Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update on Kobe..

Today we went back to see Dr. Dan so he can evaluate Kobe now since he is on the medicine. Dr. Dan talked with me after he spent time with Kobe and ask how I felt about things. Things like "How is he doing on the medication?", "Do I feel its working?", Etc. I how ever have not seen any change in Kobe what so ever and Dr. Dan agreed with me. I told Dr. Dan I feel almost as Kobe has gotten worse. Plus his appetite INCREASED which is not what happens while on this kind of medicine. He is sooo hard to get to sleep at night, which is a side effect, but I feel he isn't getting enough sleep. He said he was going to send the report to Dr. Amy and have her up the dose and he may even have to have it more than once a day. I'm just so nervous because school is sneaking up on us soooo fast and I want things figured out before then which I'm afraid it won't be. I fear Kobe will be labeled as a bad kid and he REALLY isn't. In fact he's an awesome kid, really his is :) *sigh* I pray every single night that we will fine the right dose soon. Not just so he is calmer but because the thought of him feeling soo wired inside.. that's got to be exhausting for him :( In fact I know it is because before the meds as soon as is head hit the pillow at night he was OUT. So "out" that some nights he didn't even take his shoes off let alone get in his jammies :( So "out" that some nights I didn't even say good night because he was sound asleep before I even got to his room. I just want my baby to feel good and have a fair chance doing things.. We go back to Dr. Amy on Aug 2nd I'll update again after that :)

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  1. Hang in there! As a teacher I can tell you that the beginning of school is a little crazy for everyone, so he isn't going to be labeled anything from day 1. Do you know who the teacher is going to be? She/he should want to maintain open communication with you, so it never hurts to introduce yourself via email without giving any details, just to say hello and let him/her know that you are always available and excited for Kobe to be in the class. I know you are concerned and you will all figure it out because you care enough to work until you do! Good luck :-)