Friday, July 24, 2009

Dream Dream Dream...

You know that song right? Well if you have ever seen the movie "LadyBugs" than You've heard it LOL... If not turn ur volume up and u can hear it playing...


That is all I do is "Dream Dream Dream" I'm talkin CONSTANTLY!!!

I dream of Mr. Right coming into my life and taking my breathe away. I often fantasize bout my wedding. What this next one will be like ... I have it all planned out... Its going to be an outside wedding... just in a backyard... During the Fall Season...Me in a simple white dress... Men in nice pants and shit... ladies in a cute simple dress... after we say our "I dos" we light the bon fire start the music and just have a good ol' celebration...

The I dream about having more children... I want Kobe to have brothers and sisters... I want a daughter... I want the ribbons and bows... someone who Kobe can protect and be a good big brother too... then I want another little boy... little boys are soooo fun... yes u don't get to dress them up in all the cute get up... but u get to play Power Rangers... go fishing... etc

I dream about having the life I see everyone else having... With their husbands and children...In their nice and cozy homes... driving nice dependable vehicles... Yes I was married before... it was not a healthy relationship.. I was miserable... well I'm pretty sure we both were... we didn't love each other... we thought we did... Yes I was engaged and planning a wedding when I found out I was pregnant...but the wedding was almost a whole year away... I would have realized by then we weren't in love... the wedding got pushed up do to the pregnancy so we moved the wedding up 9 months earlier than the scheduled date... I tried to make it work... I really did... but U can't force yourself to love someone... especially someone who doesn't love u in return... So once again...

I dream of finding that guy who I love and he loves me with all we have to give... someone who just fits perfectly into this little family me and Kobe having going right now...

and here I am still dreaming...

All I have to do is DREAM

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ice Age 3

Saturday I took Kobe too see Ice Age 3.
Its was his first experience at the movie theatre, and he did pretty good!
We walked up to the ticket booth, paid and Kobe got to hold the ticket stubs in his pocket
he thought he was hot stuff as he strutted over to the concessions.

We got our popcorn and drink and grabbed a booster(they offer booster for kids) and headed up
stairs we found a seat and got all settled in. The the previews came on LOL he wasn't too sure
about the loudness and kept asking "Why is it soo loud?" I told him "It has to be loud so
everyone can hear it" ... "ooooh" he said. After about 3 minutes I hear "Can they turn it down"
HAHAHA it was pretty loud he sat and ate his popcorn for about an hour. Then the last half hour
him and Olivia played musical chairs and laid on Mamaw and got bored... so we thought they've
had enough so we decided to leave... I didn't find the movie to interesting either.

Maybe it was because I was too busy watching the kids laugh.
It was a good experience tho and we had fun!!