Friday, March 8, 2013

The ball is rolling...

Wednesday morning school was called off due to bad weather. I was soooo excited to sleep in. That feeling went from Awhhh.. snuggling back into bed to AHHHH!!! Panic and freaking out.. I totally forgot Kobe's 8am doctor appt. I called the Dr. office and told them there was NO way I could make it there by 8am so thankfully they had an opening at 11am.. THANK goodness..

 So after the appt. we dropped Kobe's meds off at the pharmacy and went to El Mazatlan to eat lunch! It was a nice mommy/son date!

We used his gift certificate that he won from the radio station for his birthday so lunch was pretty cheap which made it even better ;) While we were eating lunch I saw a friend of mine's dad, who is a local lawyer. He came over to say hello as he was leaving, I told him I was going to be giving him a call later. He said he'd be looking fwd to hearing from me. So I called him and told him my situation with Jason wanting to adopt Kobe and how Kobe's biological father (BF) was all for it and willing to sign him over to Jason. So he put me on hold and sent me to his associate who deals with these kinda things. The guy got on the phone and I told him all about what was going on. He asked if I could come in the next morning and meet with him to start the process. Told me that we'd have to get Kobe's BF address so he could send him the papers to sign. So after we got off the phone I emailed Kobe's BF and told him what was going on and that I needed his address.. of course he didn't get it too me right away. I met with the lawyer at 9 Thursday morning. We got all the beginning paper work started. However there was a bit of bad news. The lawyer I thought I was starting with just got a job offer after we had talked on the phone and he accepted which is in Chicago. He wont be here for the whole process so he's going to see if the other lawyer at the firm will take my case for him. *Fingers Crossed* He said that this adoption case is going to be easy since he is willing to consent and I'm not asking for anything from him except for him to sign Kobe over to Jason and that Kobe's last name will change to ours. He DID say however that since Kobe's BF has been out of his life for so long that they don't NEED his signature but it will make the process go fast if we had it. So I told him I did contact the BF and that as soon as I got his addy I'd call him ASAP.. So I got an email last night with his address so I called the Lawyer first thing this morning to give him his address.. so now I'm waiting on a call back from him to see if the the other lawyer will take over my case.. but at least we got the ball rolling and hopefully it won't take too long.. Kobe is now working on calling Jason.. DAD ;) he's so sweet when he says it cause he gets a huge grin on his face.. I love him and Thank God every night that Jason is in his life the way he is. He's excited that Clayton and Mikayla will be his brother and sister now and not his Step siblings lol. I had to explain how they will be "half" siblings because they don't have the same Mommy.. he actually understood it.. so anyhow.. onto waiting...

Kobe and my Aunt "Horse" lol She is seriously HUGE! She looks like a doe! I love her though she is the BEST dog!


  1. I am soo happy for all of you!! Prayers are definitely being sent your way!! :-)

  2. Jason and you are truely blessed to have such a wonderful life together and to make Kobe's REAL father become his legally too. Congrats to the whole family, love you all!