Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Finds for CHEAP!

Wednesday me and Kobe took off on the nasty rainy day to a little town about 15-20 minutes from us. In that town there is this big old warehouse/garage type thing call "Tickled Pink". Its like this huge garage sale/flea market/ consignment shop. Its FILLED from floor to ceiling with "junk" or to some "treasures". I was in search for Kobe a night stand so I could sand it down and redo it and make it all cute like my friend did for her daughter (yes I'm such a copycat LOL) But there were no night stands there that day, maybe next week since they get new stuff in ALL the time. So Kobe and I browse the WHOLE store and of course I found me some goodies:

I LOVE coffee mugs!! I am always looking for cute ones :) The first one was $0.25 and the other was $0.95!!

Modeling Done by: Chase Burgin LOL and ladies he is NOT a professional Hand Model LOL can you tell!? Me either LOL
I found this cute little shelf for $2.50

And the BIG find of the day


This old School Desk for $5.99 WITH chair!

Kobe modeling his new desk!

He asked me to play school with him. HECK yes I will. I LOVED playing school when I was younger and now my son wants to.. I'm so blessed HA!

Kobe got an arm load of goodies for himself too and our GRAND TOTAL today was..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moon Dough

Santa brought Kobe some Moon Dough for Christmas. This stuff is AWESOME!!!
  • Its Soft
  • Never dries out
  • Vacuums Right out of the carpet

I took some pics of it to try to show you how it is.

But it forms to make cool things like these guys in the pic above :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

What a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

We had such a good Christmas this year. Maybe it was because Kobe and I had someone special to share it with, or maybe because my family(the extended fam) got along this year, OR maybe it was because I got my sister,BIL, brother and his gf all SNUGGIES for Christmas LOL who knows? But it was WONDERFUL.

It was so nice having that family feel again on Christmas morning. (I can't wait until October when Chase and I get married and we can be a "full blown" family in the same house :)
Christmas Eve we woke up had breakfast let Kobe open gifts from Chase and I. Then we baked all our goodies and headed to my parents house for our family Christmas. Below are some pics.

Kobe watching TV waiting to open gifts from Chase and I.
Oh Look!!! Fruity Pebbles.. LOL Had him fooled lol.. They were really Toys Story Jammies
Very excited about his new Toy Story house shoes

Excuse my no make up and messy hair lol But I love my steam mop! Chase and Kobe also got me a digital picture frame, snuggie, Home Alone 1 and 2 (my fav movie) a Spa eye mask you can heat up or chill, a "Flip" camera, and a back massager that you put in your chair. From my parents I got a new coat and a coffee maker. From My sister's family I got a Chanel wallet. From My brother and his gf I got a picture frame collection. And From my Grandparents I got some money :)

My parents Christmas tree

My niece Olivia showing her Mommy (my sister) the doll we got her. She was so excited!

Mamaw and Papaw got the kids Toy Story dolls.. looks at their faces.. PRICELESS

An Easel..with ALL the accessories (from Mamaw and Papaw) and this thing is sooooo cool.. I love to draw on it too LOL

Adam (my brother) and his girlfriend Anna opening gifts

Mom and dad got Adam a vacuum so he'd quit stealing theirs lol

Chase's new coat from Mom and Dad

My parents!

Playing Euchre

Puttin cookies out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer

Santa has been here!

And left tooo much stuff LOL

But look at that face..

Confused because he got a game but doesn't have anything to play it on LOL (he hadn't opened it yet)

Look at that mess

Stocking time

He opened the game system to the game he was confused about lol and he LOVES his MobiGo

Tools Kobe and I got Chase

And we got him a drill. We also got him A thermos for his coffee to take to work, beard trimmer, a nice electric tooth brush, a deluxe game addition of dominoes, house shoes and a stocking full of goodies

Kobe and Chase

Rockin out on his Paper Jamz Guitar

The Day after Christmas we headed to my Grandparents house. Here is a pic of Kobe, Olivia and I

Kobe playing with the cat lol He'd hold his cup upto the Window and the cat would try to get a drink.. lol P.S. I hate cats lol but this was cute lol

My Grandparents
Like I said Christmas was wonderful. It came and went sooo fast. Now onto Kobe's b-day (on Valentine's Day) and Wedding Planning YAY!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Kobe is gone!

I'm sad to say that I think Baby Kobe is gone.. he's no longer with us.. although he was a pest at time,s I kinda miss the little guy.. lol I know your all wondering what the heck I'm talking about LOL well Kobe, since he was old enough to imagine, has had an imaginary friend "Baby Kobe". This was the type of imaginary friend that I had to buckle in the car seat, go out in the dark once at night to get out of the van(not sure why we left him in there), drive back to my parents house to "pick him up", etc. He almost made me believe this was a real child lol the way he imagined him. It was sooo realistic and funny but again like I said was kind of a pain in the butt at times lol. But whats a mother to do? Squash he child's imagination? NOPE she plays along :) Now that Kobe is almost 5, "Baby Kobe" has fizzled out. I guess this is a wake up call that my baby is growing up *tear* lol

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend recap!

Friday I went shopping with my parents while Chase came over and kept Kobe so I could go finish up Christmas shopping. I got Kobe's outfit for his Christmas program at Kohl's it was originally $48.00 and after all the sale prices and coupons I had I got it for $17.00!!! I felt like I won the lottery LOL. After we got back in town we decided to hit up walmart which was a plus because I was able to get Chase's Christmas COMPLETELY done!! While I was at wally world I picked us up a Ginger Bread House to decorate on Saturday. Kobe could barely wait til then, The first words out of his mouth Saturday morning was "can we do the ginger bread house now?" It was soooo nasty and cold on Saturday I decided we'd just stay home and hang out in our jammies.. so after breakfast we did our ginger bread house...

2 seconds (seriously) after I took this pic the roof slid off the walls lol. It was sooo messy lol the icing stuck to my dining room table like glue. But we had fun doing it and it was actually good to eat unlike the Halloween one we did 2 years ago.
So remember how I said I had decided to stay home on Saturday since it was cold, rainy and just plain ol nasty? Well I got a spur of the "Let's go see Santa at the E-ville Mall" moment. So after lunch off we were to go see Santa.. A few times I thought to myself.. 'man what am I thinking?' , 'the line for Santa is going to be huge', 'The mall is going to be crazy' sure enough the mall was PACKED!! The Line for Santa was HUGE!! I don't know what I was thinking LOL but here we stood in line for Santa.. we probably waited 45min-1hr but it wasn't bad at all. After standing there for 20 minutes one of Santa's helpers comes up to us and says "Hunnie Santa feeds his reindeer at 5:00, I don't know if you'll be able to see him before but he'll be back at 6:00" I just smiled and said "that's fine". Then she pats my arm and says "Hold tight I'll be right back" so she goes away and comes back and says "I was told to take 17 more before he leaves to feed his reindeer" so she goes to the front of the line to counts all the families in line she gets to us and points to me and says "15" Thank GOD we didn't have to wait til Santa came back! Although I would have since that's the only reason I was there in Eville was to let Kobe see Santa. The lady came back and thanked me for being so polite. She said she has had so many rude people today she needed a person like me to come through. I was happy I could make her day better.
After we saw Santa Kobe wanted to go in the Candy store that was right by where Santa was sitting so we went in there and of course its over whelming for a child lol He wanted everything.. I just couldn't see paying $6.99 for 1 pound of candy. So I told him he could get one thing.. so he picked out this cute little black stuffed puppy and some candy spray stuff.. yeah that's 2 things LOL he's rotten lol

After we left the crazy mall we headed to Sonic so I could get my "eville regular" a Strawberry Lime-aide!! They are soooo YUMMY!! Then back home we came :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh little town of "Befla-Ham"

Friday night we decided to go to the gas station, get some hot chocolate/cappuccino (for me) and drive around town and look at Christmas lights. We Headed towards the park and Kobe saw the Star by the entrance of the park. He yells in excitement.. "MOM!! Do you see that star? That's the star for Jesus when he was born in 'Befla-Ham'." I was shocked he even knew that. Then he tells us the WHOLE story of Bethlehem. Chase and I looked at each other with big smiles because we had no Idea Kobe knew all this. I had tears in my eyes hearing my son tell this story in his sweet little voice. Every time he said "Befla-ham" my heart would melt even more :) So of course I had to get on the phone with my mom right away and let my mom hear him tell this story to her too.

A friend of mine had asked earlier in the week if Chase, Kobe and I would like tickets to the Journey to Bethlehem. It had been so long since I had gone and I really wanted Chase to experience this so I told her we would love to go. I almost got a sitter for Kobe because I was afraid the Roman Soldiers would scare him lol. But after he told us the story of "Befla-Ham" I knew he would love it.

Sunday we headed to the parade and FROZE just standing out there for 30 minutes when we got home I told Chase I thought we would skip the Journey to Bethlehem because it was soooo cold. But the longer I sat there and thought about how I would regret skipping it I told Chase we are going and we are just going to have to bundle up lol. Our time for the Journey wasn't til 9PM so about 8:30 we started to bundle up and head to the Journey. I thought several times we were crazy for doing this lol. But to be honest it was not bad. My Nose was FROZEN but other than that I was almost hot from all the layered clothing lol.. We stood by alot of fires during our journey in Bethlehem lol so we stayed warm. Kobe LOVED it.. He was soooo into it.. He was really good considering it was way past his bedtime. I was soo glad we went. I wanted Chase and Kobe both to experience the Journey of Bethlehem. The both loved it.

Props to all the men, women and children who take the time to put this on for us we really appreciate it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crooked little Pinkies!

Ever since Kobe was little his pinkies have always turned a bit inward. Here recently they have really turned in, enough to make me call his doc. So I got an appointment for Kobe to see his doc the next day. She looked over his hands and ordered X-rays, told me she was going to just go ahead and send us to an Orthopedic Specialist. So off we go to Riley in Indy on Jan 11th to See the specialist. Prayers would be appreciated if possible please.. I Pray he doesn't have to have surgery.

Monday, November 29, 2010


This past weekend we put all our Christmas decor up. I Love this time of year. It makes the house feel sooo cozy :) Kobe is sooo excited about Christmas this year. All he wants is a kickstand for his bike LOL and a paper jamz guitar. Pretty simple huh!? Needless to say he's getting alot more than he asked for. But at least he isn't greedy lol.
Kinda Blurry but I wanted you to see how pretty it looked :)

He's BAAAAACK! lol..Remember JACK?? yes Jack has made his way back to our home this year. Kobe is more into it this year than he was last year. He wasn't listening and all I had to say was remember Jack is watching and he busted out crying and walked over to Jack and begged him not to tell Santa LOL..
I'm glad Kobe is going to WC so he can learn all about the real reason for the season. He came home from School today and the first words out of his mouth were "MOM!, Did you know Christmas is Jesus' Birthday!?" (yes I have told him this before but you know how kids forget things hehe) But we also do the whole Santa thing. There is nothing wrong with a little imagination :)