Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Recap..

We had such a good weekend. It was still so hot. Heat index of like 110% but we still got out and did something.. Friday night we went over to my parents house and Jason mowed the yard for dad. We didn't do much but we did go to yummy Subway for dinner. Jason and I tried their new pulled pork subs.. O..M..G.... they were $8.00 a piece.. it was good but not something I'd get again UNLESS it becomes on the $5.00 menu.. Friday was just kinda a lazy night.. we got bored and decided to "tattoo" each other. lol. this is the tattoo I gave Kobe on his belly.. I still laugh when I see it. I made him lay down and not look til I was finished.. I got him a mirror and told him to look when I was done. He belly laughed so hard he could barely get up from the laying down position...

Saturday was more of a get up and go go go.. all day kinda day.. we got up early and ate breakfast at Hardee's (I recommend their loaded omelet biscuit.. its yummy..) right as we were finishing breakfast My dad called and asked Jason to come weed eat because it was killing his back (yes Jason mowed Friday night but Dad wanted to "play with his new weed eater" so he decided to weed eat) so after that Jason changed breaks on his car, then we went over to my friend Laurie's house so Jason could mow her yard for her, came home, fixed dinner, then headed to Glendale to fish as the sun was going down..

Jason caught a big ol' ugly (sorry Jason) catfish.. it was huge.. (to me and Kobe at least, Jason said it was a 'smaller one') I sat and watched the guys fish and got ate by mosquitoes lol it was hot but not too terribly bad. We got done fishing about 10:00PM had to stop by Jason's to get a bucket (and his parents gave us a grocery sack FULL of fresh produce from the garden) to put the fish meat in after he cleaned it..

UGH the "Fish Hut" talk about a nasty stinky place.. *YUK* I gagged once when I walked by the trash can of "fish nasties" Kobe however was amazed and all about the "guts and blood" he is SUCH a BOY!!!

Sunday was a little more relaxed.. we went to the store, produce patch to get a watermelon (Bouchie's out on hwy 57 by Jones and Son's is the lowest prices) that watermelon was amazing.. They were out of corn so we went to the one by the post office and got some yummy corn..

Our yummy dinner :) Baked Chicken, corn on the cob, fried zucchini, tomatoes and then I made Jello cake for dessert ..
We had such a nice weekend.. now we get to see Monday's ugly face in the morning.. blah ;)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wild goose "hunt"

Yesterday Kobe's flip flops broke (2nd pair since spring began). When we were getting ready to leave to go over to my parent's house I told Kobe to go up stairs and get his tennis shoes on. He comes down with an old pair and says he can't find his good ones. I told him that's fine, to sit down and I'll put them on him.. Well remember the Ugly step sister on Cinderella? The one where her foot would NOT fit in the shoe and yet they tried and tried to get it on and finally did but then the shoe popped off.. That's pretty much what we looked like yesterday getting Kobe's shoes on LOL. It was a site let me tell you. I told Kobe we are gonna have to look for his good ones.. so we f0und them and again.. too small. He JUST wore these a month or 2 ago. So therefor Kobe had NO shoes. He didn't even have shoes to wear to the store to get NEW shoes ( he had to wear his baseball cleats). I told him that we were going to have to get new shoes, of course he had a pair he saw on TV in mind and tells me "all" about them but has NO idea what brand. *Sigh* Lets just say Thanks the men(or women) who invented Google and YouTube. The only "info" Kobe had on these "Awesome SHOES" was that "when you walk they have have this thing that airs up". That was not very much info to go by but it was enough. We well I ;) found them. *pats self on back* haha. After a google search of "air up shoes" and Sketchers commercials on YouTube it was confirmed...

Sketchers Airators

The BEST part about these shoes~ They were on SALE for $19.99 :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update on Kobe..

Today we went back to see Dr. Dan so he can evaluate Kobe now since he is on the medicine. Dr. Dan talked with me after he spent time with Kobe and ask how I felt about things. Things like "How is he doing on the medication?", "Do I feel its working?", Etc. I how ever have not seen any change in Kobe what so ever and Dr. Dan agreed with me. I told Dr. Dan I feel almost as Kobe has gotten worse. Plus his appetite INCREASED which is not what happens while on this kind of medicine. He is sooo hard to get to sleep at night, which is a side effect, but I feel he isn't getting enough sleep. He said he was going to send the report to Dr. Amy and have her up the dose and he may even have to have it more than once a day. I'm just so nervous because school is sneaking up on us soooo fast and I want things figured out before then which I'm afraid it won't be. I fear Kobe will be labeled as a bad kid and he REALLY isn't. In fact he's an awesome kid, really his is :) *sigh* I pray every single night that we will fine the right dose soon. Not just so he is calmer but because the thought of him feeling soo wired inside.. that's got to be exhausting for him :( In fact I know it is because before the meds as soon as is head hit the pillow at night he was OUT. So "out" that some nights he didn't even take his shoes off let alone get in his jammies :( So "out" that some nights I didn't even say good night because he was sound asleep before I even got to his room. I just want my baby to feel good and have a fair chance doing things.. We go back to Dr. Amy on Aug 2nd I'll update again after that :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Got'a roll with the punches..

Kobe recently was diagnosed with ADHD ( Attentions Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Today we went to see Dr. Amy to get the meds he will be taking, since Dr. Dan (Child Psychologist) can't prescribe the meds. He has only taken one dose so far and he is already tired and says his belly hurts *sigh* Those are both symptoms of the medicine. I hope this works. He needs a fair chance come August when he starts Kindergarten. He needs to be able to focus on his school work and be able to sit and listen to the teacher. I don't want him to go to school and be "labeled" as a "bad kid" because he needs help and I, being his mother ignored a chance to help my child. Like Dr. Dan said we are going to "stack the deck" and get him ready for school years. It was so bad I couldn't even get him to sit long enough at the dinner table and finish a plate of food. When he would play video games or color he had to stand the whole time and constantly move while doing these. The thought of putting medicine in my son made me sick. I am one who doesn't even like to take meds unless they are absolutely NEEDED. But what kind of Mom would I be if I didn't give my son a fair chance and got him all the help he needed. His brain is working faster, a LOT faster than most kids his age. I know some people are going to disagree with this and some people will look down on me for it but this is my decision and I've thought long and hard about it and I feel it is the right decision for Kobe. He is such an AWESOME kid! He really is. He is sooo fun and funny and a lot of people (my friends and family included and sadly I was one too) thought he was just being "a little shit", "a brat", "hard-headed" etc. Or I thought I was to blame for being a single mom, maybe I let him get away with too much, maybe I didn't parent right etc. It's almost a relief that I wasn't too blame as selfish as that sounds. I try my best to be a good Mom and to sit here and think I'm the reason behind it all killed me inside. Dr. Dan assured me Its not that at all. Soo hopefully we've got the ball rolling and things will get straightened out.. *finger crossed* and praying hard :)