Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Finds for CHEAP!

Wednesday me and Kobe took off on the nasty rainy day to a little town about 15-20 minutes from us. In that town there is this big old warehouse/garage type thing call "Tickled Pink". Its like this huge garage sale/flea market/ consignment shop. Its FILLED from floor to ceiling with "junk" or to some "treasures". I was in search for Kobe a night stand so I could sand it down and redo it and make it all cute like my friend did for her daughter (yes I'm such a copycat LOL) But there were no night stands there that day, maybe next week since they get new stuff in ALL the time. So Kobe and I browse the WHOLE store and of course I found me some goodies:

I LOVE coffee mugs!! I am always looking for cute ones :) The first one was $0.25 and the other was $0.95!!

Modeling Done by: Chase Burgin LOL and ladies he is NOT a professional Hand Model LOL can you tell!? Me either LOL
I found this cute little shelf for $2.50

And the BIG find of the day


This old School Desk for $5.99 WITH chair!

Kobe modeling his new desk!

He asked me to play school with him. HECK yes I will. I LOVED playing school when I was younger and now my son wants to.. I'm so blessed HA!

Kobe got an arm load of goodies for himself too and our GRAND TOTAL today was..


  1. HAHA! I love it! My fav thing to do is go to St. Vinny's here and find a bunch of "junk"
    we don't need. And your man may want to consider a new day job. LOL I had to delete my FB so I'm only on here now:( But hope to stay caught up!

  2. Tickled Pink is in Ireland right next to the Chicken Place lol

  3. It's awesome! I got the babes a wooden rocking chair there. Next time you're down this way, get a hold of me!