Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September is almost over!

I can't believe September is almost over! It's crazy how fast time is flying by! So much has gone on since I last blogged.. I know SHOCKER, right?! Here is what's been going on in our world!

Kobe had been frog giggin this summer so I taught him how to fry them up.. Don't worry he's not allowed to do this alone.. EVER!  With that being said he did a really good job!

 School started! I can't believe I have a 6th Grader! Makes me emotional.. I don't want my baby growing up so fast...
 Amanda and her family went camping and invited us out to a cook out at the campsite... We only camped one time this year.. kinda bums me out. I LOVE to camp!

But look at these two peas in a pod... Love these boys!

 Jason and Kobe have been getting prepared for hunting season. Youth season is this weekend.. Kobe is pretty pumped!
 Kobe had another fishing tourney the first weekend school started.. He didn't catch anything this time.. it rained and was pretty cold for August.
 Here is my new work space at work...

We celebrated my birthday at home with the kids. We had a weenie roast..

 Jason made me a homemade cake from scratch.. It was delicious!
 Kobe got a crossbow for hunting...
 This is my parent's new decor in their new room they redone.. Guess who picked this decor out and put it together... I'm sure you all guess right, ME! Haha
 Kobe went squirrel hunting for the first time where HE got to shoot the squirrel.. He got one and Jason got one...
 So this happened LOL if you look close you can see a cat on Jason's shoulder.. lol
 Introducing her to Roxy
 Everyone meet Sassy!

 Jason and I had a date night!!! First one in what seems like forever

 I got to watch the Solar Eclipse with Kobe and his class...

 My cousin Josh  got married...

 Just wanted to share my cute binder for work lol

Ashley, Amanda and I went to the wine tasting on Main Street...

 Kobe got his first black eye... and I'm sure it won't be his last lol.. It was an accident of course!
 Soccer started!

Sawyer Brown was at the Turkey Trot

He was an awesome performer!

The next day my cousins were going to be in the Demo at the Turkey Trot.. so we went over and Kobe helped Luke decorate his car lol

Then my "nephew" ran in the kids demo .. It was precious!

My cousins after the demo!
Adam turned the big 3-0! Can't believe he is 30...

 My wonderful sister in law pull off a surprise party for Adam... it was a success! She did awesome!

 Mom and I waiting on the birthday boy :)

That's it for now!!!
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