Monday, January 3, 2011


Welcome 2011!!! I'm so happy to see you. There are SOOOO many things this year that I can't wait to do. Everyone is talking about New Years resolutions I have a few nothing too major. But my main one is to stop cut way back on these:

I'm going to go back to home cooking. I love to cook. Its just sooo easy to run and get something and I LOVE not having to do the dinner dishes when you have take out. But I'll never lose any weight if the fountain drinks and fast food do get cut back.. and I mean waaaaaaaaay back. I was getting at least 1 if not 2 fountain drinks a day. It was so easy to run through McD's and get a $1.00 drink.. Or run in Shell and get a fountain drink. Its seriously like my addiction. I'm like a crack head needing a fix. Its only been 3 days and I'm feaning (sp?)LOL.

Now onto things to look forward too this coming year:

My Wedding

I also hope I start seeing double lines after my wedding. Double lines? Yes! Double Lines. I hope to see them RIGHT after my wedding.. I'm talkin the next day would be fine with me. Double Lines!? Are you curious yet? Well I'm talking about THESE double lines:

I hope to be pregnant by at least the end of the year. That's one of my big goals. I've been praying to the Big guy upstairs that we have the same plans lined up :) We'll see I guess.. Keep your fingers crossed!

Although there are some things I'm not looking fwd too like My baby turning 5 and starting Kindergarten this year.. ugh where has the time gone!?

Okay lets rewind a minute. There are some more thing I feel like I need to do as part of my New Year's resolution like:

  1. Spending more time with family. I don't see my niece nearly as much as I used too and I miss her sassy lil butt lol.
  2. Using my camera more than I do. I rely to much on the camera on my phone so I'm gonna take my big ol' camera every where no matter if I look like a goober taking pics of silly things lol
  3. Plan more get togethers with my friends. NYE was a blast with all my friends. We went to a bar and had a good night then went to a friends house til 5am and played cards.. it was sooo fun. We ALL need more nights like these.
  4. Try and I mean REALLY try to keep on top of my house chores.
  5. Look hardcore for Chase, Kobe and I a house so come Oct. We aren't married and living in 2 different houses lol. We aren't ready to buy just yet so we are lookin for rentals. Keep us in mind if you know of any.
  6. Be more understanding.
  7. Don't be so quick to judge (sadly I do it and HATE it)
  8. Love more (if possible, I love a lot already but I'm going to love even more)
  9. Try to trust more. (big issue of mine, Your not trust worthy until proven so, I need to give in just a little)
  10. Blog more!!


  1. Have a great 2011, Andrea! My husband and I love those fountain pops too. Last year our resolution was to quit using the foam cups (which we did), but we've been known to drive back to our house just to get our reusable ones. We are junkies!
    Best wishes with your family plans and wedding!

  2. You know if you have a baby, it will probably be another boy! Then you will have three boys missing the toilet in your new house! :D Just saying!

  3. im leaving you a comment because you said on fb that you love them :) AND i love to cook as well but always run out of ideas. so maybe we should exchange EASY recipes! im not all about buying weird/crazy stuff to use in recipes. lol i like the easy stuff that when i read the ingredients i can picture exactly where it is in the grocery store. lol! good luck with the baby! matt was asking the other day when we were going to have another and i laughed. LOL i just dont think im ready. i like your #3 on your list! i think you would make a really great friend and if you ever want to do something fun in evansville with some cool people (like me and my little family) you should call me. im sure ben would love playing with kobe! well, i hope thats a long enough comment :) take care!

  4. Congrats on everything, Andrea! Sounds like an exciting year for you! ...and good luck with the fountain drinks. It is a serious I will have to wean myself and a newborn off of when he arrives! You can do it, though!