Monday, June 30, 2014

Baby this and baby that..

Not this very weekend that past but the one before, Mom and I went down by Louisville to a baby shower for my cousin's wife. They are expecting their little bundle of joy in August.. This is their first baby so we all know how exciting it is.. The shower was VERY cute and she got lots of cute things.. a few weeks prior I "tried" to help my aunt make these little dogs here in this basket for the shower..

Tried was the keyword there.. LOL The one I made looked like a mouse.. We then discovered we needed bigger onesises that the ones we were using were to small..That's my story and I'm stickin to it LOL.. but  My aunt Denise did a great job on this basket and the dogs she did are adorable!.. Isn't it cute??

Check out this cute cake!! It was yummy too.. Thank God I didn't get any green though.. It made my moms whole mouth green..

We played a game that we played at my baby shower.. These plastic babies are in ice cubes.. they first one to have their baby come completely out of the ice cube yells "My water broke" and wins.. The temp was in the 90s so it was a fast game.. faster than it was at my shower that was in the dead of winter lol.

This baby was born a toddler lol

Me and my Momma

After the shower we headed back home.. the ride seemed not as long this go around.. We aren't sure if we are getting used to the drive or if it is because last time we went down we were pressed for time do to the soccer game and leaving in not enough time..

My baby (Kobe) and Jason were on a "guys only" camping trip with my dad and brother.. this was Kobe's first time doing something like this and he LOVED it!!! I've never been away from Kobe for that long.. Never even 24 complete hours this time was 2 nights. It was weird. and kinda boring at home but kind of nice too.. I had mixed emotions.. But they had a great time.. and I'm glad they did.

This baby.. has some new tricks.. as you can see he is standing/laying over the boppy lol.. he is also showing interest in learning to crawl. He is growing tooo fast

Kobe's fur baby is adjusting well.. she is completely litter box trained now.. That was very fast and I was impressed.. Why didn't we get a cat along time ago? Oh that's right because I'm not a cat fan LOL I do like Bella but I'm just not to the point where I want to pick her up and cuddle her for fear she'll claw my face off lol..Maybe one day..

Our garden is growing and we have baby veggies every where!! Woohoo!!

I love this panorama mode on my new phone..


Green Beans and Carrots

Sugar Snap Peas bell peppers and tomatoes
 Water Melon and Honey dew melon

Here are some peas we've gotten so far..

Our baby chickens aren't babies any more! In just a few months they should start laying eggs..

Yesterday was cleaning day in our house.. We finally got the spare room organized and set up like a guest room. I forgot all the baby stuff I had in there.. I had bought it when I found out I was pregnant and never sold it after my miscarriage. I thought I would get pregnant right away but its been over 2 years since my miscarriage so I'm going to sale everything.. We need the cash right now any ways.. but look how nice the room looks.. if you could have seen it before it was a cluttered mess.. and Kobe thought it was his play room so just imagine the mess..

Once again the Panorama view I'm loving. hopefully I'll get better at it and it wont be blurry..

After you clean out your fridge you have nothing left.. LOL thats why mine is always stuffed full LOL

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Father's Day weekend

This past weekend was Father's Day weekend. Friday night we all went out to eat at a new Pizza place in town. Jason, Kobe and I had never been there.. we didn't even get pizza lol. Jason and Kobe both got 12 chicken wings a piece plus 2 appetizers and I got fettuchini alfredo plus drinks.. it was $42. Jason about flipped a lid.. actually I think he DID. I couldn't get him to understand that we had TONS of food! He claims we will never eat there again but I say we try it one more time before he writes it off lol and we watch what we order ;) The food was great and the service was too..

Then Saturday morning we went to say good bye to my Great Aunt Joyce Ann :( just a couple weeks ago we said good bye to her husband Tom on Memorial Day. I have no doubt that they are in Heaven with my Great Grandparents having a good ol' time with Jesus.. I bet Joyce Ann is rocking her infant son she lost and hearing all kinds of stories from Grandma and Grandpa L.. I'll always remember Grandpa L's laugh.. it was the best.... I still can't believe Joyce Ann and Tom are gone. As we sat in church listening to everyone share memories of her.. I couldn't control my emotions.. I was laughing and crying all at the same time.. My cousin Josh said every memory I could think of.. It was a beautiful funeral service.. I think Joyce Ann would be happy with how it went.. The worst part about this all for me is watching my Grandma have her heart broken.. That was her sister. Not only that but her very best friend. It broke my heart to watch her be so sad.. Now that Joyce ann is up there I'm asking her to watch over my grandparents.. My dad was in his 50s when HIS grandma passed so thats what I want too.. I know thats selfish.. and HE has a plan.. but I think he might want to hear my wishes too ;) RIP Joyce Ann.. I love you!!

After the funeral Jason went with my dad fishing so My mom Kobe and I headed to Amish Country for their Spring Festival. We always seem to get there at the end but still catch a few things to do..

Of course the good ol barrel/train ride!


Good thing this wild Animal is caged LOL..
  Mom and Kobe went on a Horse and carriage ride

Later that night Kobe spent the night with my parents.. so Jason and I went out to his parents to visit with his sister who was down from up north.. It was her birthday and she was camping out at my in laws.. We had a good night laughing at stories.. even though the mosquitoes ate me to pieces. I was so wore out  from crying all morning at my Aunt's funeral but it was good to end the night with laughs and good company.

The next day was Sunday Father's Day!! We had a cook out at my sister's house to celebrate the day. Kobe and I made Jason this awesome shirt!!

Kobe and Noah got in the pool for a swim.. Noah's first time in and he LOVED it!!

To finish the day we came home and vacuumed and cleaned our pool out and got it all ready...

Here are some more pics!!

I found these little babies at a local Amish store.. I LOVE these!!!

They are yummy mints!

This has been my view during the week.. we have been watching the World Cup.. USA won their first game!! WooHoo

Our central air has been out..we think hope it just needs charged..

I didn't get a pic the other day when the little red line was maxed out it was CRAZY hot!!!

Jason ripped the window unit out of his work shop and brought it in.. it was too little to work on its own so he called his sister and brother in law and they let us borrow their window unit they had in their shed. 
Thank God for them!!!

I'm sitting here on my bed kinda cold.. but I'll take that ANYDAY! lol

Do to no air we have been grilling out a lot.. look at these yummy brats and veggie's my hubby made! They were delish!!

Last but DEFINITELY not least!! We have to have a pic of Noah!!!! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just stuff in June

Of course we can't have a blog post without my precious nephew in it lol.. Poor baby boy is sick though.. He's on breathing treatments and steroids :( However now he's doing MUCH better than he was..

Our garden is growing!!

Kobe's getting better on the swimming

Last Thursday Kobe and I had the day to ourselves.. We went to Shopko and scored some deals since its closing down, cleaned out the van, went to wal-mart and then got the oil changed in the van ALL before noon!

After that we went to the local Car-Hop and got a snack..

He loves to go there, and thinks its neat to have them put the tray on your car window..

We had to say goodbye to Duke.. Well I don't mean like he died.. but we gave him to a friend of ours.. We just couldn't give him the attention he needed.. we are never home and he would be stuck in the cage.. the family we gave him too, the wife works nights and sleeps days and the husband works days and sleeps nights so someone is always there for him plus they have another dog he can play with.. From the sounds of it he's getting treated like a king LOL Eating Chicken and Rice.. I miss him like CRAZY and that first night with him gone made me really sad.. but Im happy he has an awesome home now...
I told Jason, No more dogs.. we aren't dog people because we don't have the time for them..

Since Kobe was real upset about giving Duke away he asked if we could get a cat since they don't require as much attention as a dog.. being the suckers that we are we said yes...

Meet Bella!

Remember I am NOT a fan of cats.. they creep me out.. I'm scared of their claws LOL..

Ugh the things we do for our kids..

I was woke up by this little brat at 4am this morning.. last we knew she couldn't get up on the bed.. She learned how to climb obviously and was playing with my hair and clawing my head... UGH.. remember; NOT a cat fan..

Guess who the cat loves?


As matter of fact I'm having trouble typing this blog because she wants to burrow in between me and the laptop...

speaking of my laptop.. all the sudden my keyboard stopped working.. so Jason found me this keyboard at a flea market for $2.50!! It works great and is water proof..

It was time for me to upgrade my cell phone and thank goodness, it was starting to act up.. So I got this LgG2.. and I LOVE it~!!

Of course I got a case for it.. isn't it CUTE!?

Its hot pink even though the pic doesnt look that way..

Guess who is 7 month???

Kobe finally lost a top front tooth!! With the other top tooth loose and another top one loose..