, Fishing, camping, bugs, 100% boy LOL... We had fun at the "camper ground" as Kobe calls it... We hope my parents go camping soon!

**Me and Laurie**

**Kobe and Alexia**


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not what I pictured!

My life as it is right now is not what I had pictured! Never did I think at the age of almost 26 I would be a divorced single mother who doesnt have a job or vehicle. All I know is that things need to change for me and Kobe. Only good things from here on out!!