Thursday, March 14, 2013

For the love of God...

The other morning I went to wake Kobe up and I noticed red all over his hand.. I was like what is all over your hands? He just had a bath last night so I knew it was something he did while supposed to be asleep. He said it was marker.. I asked why it was all over his hands.. He "didn't know" I thought okay.. he musta been coloring and it rubbed off the paper onto his hands?!? So I didn't think another thing of it.. as he was getting dressed I was looking for the socks I just had laid on the bed for him to put on that he had already lost.. so as I peeled his covers back and found his socks laying next to his bible that he musta feel asleep reading.. as I put his socks on him I noticed red on his feet too.. then it hit me (this isn't the first time) he was being Jesus.. so how could I get mad over the red all over him.

He is soo into finding good prayers to say. He loves his bible he got for his birthday..He ask questions bout God and the Bible all the time and sadly I don't know that much. I didn't grow up in a home where we went to church unless it was Easter/Christmas. The other day we were driving home and he was asking all kinds of questions.

Kobe: Mom? Is Jesus my brother?
Me: Umm well.. he's our heavenly Father...
Kobe: God is our Heavenly Father.. and God is Jesus's father so then Jesus would be my brother right??
Me: Honestly Kobe, Mommy doesn't know. We'll ask Daddy when we get home. He knows more about that than Mommy does.

5 minutes later.

Kobe: Mom? Does Jesus heal bad guy's? Like if they get a boo boo or are sick does Jesus heal them like he heals us?
Me: Yes. Jesus loves every one and doesn't judge people.
Kobe: But mom, what if they don't love Jesus does he still heal them?

This Kid asks things this momma can't answer.. It makes me sad for myself and him because I can't give him answers. Jason knows a lot. He was raised Catholic and went to church  on a regular basis. So I go to him with all my questions. On the History Channel "The Bible" has been on the bast 2 Sundays and we watched the first Sunday and then the next Sunday we recorded it because we weren't able to watch it. Last night we caught up the second show.. its sooo good but yet scary at the same time.

I love that Kobe is all about the Bible and Jesus and that he is so into learning things about it all. I'm going to educate myself while I'm educating Kobe..

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  1. Isabelle was playing communion this morning. She was blessing Jude and her cat with holy water and then she ate "the bread", because only the adults eat the bread in church and she was pretending to be a grown up. She also answers questions I dont know the answers to. My advice, google it!