Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Recap..

We had such a good weekend. It was still so hot. Heat index of like 110% but we still got out and did something.. Friday night we went over to my parents house and Jason mowed the yard for dad. We didn't do much but we did go to yummy Subway for dinner. Jason and I tried their new pulled pork subs.. O..M..G.... they were $8.00 a piece.. it was good but not something I'd get again UNLESS it becomes on the $5.00 menu.. Friday was just kinda a lazy night.. we got bored and decided to "tattoo" each other. lol. this is the tattoo I gave Kobe on his belly.. I still laugh when I see it. I made him lay down and not look til I was finished.. I got him a mirror and told him to look when I was done. He belly laughed so hard he could barely get up from the laying down position...

Saturday was more of a get up and go go go.. all day kinda day.. we got up early and ate breakfast at Hardee's (I recommend their loaded omelet biscuit.. its yummy..) right as we were finishing breakfast My dad called and asked Jason to come weed eat because it was killing his back (yes Jason mowed Friday night but Dad wanted to "play with his new weed eater" so he decided to weed eat) so after that Jason changed breaks on his car, then we went over to my friend Laurie's house so Jason could mow her yard for her, came home, fixed dinner, then headed to Glendale to fish as the sun was going down..

Jason caught a big ol' ugly (sorry Jason) catfish.. it was huge.. (to me and Kobe at least, Jason said it was a 'smaller one') I sat and watched the guys fish and got ate by mosquitoes lol it was hot but not too terribly bad. We got done fishing about 10:00PM had to stop by Jason's to get a bucket (and his parents gave us a grocery sack FULL of fresh produce from the garden) to put the fish meat in after he cleaned it..

UGH the "Fish Hut" talk about a nasty stinky place.. *YUK* I gagged once when I walked by the trash can of "fish nasties" Kobe however was amazed and all about the "guts and blood" he is SUCH a BOY!!!

Sunday was a little more relaxed.. we went to the store, produce patch to get a watermelon (Bouchie's out on hwy 57 by Jones and Son's is the lowest prices) that watermelon was amazing.. They were out of corn so we went to the one by the post office and got some yummy corn..

Our yummy dinner :) Baked Chicken, corn on the cob, fried zucchini, tomatoes and then I made Jello cake for dessert ..
We had such a nice weekend.. now we get to see Monday's ugly face in the morning.. blah ;)

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