Saturday, January 24, 2015

Flea Markets, Orange Leaf.. Oh MY!

I LOVE me some flea markets! This morning I was sitting in bed on my laptop reading old blogs I have posted.. I came across a blog about all my awesome finds at a flea market My mom and I go to a lot.. well we used too.. It's been awhile so I text my mom and said "we need to go to Tickled Pink soon" she text back she can be ready in 30 minutes lol.. so we headed in town and got with my mom and headed out of town to the flea market.. I have been on the hunt for the perfect cookie jar.. and I FINALLY found one.. for $3.00 it's perfect!

Just the size and style I've been wanting.. It's not air tight.. but let's be honest, cookies don't last long in this house so we wont have to worry about them going stale lol..

I have also been looking for lamp shades for my living room lamps that Duke (the dog we used to have) broke and ripped to shreads.. I found 2 that match pretty close to each other.. and they were just $2 a piece!!!

I also found a spoon rest to sit on my stove...

I was also searching for a metal meat tenderizer and a garlic press which I had no luck finding.. but I did find a garlic press at the dollar tree when we stopped in there. We'll see how well that works.. lol

But we did find these beauties hahaha

Hahahaha are't we cute!?

After the first Flea market we went to the next town over to their flea market.. it's higher priced so we didn't get really anything because I'm all about CHEAP!.. By this time we were getting kinda hungry so we stopped by Rally's to get some of their famous french fries.. They are so yummy!

After we had our snacks we went to the Dollar Tree.. I freaking LOVE that store.. We spent a good amount of time in there.. You think you need everything since its "only a dolla'!!" We got a few items that we needed.. We did find Kobe's Valentine's for school.. What are the odds of the Dollar Tree having WWE (Westling) Valentines?? we were  SO excited!!

Last but not least we tried Orange Leaf for the first time!

For those of you who haven't went here's how it is..

You start by picking a bowl.. Regular, Large, Waffle Cone or bowl with a huge chunk of waffle cone

Then you have an option of putting a divider in your bowl.. You can get one flavor or a divider which can make it into a two flavor cup or 3 flavor cup..

Then you choose between ALL the flavors (They will even give you a sample taste) I think there were 20 flavors!

There are 3 levers on each machine.. the right is one flavor then the left is another flavor then the MIDDLE lever is a swirl of both flavors!

Then you go to the toppings bar!

This is a picture I found online.. I forgot to snap a pic of the toppings bar..

Then they weigh your cup and pay for your cup then enjoy!!

Here is my cup!

Birthday Cake FroYo(Frozen yogurt) with Fruity Pebbles topping
Orange/Pineapple  FroYo
Vanilla FroYo with Blue Berry BoBa and Strawberry Boba! It's hard to explain what BoBa is.. just try it! :)

Kobe's Bowl

 Cotton Candy FroYo with Strawberry BoBa and a Gummy Frog
Peanut Butter FroYo with Mint and chocolate crumbles
Peanut butter/ Chocolate FroYo with reese like cups on it

Mom's Cup

Vanilla FroYo with Cherries

We fell in love!!!

Check out the tables and chairs!!

After we headed home we stopped in our local Good Will to look for Kobe a lamp to go in his room.. I was looking for a lamp to restore and make to look cool.. Instead we found this awesome lamp for $3

I found this exact lamp on Ebay going for $49.99!

We had a great day and found some good finds!!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just a little bit..

Here is just a little bit of whats been going on.. nothing to exciting..

A few days in to the New Year.. I finally took down all the Christmas decor and got my living room back in order.. I got all my new decor out.. I'm starting to collect old lanterns and rustic things.. Jason has started my lantern collection.. here are 2 on my fireplace..

 And here are a couple more.. with a box that was my Great Uncles

My sassy kitty.. Bella

Jason brought Kobe home a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.. he read it with in 12 hrs.. def didn't get that from his momma!

He also brought home BattleShip!

 I chopped off at least 6 inches of my hair when I said I , I mean ME! MySELF! lol

We put kids to work at age 1 LOL.. I told my mom we shoulda put a swiffer sheet on it since he wanted to mop the floor LOL..

Kobe playing with my hair..

 lol he put it in a pony.. and let me tell you it HURT lol

Kobe spent yesterday morning making his Robot.. Meet "LoveBot 3000"

I guess she was comfy? Pretty sure I'm her favorite!

Click HERE to get the recipe for Mini Pizzas over on my other blog..

Also click HERE to get this recipe for

See nothing too exciting LOL.. Now I'm planning Kobe's 9th birthday party!! BLAH 9yrs old.. he's growing up too fast..

Sunday, January 11, 2015

*Round 3* Ding! Ding! Ding!

On January 5th at 8:24PM I got a text from my mom telling me my Grandpa Hill called her and said my Aunt Donna was taking Grandma to Jasper ER because she had bleeding again. A year ago almost to the day she had part of her colon removed from bleeding.. We didn't find much of anything out until Wednesday moning when she went in for a colonoscopy.  She went straight from there to the OR. It bothered me knowing she had no idea she was having surgery and would be upset once she woke up. She asked me the night before to pray for no surgery. I did.. I prayed over and over but I'm sure God's plan was already in the works. Surgery went great.. they removed more of her colon.. This was her 3rd surgery to remove colon. Once was when I was pregnant with Kobe and the 2nd one was a year ago and now this one. My Aunt said she only has about 6 inches left of colon but the Dr said she shouldn't have anymore trouble with it.. She is such a fighter.. hopefully she'll be able to put this all behind her.. Please continue to pray for her and her long road to recovery..

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

HELLO 2015!!

2015... That just sounds weird..

First off if you read my blogs I want to thank you. I love seeing all the views every time I log on here.. Over on my other blog I have a blog post over there that has reached almost 6,000 views!!!... to me that is amazing.. And I want to say... Thank You!!

.. 2014 was a pretty good year as far as I can remember lol.. Nothing to bad that comes to mind.. I mean it went pretty smooth.. I still feel it was an ok year even though Jason got laid off work the end of November and still not working  some how and by the grace of God we are doing some what ok.. but praying his job calls him back soon .. but other than that the year was good.. A LOT better than 2013 (Click HERE to read about that year..) let's just take a minute to review 2014 shall we? We Shall..

We started off the year with crazy temps.. -4° with a windchill of -26°.. Amanda's results from her body scan showed no signs of any more cancer.

Kobe turned 8.. We got our new(to us) van..

Jason with some help from Kobe, built the chicken coop.. we bought 14 Chickens.. 4 layers and 10 fryers.. Olivia turned 8.. 

My parent's got their bathroom remodeled.. Spring soccer started.. Went to TJ and Lisa's gender reveal party It was a BOY lol..  Celebrated Easter.. Olivia had her First Communion.. Kobe sliced his hand open and had to go to the ER to get it glued back shut..

Celebrated Mom's birthday.. Went Camping.. Spring soccer ended and they came in 2nd place.. My great Uncle Tom passed away.. Kobe Started the Summer Reading Program at the Library

Jason butchered all our fryer chickens.. Had to find Duke a new home.. We got Bella (our Cat).. I got my new cell phone that I LOVE!.. My Great Aunt Joyce Ann passed away..

Celebrated July 4th at My sisters..Kobe played in his first ever 3v3 soccer tourney in Terre Haute(won 3rd Place) and then another 3v3 the following weekend in our home town.. He won a prize from the Reading Program.. 

Kobe started 3rd grade.. We celebrated my 31st Birthday.. TJ and Lisa welcomed their precious baby boy into the world, Noah Alan..

Our chickens started laying eggs.. went to the Turkey trot.. Watched Aaron Tippin in concert.. Kobe pig wrestled.. Celebrated Adam and Dad's birthdays.. Had a redneck family get together at my Aunt Donna's.. Kobe went to his first IU soccer game with a friend.

Celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.. Jason got me a new wedding set..  Kobe's soccer team won 1st place in Fall Soccer.. I made Kobe an awesome zombie/soccer player costume for halloween lol..

November.. Kobe started indoor soccer.. Noah turned 1.. Jason butchered a 50lb turkey for his families Thanksgiving.. Kobe and I went to our newly opened movie theater in town that has been restored. We saw Big Hero Six.. My parents got new carpet after 37 years.. My dad went with us on Black Friday for the first time ever.. 

Kobe's indoor soccer team won 1st place (even though they don't count it at the YMCA).. Celebrated Jason's 32nd birthday.. Celebrated Amanda's 35th Birthday.. Amanda had her 1st annual full body scan to recheck for cancer and it came back negative.. PRAISE GOD!... We had our normal Christmas get togethers.. and that leaves us to last night.. New Years Eve..

So I'd say we had a decent year..

Last night we just stayed home since all 3 of use are sick with colds or whatever you wanna  call it.. we are snot'n, cough'n fools.. and felt like poo.. So we canceled our plans to have a party here and just kept to our sick selves.. plus my mom is sick too.. It always makes me depressed feeling when I don't do anything on NYE So I decided we'd just have our own little party.. I made little weenies in the crock pot, buffalo chicken dip and ham salad sammies.. bought some Sparkling Grape juice and we toasted our "wine" glasses at Midnight..

Sooo with all that being said...


I look fwd to seeing whats in store for us!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

I love Christmas! I love everything about it! My Favorite is the family time.. Starting with Christmas Eve we went to My parents house.. we had ham, mashed taters, corn casserole, sweet potato casserole, green beans and lots of yummy desserts.. After dinner we  exchanged gifts with my Grandpa Solliday before he had to leave then later we opened all the gifts.. I forgot to get a pic of the tree filled with gifts.. But here are pictures..

Christmas Eve morning.. Kobe opened his gifts from us..

 I made him a tie (no sew) blanket.. and the other thing was matching Pajama pants ( I didn't make those lol)

Opening his hickery farms set from the Kimmel's

 Grandpa opening the Pajama pants we got him

 Opening one of his gifts from Mamaw and Papaw - Learn and Play LapTop that matches the pup we got him!

 Noah opening the Learning Pup we got him

Liv and her tablet from mamaw and Papaw

Opening her Pottery Wheel from Uncle Adam

Opening his Wrestling Belt from Uncle Adam

Kobe and his tablet from Mamaw and Papaw

Adam's girlfriend opening the gift we got her.. its a 31 crossbody

Adam opening his gift we got him an IU travel coffee cup, IU keychain and an IU bottle coozie

*MOM!! Do you SEE that drink on top of your boxes???? I think he needs a good spank'n!***

  Adam and his boots from Mom and Dad

 Here are pics of Noah photo bombin LOL

 Jason opening his muck boots from my parents

Amanda opening her gift from us.. its a 31 Bible case

New Boots from Mom and Dad

Magnetic flashlight from us..

Dad opening our gift from us.. a lighted hitch cover that has a dodge emblem on it

Sound bar from Adam..

Mom loving the picture we got her LOL..

Noah tearing up paper and putting it on my feet LOL

Later we headed home to get ready for Santa...

If you have a cat, this is how you put out cookies and Milk for Santa..

oohhh.. and cauliflower for the reindeer


 Opening his Wrestling Ring from Santa..

 Woohoo he got his favorite wrestler.. Randy Orton

 Jack left Kobe a special gift.. we are pretty sure its from Jack since it wasn't wrapped just left with his presents.. and has his picture on them lol
 Opening his present from Jason and I

 This is what we got him.. a whole box full of wrestlers lol

Later we headed to my in laws for lunch..

Check out their huge Nativity Scene

Then after that we headed to my Grandma and Grandpa Hill's for dinner..

We had a great Christmas! I LOVE family time! It's not  about the gifts its about being with family.. I love it! With that being said.. Here is what all I got for Christmas hahahaha just kidding.. but I LOVED all my gifts so I have to share lol..

Headphones from my parents..

This AWESOME necklace that almost made me cry because I loved it so much.. That's Kobe's birthstone , a soccerball and a heart that says Mom.. This was from my Sister and her family..

A Snuggie from Adam which I've used every day since I've gotten it.. I love it..

Also this from Adam. it has hot chocolate mix and a cookie with it..I love mugs!!

Taylor Swift CD From Mom and Dad..

My AMAZING cookbook binder my parents's got my...

Here is the back

Some stocking stuff from Mom and dad..

And my new baking pan from Mom and dad..

Here is the side of the pan says The Colvin Family

More stocking stuff from Mom and dad..

Check out those AWESOME knives my inlaws got us!! I'm sooo in love with them.. those are their actual blades! Except that solid purple.. thats the case but the blade is purple too.. I don't even want to use them they are so pretty LOL.. Also there are 4 cutting boards too..

I got a few more gifts and thought I snapped pics but I guess I didn't well Anywho! I hope you all Had a very Merry Christmas!!

And of course...