Monday, March 18, 2013

Not all days..

I always write about the good things in life and all the cheery moments.. but sometimes we have not so cheery days.. this whole weekend was a complete flop. I'm going to let you hear about my not good very rotten weekend. Just so you know we are human and do have bad days..

So first off money is sooo tight right now. Jason started a new job and we are in that whole switching jobs/pay check delay situation. But look how cute he is...

Anyways.. So I head to the grocery store to get dinner for Saturday night and Sunday night with what little money I have budgeted for groceries.. I get stuff to make Broccoli soup for Sat. night I get home get the soup whipped up and on the stove.. I'm stirring and making sure it doesn't burn.. I have it on low.. the soup is still ice cold so I turn the heat up just a tad more and it seems to be doing ok.. I sit at the kitchen table to text a friend back and Jason walks over to the pot to stir it and says,.. I think its stickin to the bottom.. so I check and sure enough it BURNT grrrr...I've NEVER burnt dinner.. EVER..  I was sooo upset I fixed me a glass of sweet ice tea in my Tervis and walked in the living room and stepped on something.. my Tervis flew outta my hand and it the end table just right, popped the lid off and I had tea EVERYWHERE... I went to my bathroom, Grabbed a towel, threw it over the tea on the carpet, turned around and went back to my bathroom and boo who'd like a baby.. I was over it!

Then Sunday I was cleaning the kitchen.. I was loading the dish washer and scraping the scraps into a pan that had left overs in it from the fridge.. I asked Jason if I held the trash bag if he'd dump it in for me.. so here I was "ready" with the bad in my hand and he dumps the pan and the bag slips through my fingers and onto the floor went the scraps Blah! and the trash bag.. thank goodness most went on top of the trash bag and I just scooped it up and threw it all into a new trash bag.. so then it was time to scrap the big ol pot of broccoli soup I had burnt.. so Jason asked as I was holding the new trash bag.. GOT IT??? yes dear I have a death grip this time.. so he was dumping it in and then all of the sudden his side went in and we had broccoli soup EVERYwhere on the floor.. we just looked at each other with this "What the hell?" look and we couldn't do anything but laugh.. not because we were amused but we didn't know what else to do. So we got that cleaned up and I straightened up the kitchen..

Then we were watching a movie when Kobe came in the living room and told Jason his toilet was over flowing.. So we ran in there Jason began to plunge the toilet. Did that help?? NOPE! It made sewage come up the sink and tub in his bathroom.. then to find out it came up my bathtub and toilet in my bathroom and up Jason's shower and toilet in his bathroom too.. So Jason went out to the septic system in our yard and sure enough it needed pumped.... so we called a business and they came out this morning at 10.. they pumped out the septic system for $250 which I was told is a good price.. But not for our pocket books.. Well the guys tell me that there must be a blockage in the pipes under the house because no toilet water was coming through. blah blah blah... so the guy wanted to go under the house to look at the pipes to see if there was a broken pipe.. so I went to show him where the crawl space door was.. I was coming down the deck steps and had flip flops on and slipped .. I landed on the stairs and hit my head and now my butt/hip is sore and bruised.. my ankle feels like I have a torn something and my elbow is cut and I'm sore all over.. I cried in front of the shit sucker guys but they were sooo sweet lol... THEN the guy can't even go under the house because there is so much water.. which means we may have a broken pipe.. GREAT!!! So we still have toilets not working right..

Yes I take pictures of everything lol

So see not all days are peachy!! There are some crappy days.. and I wanted to share this because when you read blogs from ppl all you see/here are about the perfect little lives they are living lol...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

For the love of God...

The other morning I went to wake Kobe up and I noticed red all over his hand.. I was like what is all over your hands? He just had a bath last night so I knew it was something he did while supposed to be asleep. He said it was marker.. I asked why it was all over his hands.. He "didn't know" I thought okay.. he musta been coloring and it rubbed off the paper onto his hands?!? So I didn't think another thing of it.. as he was getting dressed I was looking for the socks I just had laid on the bed for him to put on that he had already lost.. so as I peeled his covers back and found his socks laying next to his bible that he musta feel asleep reading.. as I put his socks on him I noticed red on his feet too.. then it hit me (this isn't the first time) he was being Jesus.. so how could I get mad over the red all over him.

He is soo into finding good prayers to say. He loves his bible he got for his birthday..He ask questions bout God and the Bible all the time and sadly I don't know that much. I didn't grow up in a home where we went to church unless it was Easter/Christmas. The other day we were driving home and he was asking all kinds of questions.

Kobe: Mom? Is Jesus my brother?
Me: Umm well.. he's our heavenly Father...
Kobe: God is our Heavenly Father.. and God is Jesus's father so then Jesus would be my brother right??
Me: Honestly Kobe, Mommy doesn't know. We'll ask Daddy when we get home. He knows more about that than Mommy does.

5 minutes later.

Kobe: Mom? Does Jesus heal bad guy's? Like if they get a boo boo or are sick does Jesus heal them like he heals us?
Me: Yes. Jesus loves every one and doesn't judge people.
Kobe: But mom, what if they don't love Jesus does he still heal them?

This Kid asks things this momma can't answer.. It makes me sad for myself and him because I can't give him answers. Jason knows a lot. He was raised Catholic and went to church  on a regular basis. So I go to him with all my questions. On the History Channel "The Bible" has been on the bast 2 Sundays and we watched the first Sunday and then the next Sunday we recorded it because we weren't able to watch it. Last night we caught up the second show.. its sooo good but yet scary at the same time.

I love that Kobe is all about the Bible and Jesus and that he is so into learning things about it all. I'm going to educate myself while I'm educating Kobe..

Friday, March 8, 2013

The ball is rolling...

Wednesday morning school was called off due to bad weather. I was soooo excited to sleep in. That feeling went from Awhhh.. snuggling back into bed to AHHHH!!! Panic and freaking out.. I totally forgot Kobe's 8am doctor appt. I called the Dr. office and told them there was NO way I could make it there by 8am so thankfully they had an opening at 11am.. THANK goodness..

 So after the appt. we dropped Kobe's meds off at the pharmacy and went to El Mazatlan to eat lunch! It was a nice mommy/son date!

We used his gift certificate that he won from the radio station for his birthday so lunch was pretty cheap which made it even better ;) While we were eating lunch I saw a friend of mine's dad, who is a local lawyer. He came over to say hello as he was leaving, I told him I was going to be giving him a call later. He said he'd be looking fwd to hearing from me. So I called him and told him my situation with Jason wanting to adopt Kobe and how Kobe's biological father (BF) was all for it and willing to sign him over to Jason. So he put me on hold and sent me to his associate who deals with these kinda things. The guy got on the phone and I told him all about what was going on. He asked if I could come in the next morning and meet with him to start the process. Told me that we'd have to get Kobe's BF address so he could send him the papers to sign. So after we got off the phone I emailed Kobe's BF and told him what was going on and that I needed his address.. of course he didn't get it too me right away. I met with the lawyer at 9 Thursday morning. We got all the beginning paper work started. However there was a bit of bad news. The lawyer I thought I was starting with just got a job offer after we had talked on the phone and he accepted which is in Chicago. He wont be here for the whole process so he's going to see if the other lawyer at the firm will take my case for him. *Fingers Crossed* He said that this adoption case is going to be easy since he is willing to consent and I'm not asking for anything from him except for him to sign Kobe over to Jason and that Kobe's last name will change to ours. He DID say however that since Kobe's BF has been out of his life for so long that they don't NEED his signature but it will make the process go fast if we had it. So I told him I did contact the BF and that as soon as I got his addy I'd call him ASAP.. So I got an email last night with his address so I called the Lawyer first thing this morning to give him his address.. so now I'm waiting on a call back from him to see if the the other lawyer will take over my case.. but at least we got the ball rolling and hopefully it won't take too long.. Kobe is now working on calling Jason.. DAD ;) he's so sweet when he says it cause he gets a huge grin on his face.. I love him and Thank God every night that Jason is in his life the way he is. He's excited that Clayton and Mikayla will be his brother and sister now and not his Step siblings lol. I had to explain how they will be "half" siblings because they don't have the same Mommy.. he actually understood it.. so anyhow.. onto waiting...

Kobe and my Aunt "Horse" lol She is seriously HUGE! She looks like a doe! I love her though she is the BEST dog!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello March!

Well the first of March was not anything like I hoped!

Yeh! Snowy, wet and COLD!!! To me.. March means SPRING! Flowers! WARM weather!!

This weekend was sunny and pretty outside.. but still on the cold side. If you looked out the windows you would of thought it was spring like temps.. but nope. We didn't let that stop us though. We got a few yard games the other weekend at Rural King. Let me just tell ya about our little "Shopping Adventures" 2 weekends ago. I went to ShopKo the other day.. they were having MAJOR sales.. well first Jason and Kobe went while I was in Washington. I get a phone call from Jason asking what size Kobe wears in shorts. So I  told him he would have to try them on because he has to have a 7 in jeans for the length even though really he needs a 5 in the waist. So we hang up.. then I get another phone call from Jason asking if Kobe needs more jeans.. I told him yeh that would be good.. so we hang up again.. Then I got another phone call and Jason was like "OMG I spent $115" lol I was like goodness what in the world did you buy??  He's all like.. "Well... I got Kobe 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, me two shirts and you an touch screen Mp3 player." I'm like umm for $115 that's awesome! You did a good job finding bargains lol. plus the shorts he got for Kobe were SO stinking cute! and look soooo cute on Kobe. Plus the jeans were perfect too!! I was very proud of him and his purchases.. So after they got to my parents house where I was..Kobe had wanted an Mp3 player that was there for $19 Jason told him he could get it.. if I took him back but he wasn't gonna go back.. so I wanted to go look at all the sales too.. so Kobe an I headed back to ShopKo.. BAD idea lol.. We went straight back to the Mp3 players.. Kobe got the one he wanted.. So then I went to the sale isles. They had Sterilite clothes hampers on sale for $3.99 originally $9.99. I had been wanting to get one for My bathroom and Kobe's bathroom.. since Jason had one in his bathroom already.. so I grabbed 2. Then I found a couple gifts for my niece.. and a home decor sign for $3

Isn't it CUTE?! I love  loved it. Yeh.. well... the wind took it and now its in 3 pieces! Boo! Thank Goodness J-Bird is gonna fix it!So anyways! I get to the check out and remember those hampers with such a great deal $3.99 originally $9.99? Well they rang up $15.99 I was like.. oooh wait! Those said they were $3.99 back there in the isle.. so she called the manager lady up and has her go back and look. They lady goes and looks and comes back with the tag and says.. yup! they were labeled wrong.. So I got $32.00 worth of hampers for $8.00!!! Not my fault! lol Then that following Sunday.. the guys and I went to Jasper to eat breakfast at Shoney's then we headed to Rural King to get some things.. OMG I fell in love with baby chicks lol.. I held one for the first time. Kobe and I were trying to convince Jason to buy some.. but he said not til he builds a place for them. But look how CUTE they are!

Kobe of course found what he wanted


But anyways after we got the things we went in there for we went down an isle and there was a 3 set of yard games.. the tag said $40.00 I was like OMG that's a great deal. So we decided to get it.. it had Corn Hole, HillBilly Golf, and Washers in it. When we got to the check out it rang up $80.00 I of course told the lady it said $40 back there and she called someone and sure enough it did.. they had forgot to take the sale sign down from the previous week.. so We got it for $40... I PROMISE I don't do this on purpose lol
So anyways this past weekend we got the games out and played a few rounds of each!


I'm sooooo ready for Camo to get out of the dang puppy stage!! We had a huge ordeal this morning.. I'm not even going to go in detail because I was sooo mad! Needless to say I had to put our bed sheets in the washer before I left the house this morning. He's driving us NUTS lol Jason more than me. I really do love that little guy and he loves me but dang it lol. Here is a picture of what he did this weekend..
In some positive news.. I finally got my shelves in the pantry!! YAY!

Here are a few pics from Miss Kami's 1st Birthday Party