Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Still no Internet!

We still are without Internet at our house.. heck we are still without cable / Satellite. We are trying to get are bills figured out and know where we stand before we get these "luxury" bills.. So that means I can't blog like I used to.. and every blog I post has been a major cram session.. But oh well I So get ready here comes the cram lol. Not much to share but this is our life..

 We got a riding mower finally! It has a brand new engine on it and everything.. the only thing "old" on is is the body of it.. We got it for a whopping $100.00 Thanks to my Grandpa Hill for finding the good deal for us.
 Our dog "Camo" has gone from a sweet loving dog to a pest lol. I can't even walk from room to room with out him right under my feet following me everywhere.. Licking me CONSTANTLY.. I'm the only one he licks like crazy lol. I Googled it thinking maybe something was wrong with me.. come to find out he is just in love with me.. or so Google says lol. Plus he's not doing so hot on the whole potty training thing.
We celebrated my Sister-in-laws 16th birthday and had a weenie roast..

 Jason got a deer! Our new Deep Freeze is filling up with food..
 We Celebrated Jacob's birthday at Grandma and Grandpa Hill's house and Kobe and Ashtin couldn't figure out why the candle they were blowing out would light up again and again.. it was fun watching them.
 I got new bar stools for my bar in the kitchen finally!
Kobe's cute school picture although this smile cracks me up. My son can NOT smile on command for some reason lol.. I love him!!

 I went with the guys to sight in their guns..
Kobe's last soccer game was last night. I am very sad to see it end. He had an awesome season. He got 2 goals this year. Which was great since he played mostly defense. The few times he was one offense he scored.. Hello!? lol! I'm seriously considering coaching his team next year.. I know soccer. I played soccer til Jr.High.. I'm really considering it! But we'll see lol I wasn't to impressed with his coach this year.. maybe because we got spoiled last year lol We had an AWESOME coach last year! Thats all that I've got to share right now.. or let me rephrase that, I'm allowed to share lol!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October? Say What?!

Wow I can't believe it is October already. We have alot going on this month.. We'll be celebrating our 1st wedding Anniversary. I can't believe its been a year already. But then again I feel like it seems  we have been together forever. I'm so glad Jason and I found each other. I know if I wouldn't have gotten with Jason my life would be so different now. I can't even imagine how it would be. In fact I don't even want to think about it because it wouldn't be good. My life is awesome. Yeh we have our ups and downs but we manage to pull through and talk it out and move right along with our lives. I'm very happy how my life is going.

If you know me, you know Kobe's "father" isn't in his life. He hasn't been since 2007 when Kobe was one. His 2nd birthday, which was a few months after he left, was the only birthday he ever got a present from him. He never called to check on him nothing. If I would call or email him he wouldn't respond. I however did receive child support at times they were hit and miss payments. This past Wed I got a payment for 20$. I sent Jason a text at work and told him I got a pmt of $20 just because I tell Jason everything lol. Well that Sunday we were outside waiting on Kobe to get home from spending the night at my parents. Jason, out of the blue, says to me.. I might as well adopt Kobe since your not getting support anyways. I was shocked and looked at him and said why do you say that. He said well its not like his dad even supports him so I'll just adopt him and make him legally mine. That's all that was said because my mom was there with Kobe and the guys headed off to squirrel hunt. That next morning (Monday) Kobe and I were driving into Washington and on the way to school Kobe says.. "Mom I want Jason to adopt me." I said you do? He said "Yeh I want him to be my real dad and be Kobe Lee Colvin" I told him that something to talk to Jason about when we got home. So I text Jason and asked if he had mentioned anything to Kobe about adopting him while they were squirrel hunting. He was like No I wouldn't say anything to him about that. I told him the conversation Kobe and I had on the way to school that morning (which made my big ol macho hubby tear up shhhh I didn't tell u that lol) Later that evening on the way home from Washington Kobe brought it up again. He asked if he could ask Jason to adopt him.. I told him we'd talk about it later with Jason. Well as soon as we got home and he saw Jason he was very shy acting and would just smile and hide his face. I asked Kobe if he wanted to say something to Jason and he said "you say it Mom" I said nooo.. just tell him. Well he went off playing and then asks me how to spell adopt so I knew he was up to something LOL. He then brings Jason a letter in and it says "Will you adopt me?" lol Jason got the biggest smile on his face and then asked Kobe questions as to why he wants him to adopt him. his reasons were that he wanted a real dad, he wanted Jason to be his real dad, and that his old dad was mean to him, and because he loved Jason. So we told him if it were to happen we'd have to get his real fathers permission and it will be a long process and we weren't sure it could happen.. and it wouldn't happen over night. He said he understood. But that night he wrote "Kobe Colvin" all over the place and drew pictures of our family. So the next day I emailed Kobe's "father" In the subject I put (to get his attention) "Giving up your rights to Kobe" this is the email I sent..

"My husband is wanting to adopt Kobe. We were wondering if you would be willing to sign your rights over. That will free you from all your rights, child support, and whatever else. I'm very serious about this and think it would be in the best interest for Kobe. We've talked to Kobe about this and this is what he is wanting as well. If you could please e-mail me or call me @ 812-***-**** Thanks.
I didn't figure I would ever get a response. I sent that email at 1:26PM and later about 7 I checked my email just to see if I got a response and I did! He sent a response at 6:24PM this is the response I got:
"I will sign my rights over. What do I need to do?"
That's it!
Nothing else.
Not even an "I'll think about it" 
It upset me that he was so easy to give him up like that. I mean we were married for goodness sake. It wasn't just a one night stand. He wasn't a baby out of wedlock. It broke my heart. I cried... But I was happy it WAS that easy.
So now we go on with the adoption process. and soon Kobe will be Kobe Colvin :)
In other name changing news! My sister is getting remarried the end of this Oct! We are so excited to have Josh in our family! He fits in so well!..
Halloween is coming soon and Kobe has decided on being a vampire for Halloween this year.. Also
Lark Ranch is open and we are in the making of planning a day there. Also yesterday was opening day for deer hunting.. So we won't see Jason much :( lol but he'll bring home the bacon deer lol so our freezer will be stocked again! YAY!!
Here are the guys skinning a squirrel after squirrel hunting
Having a weenie roast for dinner
My pretty rose bush
 Kobe making a tooth pillow. He doesn't even have a loose tooth.. but we are getting ready just in case
 His finish product
Went to E-ville with mom and Amanda to get wedding stuff which was a fail lol but Amanda treated us to Olive Garden Mmmm.. I love that place!

I got Kobe a "Small Fry" from Build a Bear! He LOVED it! He's a sucker for stuffed animals lol