Monday, August 4, 2014

My little 3rd Grader

Today is the first day of school for us! Here it is August 4th and school is in session.. We are on a new balanced schedule.. We'll see how this year goes if its a good thing or not ;)

Here he is.. my 3rd grader.. Doesn't that sound so old?? BLAH.. my only baby is growing up too fast!

This was his pose he wanted LOL

So let me just tell you about this kid.. lol

The other night Kobe got a kit called Band-a-loom its these tiny rubber bands you put on a loom and make bracelets and other stuff on. I showed him ONCE how to do it and he took off making bracelets.. well he was outside playing with friends when I went to check on him, he was sitting out front of my parents house with his friends and were trying to sell these bracelets he made.. I didn't think anything of it because they were just playing.. He had a little stand with a sign that said $0.75.. and when cars would pass they'd yell "Bracelets for Sale, $0.75" I kept checking on them.. they were having a good time.. when it was time for us to head home the boys were packing up their stand and Kobe was like "Mom, I made $26.00!!" I was like nu-uh... thinking he was full of it and this was one of his "Kobe stories" when I saw a $10 bill in the box.. I grabbed his box and opened it up and began to count.. Sure enough that little stinker made $26!!! I was floored to say the least.. I for once was speechless lol. He said ppl just kept saying 'keep the change' lol So when we get home I was cooking dinner and Kobe was outside playing.. well he's not aloud to play in front so when I couldn't see him in the back yard anymore I checked the front yard.. sure enough he had opened up shop in our yard. I told him he could only do it until dinner was done.. so I sent Jason out to snap a few pics while I finished up dinner.. When I went out to get Kobe he was sitting there and had a small pile of 2x4s laying next to him.. He turned around and said "hey mom, I made 4 more
 dollars" I couldn't believe it lol.. I asked what the wood was doing there and he said "Some Amish lady came buy and bought a bracelet, She asked me what I was making money for. I told her I wanted to buy lumber to build a club house and she brought me this wood back." This kid, I tell ya.. He better do something big in life when he is older lol When he is determined to do something he'll do it.. I'm not sure if its he's a good salesman, or it was those big ol brown eyes and dimples that sold those bracelets but something worked LOL

 This is the thing I made LOL I like it just as much as Kobe does LOL

This boy loves his BBQ chicken.. He cheered when Jason brought it in off the grill..
 The aftermath

Noah and uncle Jason

My new jamberry wrap! "Funky Cheetah"

Last Friday we had open house at Kobe's school.. Where we find out his teacher and bring in his school supplies..

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