Friday, March 19, 2010

He's ALMOST got it!!

Uncle Adam has been working with Kobe on riding his bike with NO training wheels!!! He CAN do it... its just as soon as he feels Adam's hand leave he's done pedaling LOL... Oh well he'll get it... Practice makes perfect lol...

He was done here LOL

RIP Great Grandma Leavell

On Wednesday Morning (March 17th) Grandma passed away at the age of 95.. She lived a wonderful life and I'm glad I got to spend 26 1/2 years with her in my life.. She will be missed very much. I love you Grandma... RIP

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We found......


How CUTE are these!!! :o)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today Kobe, my Mom and I headed to E-ville to do some shopping. We were on the mission to find soccer cleats..No luck.. The SAME cleats they have here at our local Shoe Show were $10 Cheaper than the EXACT same cleats at Shoe Carnival in E-ville.. so we headed to Foot Locker... nope don't even have cleats in there... so I told mom I'd just get the ones here in town.. Of course as soon as we stepped in the door of the Mall Kobe wanted to go to the "teddy bear store" So after going to a few other stores I let him "Build a Bear" he had sooooo much fun and LOVES his bear. Thats they best part is making My little sweetie happy :o)

Mommy got some new clothes and a couple pairs of flip flops. Kobe was so cute while I was clothes shopping. He'd pick a shirt up and say "here mom, How bout this?" lol ... We ate lunch at Golden Corral our favorite restaurant in E-ville well Olive Garden is but we were already on the same side of town as the GC.. It was yummy...We went to a few other stores, we finally finished Liv's b-day present up and are ready for her party on Sunday :o) We ended our shopping trip at Target... I LOVE Target! I wish we had one. Before we headed home we had a pretzel and drink at the snack bar. We had SUCH a WONDERFUL time today. :o)
This is his new thing lol Listening to his "iPod" lol he LOVES to sing... he sings ALL the time. His new favorite song is "Hillbilly Bone" By Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins the only word he knows in the song is "Yeehaw" hahahah so when that part comes he belts it out LOL... Oh Life is soooo much fun with him!

Here he is with his new "build a bear" and "iPod" lol

Saturday, March 6, 2010

**WARNING** hahaha

Wal-mart sells this YUMMY carbonated water. You can get like 10 or 12, 20oz bottles for just a few dollars. Well I went to grab the water off the shelf and EVERY bottle fell off the plastic rings that keep them attached... And of course they all go rolling in different directions LOL so here I am chasing these bottles around trying to get them all before they roll under the shelves. It was a sight let me tell you hahaha... So be careful if you ever get these because a lady in line told me that happened to her Mom one day lol...

Kobe has now started a new thing... why he does this? I have NO idea... but I'm constantly getting on him all the time for this... tonight I snapped a quick pic before I told him to get down... Does anyone's Child do this or is it just mine?? Maybe its a boy thing... I dunno... But it drives me crazy LOL What is so fun about standing on the back of the couch??? LOL Oh there is NEVER a dull moment lol

Friday, March 5, 2010

What a GORGEOUS Day!

Our first day at the park this year! It was 50 outside today!! I'm so ready for Spring....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Such a Big Helper!!

Tonight I told Kobe he it was his turn to cook dinner for Mommy... He however was ALL for that LOL... So I let him help... I opened the cabinets and told him to pick out what we are gonna have for dinner... He grabbed the Hamburger Helper and said I want "hamburger Cooker" and I said okay... what else, so he grabbed corn but behind the corn he saw sweet potatoes so he grabbed those instead.... and said "I want these pumpkins" hahahah after I laughed for a few I said these are sweet potatoes lol are u sure u want these... he said "yup I love them" (not sure he's ever had them lol) then he grabbed the box of cornbread LOL so Yeh our dinner was, Hamburger Helper, Sweet Potatoes and Cornbread LOL... oh well it was a weird combo but it was different for once lol... and we had fun making it together... Thats the important part right?!?! :o)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wow March Already?!

This yr is just moving right along!! I'm sooo ready for spring time I could scream lol! Those few days we had 45°-47° weather it was sooo nice and gave me a lil taste of Spring :o)

I got Kobe all signed up for Soccer!! YAY!! My biggest Goal in life was to b
e a Mom... and I always said I wanted to be one of those "Soccer Moms" haha and that is exactly what I will be, come soccer season :o) I hope he likes it which I am sure he will. Check out these ADORABLE Shin Gaurds that I got at The End Zone...

They are seriously like probably 6 inches tall LOL Cutest lil things I've seen in awhile lol.

I also signed Kobe up for a Summer School corse through Head Start they are offering. Since he didn't get into preschool I thought this would be good for him. Although I don't think he "needs" it. He is such a smart lil boy and I have taught him myself this year he can say his alphabet, identify several letters, can spell his first and middle name and write them as well, (We are working on his last name which is alittle tougher) Knows his address and can recite the whole
thing except the zipcode.. we are working on his phone number and numbers... he can count to twelve and then gets confused after that lol... but he can count to 5 in spanish thanks to Dora hahahaha I had NO part in that LOL She gets all the credit LOL. But I can take credit for him learnin to spell Kobe LOL... I made up a song and a Cheer LOL If u know me well enough I have ALWAYS cheered and made cheers up LOL I Love Cheerleaders and always wanted to be one but wasnt LOL so Im constantly making cheers and goofy songs up LOL So My "Cheer" for Kobe to spell his name was "K-O-B-E (clap) Thats how ya spell Kobe" and he still to this day recites that cheer HAHAHA... And for the song (in the 'Bingo' tune)

"I know a boy who's really cute
and Kobe is his name-o
K-O-B-E, K-O-B-E, K-O-B-E

and Kobe is his name-o"

We are ALWAYS making silly songs up LOL But hey whatever works right? LOL I also got Kobe this AWESOME LeapFrog Scribble and Write for his birthday and it is teaching him how to write his letters!! its pretty cool! I recommend it :o)