Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What a day, What. A. Day.!

Today is my parents 37th wedding Anniversary. To celebrate they decided for dad to have back surgery.Okay not really but this is the day it was scheduled. So my parents drove to my house and got in my van with me so I could drive them to Jasper for his surgery. We just been on the road maybe 10 minutes I turn onto the hwy to head to Jasper and my van starts making this God awful noise.. I had a blown out tire. GREAT! So my dad, ya know the one who is on his way for back SURGERY, thinks he is going to get on the ground and change the tire.. I was like "DAD you are NOT getting down on that ground to change this tire!!!" so after a few minutes of us locating the spare tire and getting the jack out this nice older gentleman pulls up . He's older than my dad, he helps us in the mean time my mom calls my brother to come get my dad and her so my dad wont be late for his surgery.. So Kobe and the nice gentleman work together and get my spare on. The spare needs air and wouldn't make it to Jasper so my mom called my brother again and told him well he has his finance follow him so she can take my parents and he'll help me with my van. So by this time the gentleman leaves and we wait on Adam and Krista.. well Adam pulls up and gets out and Krista is a few cars behind. Krista goes to turn left to come to us and as she is turning this lady plows into Krista tearing up her front end really good.. It was scary since I watched it all go down. At the time I didnt realize it was Krista until the cars had stopped. So then my mom dad Kobe and I take my brother's truck to Jasper while he and Krista wait for the sheriff who took forever to get there I might add. The whole way to Jasper I kept telling my dad I think this is a sign from God that you shouldn't have this surgery today. Well we get there at 1 he had to be there at 1:15pm they were behind and he didn't go into surgery until 5:15pm. This place closed at 5. But he had his surgery and is home and doing great so far.. This was such a crazy day that it makes me realize just how blessed we are. Blessed for the gentleman who helped us, bless for my brother and Krista coming to our rescue, blessed for Krista not getting hurt in the wreck, blessed dad's surgery went great...

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