Sunday, June 8, 2014

Old McColvin had a Farm...

I had this blog all wrote out in my mind, then a week ago my laptop's keyboard quit working and I couldn't finish this blog so now its of course all gone, cant even remember what I was going to say lol so I'll just start fresh..

There was some butchering done at the Colvin Coop.. last weekend.. Jason butchered all 10 of our "fryers".. Kobe helped some with the plucking but was more fascinated with them getting their heads cut off.. I've come to realize I'm not a pioneer woman. In fact while I was helping Jason FoodSaver® the chicken after he brought it in the house and rinsed it off.. and I was grossed out a bit..I'll admit it.. I'm still a little grossed out right now. Hopefully I'll get over that once I start to cook it but I'm not sure lol.. I do cook the deer he butchers up but I'm a little grossed out by that too but still cook it and eat it. 

All our chicken 

I finally got my hydrangea bush!

Introduced Kobe to Orange Floats

Made a new recipe
Click---->HERE for the recipe

Put our pool up

Notice its a little lopsided?

When made the pool partially collapse and make our ring deflate.. 

Which made our yard flood.. the area in the red box is water that was shin deep on Kobe

But its back up and running :)

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