Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wild goose "hunt"

Yesterday Kobe's flip flops broke (2nd pair since spring began). When we were getting ready to leave to go over to my parent's house I told Kobe to go up stairs and get his tennis shoes on. He comes down with an old pair and says he can't find his good ones. I told him that's fine, to sit down and I'll put them on him.. Well remember the Ugly step sister on Cinderella? The one where her foot would NOT fit in the shoe and yet they tried and tried to get it on and finally did but then the shoe popped off.. That's pretty much what we looked like yesterday getting Kobe's shoes on LOL. It was a site let me tell you. I told Kobe we are gonna have to look for his good ones.. so we f0und them and again.. too small. He JUST wore these a month or 2 ago. So therefor Kobe had NO shoes. He didn't even have shoes to wear to the store to get NEW shoes ( he had to wear his baseball cleats). I told him that we were going to have to get new shoes, of course he had a pair he saw on TV in mind and tells me "all" about them but has NO idea what brand. *Sigh* Lets just say Thanks the men(or women) who invented Google and YouTube. The only "info" Kobe had on these "Awesome SHOES" was that "when you walk they have have this thing that airs up". That was not very much info to go by but it was enough. We well I ;) found them. *pats self on back* haha. After a google search of "air up shoes" and Sketchers commercials on YouTube it was confirmed...

Sketchers Airators

The BEST part about these shoes~ They were on SALE for $19.99 :)

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