Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Box Tops

So its that time of year again Kobe is collecting BoxTops for his school. Last year he came in 8th Place and won 4 tickets to the WonderLab! He's hoping to collect more this year! He's asking for your help to collect them. If you have some for him call/text me or send them through mail. E-mail me at for my number or address if you don't have it.

You can visit

Here is a list of Products you can find BoxTops on:

Click to see the whole list of items in each category!

THANK YOU and we appreciate all your help in helping Kobe's school!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My 30th Birthday Party!

Last night we celebrated my 30th Birthday which is tomorrow! We went to my favorite (in town) restaurant which is a Mexican Restaurant.. It's yummy.. although I ordered something new last night and it is was okay but not something I'll order again. We did however get FREE $4 cheese dips LOL the waitress (she was new) sat them at the wrong table lol and they couldn't give them to that right table so we got them on the house lol.. I got sang too and got to wear a heavy ass sombrero..

 (Excuse my boobs, for my bra has failed me *Note to self: get a new bra*)

One of my Besties celebrated her bday today so we had to make sure she got sang to as well LOL

After we ate we all headed to my house for cake and gifts and some good old quality time!
My Momma knows her daughter so well..

She picked out the PERFECT cake!!! Everyone thought she was buying it for a child lol NOPE her 30 yr old daughter who is in fact a true American Princess, I'm not lying I really am lol


Then it was present time.. I don't care how old you are, you still love getting gifts.. I do not expect them at all and honestly I tell ppl not to but I still love getting them ;)
Kobe Lee got Mommy a new set of cookware
Hubby got me a new Vera Bradley Purse and Lanyard

This next present is from my Brother Adam..
 It took me 5 minutes to unwrap the first box.. and I open it and find this..

That also came with a pack of Hot Hands (the warmers that you use in the winter for Hunting Etc.)
He then tells me "Hey I'm gonna need those back tonight" lol he's always a good time and making us laugh. Even if it is at my expense..
Then after another 5 minutes of unwrapping a duct taped gift.. I got this from him..

 A new Vera wallet and check book cover :)

Then my parents got me this Vera make-up bag :)

 I also got money from my Grandparents and a visa gift card from Lauren and a card from the Steiners!

After that we all went out to sit around the fire and enjoyed each others company.. It was a good time! Im blessed to have all these wonderful ppl in my life!! Every one who was there was.. Jason, Kobe, Mom, Dad, Jessica, Amanda, Josh, Matt, Adam, Lauren, Paul and Ashley

Did I mention I'll be 30.. THIRTY .. THREE FLIP'N ZEROOOOO tomorrow!?!?!?! I'm not ready for that! That sounds old to me.. I don't want to get old.. My life isn't where I want it too be. Well it is and it isn't.. I was supposed to have lots of kids by now.. I am however HAPPILY married to a man that drives me nuts one minute but gives me butterflies the next! I have truly met my soul mate!! I have an amazing son.. a beautiful home, a job I enjoy.. my health could be better.. I'm going to work on that.. Tim McGraw says it pretty well in this video.. make sure you listen too it.. OH yeh don't forget to click on my TopMommy blogger link below.. I'm in #24 spot!! THANK YOU all!!!



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Saturday, August 10, 2013

First Day of School

*Sigh* I have a 2nd Grader.. Why does 2nd grade sound so old? As he got ready yesterday morning I had a glimpse of my brother.. As he put on his first shirt he goes to my bathroom to look in the full length mirror.. I see him tugging at his shirt then he pulls it off and says, "this shirt is too long" so grabs another one and slips it on.. again back to the bathroom he goes.. "this shirt is okay, But the neck hole is too big" I'm like Adam Kobe it is fine I promise.. "are you sure?" he asks.. Yes Kobe I'm sure.. then he's getting his shoes on.. and gets frustrated.. I'm like do you need help? "No, Grrrr.. YES! These stupid shoe strings wont stay down" lol again totally Adam! He wouldn't eat breakfast that morning.. I think he might have been a bit nervous or eager to get to school. Of course we had our Annual first day of school photo shoot

So we drive our little commute to school, we get there and we get out and are walking to the school and Kobe says "uh Mom? What are you doing?" I said walking you in to school. He says "I can go in by myself" I said yeh but its the first day of school.. He rolled his eyes (learned from the best) and says "fine" so we go in the doors by the gym and I said hmm you must go in the gym instead of to your class.. he wouldn't even let me go in the 2nd set of door.. he turns to me and says "You don't have to come in I'll go by myself" I said okay.. can I have a kiss? He starts to then turns and says no and walks ways *inserts knife into heart* So I snapped this pic real fast

and turned around and the janitor was like "It's hard, Huh Mom?" I said yes especisly when your kids kicks you out of the school.. he laughed but I was heart broken.. I think I got my feelings hurt to be honest lol.. When I got into my van I thought *OMG I'm going to cry* but I held it together and didn't cry.

Then my sister comes over on her lunch break and was telling me all about my neice kissing her and giving her hugs and blah blah blah.. I was like yeeeeh BITE ME! lol

My pretty little Livi Lou!

After school when I picked him up he said he had a really good day and loved his class and teacher! I think this is going to be a great school year!!

Here is a flashback of all the years

This year 2nd Grade

1st Grade


  Preschool (this made me teary eyed!)

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Goodbye Summer...

Today is the last day of summer for us. Kobe starts back to school tomorrow. I can't believe it. Summer FLEW by soo fast.. but I'm glad to get back to our routine. Life seems so much easier with our school year routine. We had a good summer..

Dad had carpel tunnel surgery on Wednesday the 7th.. Surgery went good and he seemed to be getting along okay today. I hope he has some relief once everything heals up..

Kobe has finally mastered swimming! Both underwater and above water..also he mastered doing a cannon ball lol

 Above Water

Cannon Ball
Under Water

We went back to the doctor yesterday and got Kobe's meds straightened out right before school started.. I know I've said it before but I love Kobe's doctor!
Tonight we had open house at school. This is a new thing they did this year and I thought it was such a great idea. The kids got to bring their school supplies in and leave it at school, meet their teacher, and see the school. It was a great ice breaker for everyone. He is very excited to start the school year.

 Tonight we had an easy dinner. Then I cut his hair to make him look all handsome for tomorrow!

He wanted these before and after pics LOL he's too funny sometimes!

He's all tucked in bed and ready for the big day tomorrow!

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