Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Got'a roll with the punches..

Kobe recently was diagnosed with ADHD ( Attentions Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Today we went to see Dr. Amy to get the meds he will be taking, since Dr. Dan (Child Psychologist) can't prescribe the meds. He has only taken one dose so far and he is already tired and says his belly hurts *sigh* Those are both symptoms of the medicine. I hope this works. He needs a fair chance come August when he starts Kindergarten. He needs to be able to focus on his school work and be able to sit and listen to the teacher. I don't want him to go to school and be "labeled" as a "bad kid" because he needs help and I, being his mother ignored a chance to help my child. Like Dr. Dan said we are going to "stack the deck" and get him ready for school years. It was so bad I couldn't even get him to sit long enough at the dinner table and finish a plate of food. When he would play video games or color he had to stand the whole time and constantly move while doing these. The thought of putting medicine in my son made me sick. I am one who doesn't even like to take meds unless they are absolutely NEEDED. But what kind of Mom would I be if I didn't give my son a fair chance and got him all the help he needed. His brain is working faster, a LOT faster than most kids his age. I know some people are going to disagree with this and some people will look down on me for it but this is my decision and I've thought long and hard about it and I feel it is the right decision for Kobe. He is such an AWESOME kid! He really is. He is sooo fun and funny and a lot of people (my friends and family included and sadly I was one too) thought he was just being "a little shit", "a brat", "hard-headed" etc. Or I thought I was to blame for being a single mom, maybe I let him get away with too much, maybe I didn't parent right etc. It's almost a relief that I wasn't too blame as selfish as that sounds. I try my best to be a good Mom and to sit here and think I'm the reason behind it all killed me inside. Dr. Dan assured me Its not that at all. Soo hopefully we've got the ball rolling and things will get straightened out.. *finger crossed* and praying hard :)


  1. Oh Andrea! It is completely up to you to decide what is best for your child! I am sure with a great mom like you, a good dr, and some meds he will do great in school! Good luck!

    Amanda Steele

  2. I feel ya on this issue. Jalen has ADHD and we recently had to take him out of school and into homeschool because we couldnt find the right meds. I dont like giving him meds either but it helps. J is on Concertta now and it seems to be doing okay so far. You can get Kobe an IEP in school that will allow him to have longer time to do things and take test alone so he can focus. Good luck and you have my u number if need anything.