Monday, January 28, 2013

So proud of my little boy..

Kobe's teacher sent home a paper for Parent Teacher conferences. Kobe's class had a sub for the first half of the year because his teacher was on maternity leave so we are just now doing parent teacher conferences. Which I like them better in the second half of the year.  I feel there is more to go on.
So anyways..  Kobe's teacher called me (I prefer phone vs, face to face) Tuesday afternoon. She said he was doing EXCELLENT in his academics. She said he was doing above average and all around doing great. Said he has a 100% in Math.. I knew he would do good in that subject. He can do multiplication at the age of 6!! Math was my favorite subject. She said his behavior was great too. She said "He acts just like a 1st grade boy should" she said he's quiet and some what reserved..?? Not at home lol But I would rather he be that way at home than at school/public. She said he was very pleasant, friendly and outgoing (on the play ground). She thinks he's just doing great and has not  a single complaint! :) I'm so happy to hear this. Especially when ppl who are around Kobe the most (e.g. family, friend, etc.) See the "rowdy","not gonna listen", "My friends are here so I'm gonna show off" Kobe. It proves he is NOT like that all the time.. He's an awesome kid.. He is so smart and funny and has the most tender heart ever. Yes he has a smart mouth on him sometimes but that's because he was raised that way. His uncle, my friends, and now his dad (Jason) and yes even his MOTHER.. me!.. has a sarcastic/smart ass attitude. not always TO him but always around him. You don't even think about it until you see your self in your child then think, crap! That was totally ME! Or for the most part I'm always saying its he's totally Adam or Jason. I call him Jason Jr. a lot or if he's acting up I'm constantly calling him Adam lol He acts just like him. So no wonder he acts that way lol.
Kobe's 2nd Report Card
Doing Homework while I wash dishes 
Kobe has a love for God that is crazy strong. To be honest we don't go to church. I wasn't raised in a church going home and so its something that I'm not used to doing as a routine. We have talked about  going to church but come Sunday mornings we either space it or don't set the alarm.
Jason had a book from when he was little from communion or something and Kobe LOVES it. He wanted one soo bad.. so I made a trip to our local Bible Store and picked up a few things. I got a book (on sale!!) that is bedtime bible stories. Its a short 1-2 page story about different bible stories with questions to be asked after the stories. Then for $0.49 each I got these little inspirational cards... But our FAVORITE that I purchased was for $0.99
He LOVES this!! He treasures it! Of all the things that he plays with and misplaces he has never misplaced this tiny bible! Isn't it CUTE!
We played The Game of Life the other night! Kobe begged me and begged me to play this. Finally we got it out and played.. He didn't need any help now that he can read. We had fun playing.. Even though Jason beat us both!
The other day we had spring-like temps so we took advantage of it lol. We had the windows open and played outside.. well the guys played outside I cleaned, blah... but once I was done.. While Kobe was riding his bike I sat by our open window and played "McDonalds" the little things like these is what makes the best of times!! I'm cherishing EVERY minute I have with my son while he's little.. He'll be 7 in little over 2 weeks *tear* that's almost to 10.. time needs to slow down!!!
My little Hunter(he wanted to pose for a pic)
I made a "Hunting Blind" for him to hunt out of (this is not his BB gun lol its a play gun)
Playing his Nintendo DS
My baby still wants to ride in the front of the cart from time to time lol

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Negative Nelly

I hate not getting home til late. I hate that its dark when I drive home and my headlights suck ass.

I miss watching kids in my home. I miss being home and doing laundry/cleaning when it needs it, having dinner in the oven at a normal time, cooking meals from scratch (not these bullshit boxed meals), I miss a lot. Don't get me wrong I love my job and I love the babies I keep.. most of all love spending the day with my mom. On the way home tonight I cried because I'm overwhelmed with bills, money (or lack of), and coming home to fix dinner, help with homework, laundry, dishes, bathes, Camo, picking up.. etc. Granted I'm a hormonal mess Thanks to being a woman and getting that lovely gift every month that should arrive any day now... Unless for some God given miracle..that  I've been blessed with a baby.. but I doubt that and have taught myself to be okay with it if every month is another fail. In all honesty I'm not sure if I want to bring an innocent child into this scary ass world. I miss the world I lived in as a child. You watch a home video of us outside playing back in the 80s and everything was peaceful, calm, slow moving. The trees were fuller. The grass was greener. The streets were quiet. I wish things were still like that. Yes there was violence (not in the home videos lol) but it was resolved with a punch to the face.. not a murder or stabbing. Now all you hear is shootings, stabbings, etc. Over what??? Pointless, petty, silly stuff. Why would anyone wanna bring a baby into this crazy ass world that gets scarier by the minute. But then again I long for a daughter.. or another son is just fine too. Just a healthy baby. If God willing I do bring an innocent child into this world I promise to protect it with my all til the day I die.. miss the whole concept of SAHM/W (Stay at Home Mom/Wife) the staying at home part. I'm still at available to both my son and husband at all times though. I've never been a working mom. Even when I work at a job away from home which was a daycare.. Kobe came with me. Some moms love being a working mom.. but not me. I love being a SAHM. I think thats what I was made for. Kobe asks me several times if he can go to BR school.. if I could find a few kiddos around her I'd be set. When I worked at Kobe's school for *Elf Store* when I told the other moms where we lived they were floored that, 1. I drive the distance to bring him in to that town and 2. that I was NOT sending him to BR. I heard "WHAAAAT?? Are you crazy?"... "If I HAD a choice BR would be IT" "BR is an EXCELLENT school"... I was such a mess last year. I only had a couple weeks to decide what school. I was pressured lol and didn't have time to weigh my pros and cons. I'll have my whole summer to weigh them. Kobe has a cousin (Jason's nephew)and a friend who go to BR so he'd know a few ppl. Plus he makes friends so easy. But I'm not gonna stress over it ... yet lol keeping my options open.. btw I LOVE my house and where I live even though the closest grocery store is 7miles away and the closest Wal*Mart is 14miles away I still love it... Idk maybe I'll go take a hot bath and relax/destress...sigh!! I'm not sure this blog has a point lol but that's why I said "ramblings from a mother of a 6yr old" lol .... p.s. that will be changing soon to "7yr old" in a few weeks :'( ok I'm heading to my huge bathtub to soak and relax...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Blizzard

They called it a blizzard. But I didn't think so lol.. anyways we got a lot of snow.. almost a foot! Of course we had to play in it lol. A group of us went sledding. I just snapped pics.. I'm very dangerous like that lol *note: sarcasm* lol

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!!!

What a fun way to ring in the New Year, with my amazing family and the world's best group of Friends.

Jason and I hosted our 2nd Annual New Years Eve Party at our house. I love entertaining guests!! I just wish I had more money to do everything I want! We had a pitch in.. appetizers style lol. Everyone brought an appetizer, some brought 2 or if your my pregnant sister you brought 4 (I think her cravings got to her in the store lol).

After we ate we played a board game called "The Logo Board Game"

It was very fun and we had lots of ppl so we just did Boys vs. Girls of course us ladies dominated the males lol which were very sore losers lol. After the game ended it was almost midnight so we got ready. Filled the kids fancy glasses up with sparkling Apple Cider
And waited for the clock to strike midnight!!!

A few people cleared out after midnight.. but that didn't stop us partiers lol. Adam, Kelly, Jessica, Matt, Jason and I were hit with party #2 lol(the 2kiddos played in Kobes room). Which included more laughing and us ladies dominating the guys once again in Battle of the Sexes.. finally about 3am the sober party of 2 lol left to go home and the drunk party of 3 crashed at our house. We had such a fun night! Lots of laughing and a tons of fun!!