Wednesday, July 30, 2014

3v3 Soccer tourney: Take 2 plus more!!

Here is Kobe's medal from tourney #1.. How awesome is this!!

This past weekend we spent our Saturday at the soccer fields again which I love but it was a little more hot this go around. Thank goodness for the breeze that kept it some what bearable. The first game Kobe did awesome. He scored 5 goals. The more he played the more tired he got.. He has a "problem" with sitting and resting in between games.. he wants to play play play.. He wouldn't eat anything either.. I packed oranges and other snacks but he wasn't having any of it. I had to make him eat a cutie orange he only had a few pieces out of it and then stopped. I've still not drilled it in his head how important it is to refuel.. Maybe one day Ol' Mom will know what shes talking about lol ;)

Saturday evening my brother took us out for dinner as a "Thank You" to my husband for helping him move out of his house on such a short notice.. We ate at Buffalo Wings and Rings. Kobe had gotten BBQ Wings and bless his heart he kept saying "I can't believe I'm actually eating BUFFALO!" lol

I ordered a "Fried Pickle Cheese Burger" which was a cheese burger with fried pickles on it, lettace, tomato and ranch dressing.. it was good but I'm still looking for that "WOW burger" that you see Guy eat on Diners Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network lol.. I'm not sure what that taste like but it always seems like he's eating the best cheese burger ever LOL

WAY better than Ruby Tuesday's burger lol..

This however is how we spend our Sunday

I cut up SEVERAL cucumber's by hand and with no cuts! THAT is success lol

We had 24 jars of pickles!!

I also whipped up some Chicken Salad .. It taste EXACTLY like my Grandma Sharon's. I served it in Pita Bread.. it was so yummy!

Then redid my nails lol

I'm loving these Jamberry wraps!

Its's my favorite time of the year! School Supply Shopping..However I was kinda bummed..

Monday we went to walmart and got all of Kobe's school supplies.. This is the first year he didn't get a school box :( He's going into the 3rd grade and over the whole cartoon characters thing. There wasn't any folders that didn't have stuff like that on them for boys except a football folder and in his eyes thats the wrong sport lol All he wanted was soccer folders.. no luck anywhere.. I even checked the dollar stores.. so he settled for the $0.15 (yay for my wallet) plain jane folders that we get in Jr. High and High School. I think I was more bummed for him than he was lol.. Took us forever to find a "cool" backpack since once again all had cartoons on them. Same with lunchboxes. So I took him over to the actual lunch box isle in the store and he found one he liked. Also do you know how hard it is to find Classic Color Crayola Markers that are NOT washable??? We had to go over to the actual office supplies to get those which is no biggy lol but why dont they supply them and more of them over by the school supply section lol So anywho I had mom take Kobe shoe shopping because we always seem to disagree on shoes.. I know he's old enough to pick his own but I guess I still like to do it lol.. so Mom took him while I sat here wondering what he would come home with lol I had a strict "no all black shoes or hightops" lol I love the shoes they picked out.. and the price was great!!

In other news

We have a full blown crawler

Not too happy about this gate business at Mamaw's house lol

Don't worry we lowered this lol I just wanted to see what would happen LOL

LOL rotten boy

Last night we went to the local Library and claimed Kobe's prize he won for the summer reading program..

This picture will be in our local newspaper soon :)

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Soccer 3v3 Tourney; Take One

This past weekend we headed to Terre Haute for the kids 3v3 soccer tourney. They did a good job. We got 3rd place but didn't know it til later on.. So we'll get our medals this weekend for last weekend.... The weather was wonderful and spending the day with family was awesome!

This was our set up in between games..

After the games we went to Ruby Tuesday

Check out my sunburnt face.. let me tell ya it HURT!

Doesn't this look delicious? Well it wasn't lol

Kobe's cool t-shirt from the tourney..

We are headed out again this weekend for another 3v3 tourney.. I think this one is gonna be a hot one..

in other news

Kobe now has lost another front tooth

Jason power washed and scrubbed the house



Here are some bloopers from trying to get a good pic of these 3

FINALLY we got one..

Do you wanna guess how many times it took to get this picture? 28 LOL

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Triple S

Sunday, Soccer, Sonic!!

In that order too lol.. Sunday Amanda and I headed down to Eville so the kids could practice soccer with their team for the 3v3 tourney they are playing in this weekend in Terre Haute. Looks like the weather this weekend is going to be awesome 

However this past weekend when the kids had soccer practice it was not this nice.. it was in the upper 90s with a even hotter heat index... 

The pictures are from really far away because Amanda Noah and I were sitting in the air conditioned jeep lol.

Noah has learned to make a kissy sound lol

We did venture out and sit in the shade since there was a breeze..

After practice the kids were starving so we headed to Sonic..

After our crazy hour drive home with these looney kids Kobe and I came home to a YUMMY dinner Jason had made. He smoked pork and made pulled pork, made green beans from our garden with new potatoes that our new neighbors had given us.. and fresh corn on the cob from the produce stand since ours is not done yet.

 However it is growing!!

Along with our other veggies.. and of course my Honey Dew melon

Kobe's flowers are blooming too

Here are some random pics

 This is all the FREE stuff I received for having a Jamberry party

Noah on his hands and knees rocking.. hes so close to crawling

Liv painting my toenails