Sunday, November 23, 2014

You are my HERO!!!

Here it is November 23rd.. Thanksgiving is this week that means Mom and I (haven't heard from my sister yet) will be going Black Friday  Thursday shopping. My dad wants to go this year.. HAHAHA oh he has NO idea what he's getting himself into. The first year my mom went with us she said several times she was scared lol we laughed a lot at with her that night lol.. She was basically the shopping cart holder while Amanda and I got the goods.. We got a lot of stuff having her watch over our cart so we could grab, grab and grab some more lol. sooo we'll see how dad works out.. if nothing else he could be our body gaurd lol.. Even though we have proved we don't need a body guard since both Amanda and I went BF shopping when I was 8 months and she was 7months pregnant by ourselves AND loaded a big ass heavy tool chest in a cart ...

Sooo any who.. Kobe and I went on a Mommy/Son date the other night to our local theater that has been restored and reopened! I think Kobe was 3 (maybe?) when they closed its doors.. It was soooo nice to stay in town and enjoy some special time with Kobe.. We saw Big Hero 6. SUPER CUTE MOVIE!!! I highly recommend it. It's about time they come out with a "boy" movie lol again.. let me rephrase that.. a GOOD boy movie.. We laughed, we cried (maybe just me), we cheered.. it was just an all around good movie..

In other news.. my brother gave my parents their Christmas present early! They got new carpet! It's been 37 years since they laid the first carpet in their house.. they were in need of new.. 

Here is the before...

As you see we still kept kids that day.. we were crammed in the dining room when the carpet guys got there.. it was a little space but the kids really didn't mind lol

This is after they tore the old up.. there is pretty hardwood floors under but who want to mess with that? lol.. PLUS its cold in the living room and needs carpet.

They started at 9:45am and were done just a little after 1pm.. I thought they did it fast. They even laid 3 ceramic tiles in front of the fireplace..

Here is the finished project

 (That's extra pieces they cut off incase your wondering what is in the left hand bottom corner)

The color is actually a dark blue color called "Indigo" but it showed up gray for some reason.. maybe the picture window brought in too much light for my phone's camera..

Here is Ki-ki loving the carpet lol

Noah was loving the carpet til mean Aunt Annie took her phone back lol.. In his defense though he wasn't feeling good.. those teeth coming in do a number on kiddos and I hate it..

But here he is sporting the shirt I got him for his birthday!

While I'm here typing this Jason was outside butchering the turkey for thanksgiving..

Check out how HUGE this bad boy is.. I have NO idea how my mother in law is going to be able to fit this in her oven .. 

This is the only thing it would fit in to travel to my in-laws lol its a storage tote!

Just got this pic while I was finishing up LOL

My mother in law will be needing a bigger pan lol.. That's a LOT of turkey haha

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your family!!

Here are some randoms pics before you leave lol

Bella's new thing.. is to get up in high places

Bough this coat off an online yardsale.. it was HUGE! Thanks to my friend Jennifer we have a nice/warm winter coat that fits! Sorry I don't have a pic of the new coat..

A friend of mine sent me these awesome earrings!

Got new gloves and an ear warmer and I don't care if I look 4 I love them.. disclaimer: They were in the women section PLUS they are touch screen compatible

Kadalyn looking like a movie star..


She's all about that BassSass. bout that BassSass.. no treble TROUBLE lol

I thought she looked like Meghan Trainor with all those hairbows in her hair lol

One of the many tries at posing lol

Big fire in Loogootee

Watching the trash guys

Picked Kobe up from school wearing these LOL

Sunday, November 9, 2014

First indoor soccer game and Noah J's B-day

I can't believe it's November all ready! This year has flown by. Thanksgiving is creeping up on us.. We are celebrating Thanksgiving with Jason's family this year, since we spent last year with my family.. My biggest struggle every year is what to bring?? I've been on Pinterest looking for yummy recipes and of course I find a ton and want to fix them all. But I have a a couple weeks to figure it all out..

So anywho.. Kobe started indoor soccer this past week. It's new to us. Its crazy... crazy rules.. crazy playing.. just crazy lol.. Kobe loves it of course.. You can't kick it too high, there are no out of bounds, the ball doesn't stop unless it's kicked into the crowd or the clock ran out of time.. We play at least 2 games a week and there are NO practices.. Kinda, whats the word I'm looking for?? CRAZY! But like I said.. Kobe loves it.. although he forgets he cant use his big ol foot like out on the real soccer field.. he gets the whistle blown at him for that a lot.. Its comical to watch.. I'll try to post a video after these pics.. but I must be doing something wrong my videos haven't worked in the last few posts..

As you can see in this picture above.. that black square at the bottom of the picture is the wall and I can barely see over it.. it comes to my chin "#shortgirlproblems" lol if a ball comes to close to the wall all I can see of the game is from their forheads-up.. lol


 If that video above doesn't work click .. HERE

Yesterday we celebrated Mr. Noah J's Birthday!! I Can't believe he is a year old already.. He was soo funny while we sang to him.. and then entertained us all while he ate his cake..

He would love on all his clothes he pulled out lol

Kobe won Noah this Duck Dynasty duck out of the crane/claw game at walmart

More lovin on his clothes

Here are some more pics before ya go..

Made my Grandpa Solliday a birthday cake

Kobe eating boogers that his Grandma and Grandpa Colvin got him for Halloween lol