Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh wow!

“We are apt to forget that children watch examples better than they listen to preaching.”

- Roy L. Smith

Yesterday when Kobe came home from school I told him he wasn't aloud to do anything until he cleaned his room.. he JUST cleaned it Saturday morning and it was near a disaster again.. Momma wasn't happy so I told him Sunday night that he was going to clean it after school. So when he walked in he went straight for the PlayStation.. I reminded him about his room.. he moaned and groaned but went in there and started cleaning.. whining the whole time about how he worked so hard at school and he just needed a break. How tired his muscles were and he couldn't do this.. He begged and begged me to come help him.. I knew this wasn't going to be an easy thing because he had been up since 2:30 AM... Yes you read that right.. my child has trouble sleeping at night even with the help of melatonin.. I even bumped it up to 6mg and STILL has trouble sleeping... So he came through the living room to the kitchen bringing one piece of paper to the trash at a time.. and then was fussin because he was sick of walking back and forth lol... I told him to get a walmart bag out of the pantry so he didn't have to walk back and forth.. he refused and kept walking back and forth lol Then came in crying because his art box (my in-laws got him a box FULL of art supplies that he plays with almost EVERY day) wouldn't close (he wore the lid out) and was getting him very frustrated.. so I told him we'd just throw it away and get him a new one.. You would have thought I said we were going to cut off his arm by the way he looked at me... I said, "Kobe, why don't you listen to me? I try to give you tips on cleaning your room and you won't listen." he walks away and says in this sarcastic Andrea voice.. "Your right Mom, your always right, I'm always wrong, sheesh.." I laughed only because that was soo ME... then I wanted to cry because that was sooooooooooo me.. wow I need to think before I speak sometimes haha.. Its proof kids are like sponges.. they soak everything in even when you think they aren't...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Saturday afternoon Olivia (my niece) had her first Basket ball game.. They call it "Bitty Ball" the kids are tiny lol I think there were some 3 yr olds out there even lol.. It is VERY comical.. Olivia scored a basket.. of course I missed seeing it because I was telling Kobe to sit still lol.. but she did such a good job... But if Aunt Annie had it my way she'd be in dance and gymnastics lol.. I'll cry if I have a tomboy lol.. My sister got her wish when she said she didn't want a fru fru girl lol..

Then Sunday my cousin and his wife had a co-ed Baby "Sprinkle" kinda like a baby shower but it was a sprinkle.. although it was basically like a shower :) I LOVE baby showers... especially for baby girls.. because I want a little girl sooo bad.. and I have baby fever like craaaaaazy!! I got her this cute little outfit.. it had a pink shirt that is longer with zebra print leggings.. She got alot of precious things for her shower..

 My Aunt got her this precious dress from the Gap.. I LOVED it!! I could tell Whitney did too.. Isn't she so stinkin cute!!!
Here are some more pics from the weekend..

Made these.. click here to check them out and get the recipe
 Made J-Bird and I some Amaretto Sours..
 J-Bird got his glasses.. isn't he so darn CUTE!
 This is how my son likes to look for things in the Laundry.. Yes he had to clean it up lol
 Big Lots.. has Crocs???? Since when?? I was shocked to see this... and look at that price... Bargain..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January?! Where are you going?!

I can't believe January is almost over.. Didn't we just start the new year? I never make new year resolutions because well... we all know how those last. But I always think what can I make as my resolution.. So I got to thinking and it was to be a better mom, be a better wife, get healthy.. I could careless if I look like this the rest of my life I just want to be healthy for my son and husband. They need me and I want to be around for them. I need to find a doctor.. a family doctor..  I've been using my gyno as my "family doctor" well who wants to go to their gyno THAT much.. not this girl LOL So I am on the search for a new doc. This search needs to be fast too because I've been having panic attacks again. Ugh those are the worst, very scary. Scratch that.. I just called and made an appointment with a doctor for Feb 15th. I'm kinda glad to have a family doctor again. I haven't had one since I was little. That was the best doctor ever.  So yay to getting that outta the way.

The weather here in good ol' southern Indiana has been CRAAAZY!! Typical Indiana weather, like ppl say "if you don't like Indiana weather, wait an hour and it will change" Friday (Jan 20th) we had rain with freezing temps which over night froze and caused everything to have a nice glassed over look. VERY SLICK! Of course we had to get out in that ice to take J-Bird to the eye doctor. We had no rock salt to throw down. Didn't even have extra table salt to put down for a quick fix. It was freezing cold.. in the lower 20s. But wait.. Sunday It was 53 out and chance of isolated tornadoes.. crazy huh! It stormed and stormed good.. we never did have any tornado threat. Thank the Good Lord, but it sure thundered and lightning like crazy.. we had an extra person in bed with us. That doesn't bother me one bit though kinda puts me more at ease knowing we are all together and safe and not scared.

We have made a final and when I said final I mean FINAL decision on Kobe's birthday party theme.. Dinosaurs is the theme whoop whoop.. this Momma is in full party planning mode. I have alot of great ideas underway. I found dinosaur invites at the dollar store for $1.00, I found dino goody bags on Ebay, 10 dino bags, dino erasers, dino crayons, dino tops (spinning things), dino activity paper and dino stickers all for $7.29 with FREE shipping!! Plates and napkins at Dollar Tree love that place! Can't wait to put this party together :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Been awhile...

Kobe had been complaining of his tooth bothering him every time he would chew up food and demanded to go to the dentist.. I was hesitant to make that call because the dentist scares the crap outta ME and didn't want to put him through that. Even though he has been 2 times and was a pro at it.. no tears or nothing. So I finally made the appointment and they got him in pretty quick. He had 4 "cavities" which actually only 1 but then had 3 "buckles??" which are the start of cavities I assume.. so he had to get 4 shots and only made sound of "ahhh ahh ahh" then was fine lol but was a champ.. WAY better than his Momma woulda done.. The nurse gave him a mirror to watch his face because even though it felt funny she wanted him to know it wasn't changing his appearance lol. He was hilarious.. he kept having me feel his lips and saying "Doesn't it feel like a frog?" haha then when he would take sips of his water it was pour out of his mouth lol.. Dr. Deem said he was such a good patient and sooo proud of him.. Then the hygienist let him pick out several toys from the toy drawer for being such a great patient.. Made a momma proud how she was going on and on about how good he was..

Waitin to get started
 Getting his teeth clean
 Checking out the "frog in his lip" lol
 Getting his fillings
J-Bird had to go to the eye doctor this morning for an eye exam and had to get glasses.. He needs them for reading and driving.. He was a good boy there too :) but I didn't take any pictures of him lol

I cleaned out my cell phone pics and here are some that I thought I'd share lol
When you live in this small town this is how you hand out things at the local pharmacy LOL a stick with a basket on the end..
 Jason went with my dad to the bow (archery) shop and Kobe wasn't able to go so he wrote J-Bird this note lol ("You just broke my heart, Dad")
 Kobe was trying to sell his old bike hahahha
 I was showing J-Bird how much kool-aid I got at the store lol we are huge kool-aid fans LOL
 Finally broke down and bought these expensive things for Kobe lol.. needless to say they were well worth their money!
 Made homemade biscuits only had a heart shaped cutter lol
 my new "hooker" nail polish lol
 Daddy helping Kobe with his homework
 Kobe FINALLY let me patch his awful jeans since I found CAMO patches!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Party Planning

Okay so I've been planning Kobe's 6th Birthday party... His Birthday is on the 14th of Feb.. Aww my Valentine Baby. So we'll plan it for the weekend before since thats in the middle of the week. Kobe has changed the "theme" like 4 times on me.. I need to quit letting him watch TV lol First it was Transformers, then Spiderman, Cars 2, Dinosaurs and now back to Cars 2 lol This changes depending on what he watches that day lol So looks like it is going to be Cars 2.. Now we are planning on getting him a present that was J's idea. I was okay with it and J has already been looking and have a couple narrowed down..I'm not going to say what it is because that will ruin the blogs to come lol. But now I'm torn between where to have his party.. Do I want to spend money on a place, e.g. Mr. Gattis, Bowling Ally, YMCA etc.? Or just have it at home? So I decided just to have it at home. Buuuut then that would mean I couldn't invite ALL his friends. I thought, wait a minute.. He's only 6 lol, Why am I stressing so bad?.. So I got to thinking and counting and thought.. most of his "friends" are family. Ugh I stress about the silliest things. J's right I "think too much".  So we are having a cars theme at our house.. lol with friends and family.
I can't believe my baby boy will be 6.. Ahhh that seems sooo OLD!!!! *tear* Where did time go??


I'm a very lucky woman to have him in my life. He truly is the most amazing husband anyone could ever ask for. I can honestly sit here and say that I married my best friend. We laugh almost constantly and when we do have a disagreement and some heated words.. we'll stop and then 5 minutes later we talk and act like nothing ever happened. He makes me feel loved, wanted and needed. He has stepped up and been the best dad to Kobe. The other day Kobe got in trouble and J took a toy from him. Well of course Kobe was upset and told J he was "the worst dad EVER" I was doing the dishes when this was all going on Kobe went to his room and slammed the door. I asked J what he said (to make sure I heard correctly) I stopped doing the dishes.. went into Kobe's room told him to come back to my bedroom cause we needed to talk.. He followed me to my room and sat on the bed and I explained to him how what he said was not acceptable and he needs to stop and think for a minute.. I explained how Jason has stepped in to be his dad and how he needs to remember ALL the things J does for him and how is biological "dad" isnt' even in his life.. basically just making him see the big picture. I told Kobe I thought he owed J an apology and then asked him if he thought he owed him and apology too? He was looking down and then looked at me with big ol crocodile tears in his eyes and shook his head yes. He told me he was embarrassed to tell him sorry.. I said well when you can get the courage then you need to do it. He came in the living room and laid on the floor by the chair J was sittin in and finally moved onto the couch and told J he was sorry for saying he was the worst dad .. It hurt MY feelings that Kobe said that.. Even though J said it didn't bother him. It did ME!

We even have the same views on parenting. In fact we have the same views on a lot of things. Religion, marriage, life, etc. We have the same goals for us. Which is nice. I feel I can't even express my love enough for this man. Even when I fold his laundry there is this feeling I can't even explain lol I tell him all the time I'm "crazy in love with him". He'll just smile and laugh.. not sure if he's blushing or thinks I'm crazy hahaha..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend rewind..

This weekend was a good and relaxing weekend. I love spendin time with my guys! Although I'm a horrible sister-in-law since I TOTALLY spaced Amy's babyshower :( I LOVE baby showers and was looking fwd to this.. about 4 I was in the bathroom and Jason knocked on the door and said "weren't you supposed to go to a baby shower" ugh why am I such a space cadet??

Jason and my cousin Luke went rabbit hunting today and came home with 5 rabbits that they had to skin and cut up.. so since I always have to take pictures I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics..

Right after this pic I got to see NASTY intestines.. Not what I was wanting to see.. lol They got 3 females and 2 males.. Kobe of course loved watching them skin the rabbits lol.

Jason promised Kobe that they could shoot his BB gun when he got back. He waited very patiently for Jason to get home.. in the meantime we made Volcanoes...

 2.5 hours later.. it was time to shoot the BB gun... I printed him some targets off the internet... he did a pretty good job and even shot the bulls eye 2 times!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2nd Grading Period..

Friday Kobe brought home his report card for the 2nd grading period.. it was pretty much a perfect report card. I am one happy Momma!!! Even though they aren't "letter grades" they are still awesome. How awesome is it to see "M" which means Mastery-Knowledge of 100% Standard. Last grading period he had one "P" which means Partial Mastery-Knowledge of 50%-99% of Standard.. he brought that up to the "M" this grading period.. Whoop whoop!! He's such a smart cookie!! To smart for his own good sometimes..
Kinda sad to think that Kindergarten is halfway over *tear*...

  The other day he brought home a paper that had things associated with January on it, such as Winter, Ice Skates, Martin Luther King Jr. etc.. his hand writing was SO neat I was telling him what a good job he did on his paper and he says "OH! Mom! See that guys name on there?" Me-"Yes, Martin Luther King Jr." Kobe-"Yeh he's coming to our school to talk to us." lol I explained to him that wasn't possible and why then we got into a big discussion about it.. He is such an interesting kiddo, he really is. He's been watching a show on TV called "Dino Dan" now he is all interested in Dinosaurs.. Which I'm kinda glad. I think every little boy needs dinosaurs in their life. Although Kobe wants them to be roaming the Earth again so he can be like Dino Dan. I love than Nick Jr. has a show on like this.. Kuddos Nick Jr.!  Even though Kobe is into the whole Dinosaur thing he has found a "new hobby" his Diego walkie talkie can pick up truckers. He thinks they are talking to him and he'll carry on a "conversation" with them. He claims that one guy called him a "chicken Nip" hahahaha Oh this kid beings me so much laughter and joy... he's the BEST!!!!