Thursday, May 21, 2015

May is movin' out..

I can't believe May is almost over. This month flew by.. So much has gone on and once again I have failed to blog about it. I get in this mindset during the day that I'm going to blog and what all I have to say. Once I'm home, I get my jammies on and watch Netflix or do something else and I don't have the blogging mindset anymore.. So I told myself I HAVE to blog tonight lol.

Kobe got a 'job' for the summer. It has already started even though it isn't summer yet.. But he is mowing my parents yard for $10 every time.

 Check out those snow boots lol

Kobe wanted to try and fix a pizza all by himself.. it ended up with him mad at me because I "treat him like a baby" umm you ARE my baby kid lol

 Such concentration ..

In the state of Indiana kids are required to take a test called I-READ. Its part of the iStep testing. Kobe was a nervous wreck leading upto this test. He kept saying "what if I don't pass? I won't be able to go to 4th grade!" I assured him over and over that he'll do fine. Just make sure you read everything carefully. Well after a long painful wait (for me) the results were in.. Kobe got a 650 out of 650!!! He got a PERFECT score!!! I cried! I cried for several days every time I thought about it I got emotional.. My son.. MY son.. MY SON!! Got a perfect score. I was a C/D student and so was my ex husband so I have NO idea were he got it.. well My Mom loves to read and is a fast reader and my sister is smart so it must be them lol. He was very proud of himself! I was very proud!! I still am!

 Just a random but oh so cute pic of Noah I took

We celebrated Mom's birthday.. We took her out to one of the local Mexican restaurants here in town. We got her these gorgeous flowers that thanks to me are still alive 20 days later LOL..

 The next day we went to my Aunt Donna's to celebrate her husband's 50th Bday and Kobe had the best time lol. He was bummed that he was the only kid there but that changed fast when he caught the biggest fish, Then Aunt Donna let him ride the 4-wheeler and Golf Cart ALL day! He was in Heaven lol

 Kobe took me for a drive.. I was VERY scared for the first 5 minutes.

Kobe and I started Geo Caching. He read about it on either the istep test or a weekly reader.. so he looked it up online, found the app and begged me and begged me to do it. I had heard of it before since my Best Friends brother used to do it a lot but wasn't quite sure so I searched it and we tried our first one. Kobe is good at it!

Our first find!

We left the dollar since we were not prepared!

Kobe got the bracelet out of the box

It was really fun and I think we are up to 9 finds all over our county

Noah J got him a big boy haircut!!

Kobe got a 4-wheeler.

Kobe's team won their Championship game! They are 2nd time u-10 City Champions!!!

For Mother's Day Jason got me a new Hydrangea bush since I killed mine I got last year! Its looking good so far this year!!

When I went to get Kobe at my parent's house on Mother's Day he was outside playing and ran to the van and said "WAIT! Don't come in til I tell you too.." So I stood on the porch and he yelled "ok, come in" as I turned to shut the door I was shot by 30 rounds of nerf darts lol.. He yells Happy Mother's Day LOL then redeems himself with these yummies!

These are my all time favorite chocolates. This was a variety pack and had some I've never tried before..

This past weekend Jason finally was able to sand and repaint my glider!

I LOVE it!

As we were walking to the front yard to bring it up on the porch, I was walking ahead of the guys so I could move the stuff and get the porch ready for the glider just as I was getting ready to step up onto the steps I heard a noise and looked down and saw..


Ugh! I screamed!!

I hate snakes!!

One last thing.. Kobe place in the top 20 for Box Tops at school! We really didn't even try this year.. So we were both shocked! He came in 20th place but hey whatever right?! lol He got an autographed picture of the Chicago Bears.. He was excited.. That's all that matters ;)

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