Saturday, January 21, 2012

Been awhile...

Kobe had been complaining of his tooth bothering him every time he would chew up food and demanded to go to the dentist.. I was hesitant to make that call because the dentist scares the crap outta ME and didn't want to put him through that. Even though he has been 2 times and was a pro at it.. no tears or nothing. So I finally made the appointment and they got him in pretty quick. He had 4 "cavities" which actually only 1 but then had 3 "buckles??" which are the start of cavities I assume.. so he had to get 4 shots and only made sound of "ahhh ahh ahh" then was fine lol but was a champ.. WAY better than his Momma woulda done.. The nurse gave him a mirror to watch his face because even though it felt funny she wanted him to know it wasn't changing his appearance lol. He was hilarious.. he kept having me feel his lips and saying "Doesn't it feel like a frog?" haha then when he would take sips of his water it was pour out of his mouth lol.. Dr. Deem said he was such a good patient and sooo proud of him.. Then the hygienist let him pick out several toys from the toy drawer for being such a great patient.. Made a momma proud how she was going on and on about how good he was..

Waitin to get started
 Getting his teeth clean
 Checking out the "frog in his lip" lol
 Getting his fillings
J-Bird had to go to the eye doctor this morning for an eye exam and had to get glasses.. He needs them for reading and driving.. He was a good boy there too :) but I didn't take any pictures of him lol

I cleaned out my cell phone pics and here are some that I thought I'd share lol
When you live in this small town this is how you hand out things at the local pharmacy LOL a stick with a basket on the end..
 Jason went with my dad to the bow (archery) shop and Kobe wasn't able to go so he wrote J-Bird this note lol ("You just broke my heart, Dad")
 Kobe was trying to sell his old bike hahahha
 I was showing J-Bird how much kool-aid I got at the store lol we are huge kool-aid fans LOL
 Finally broke down and bought these expensive things for Kobe lol.. needless to say they were well worth their money!
 Made homemade biscuits only had a heart shaped cutter lol
 my new "hooker" nail polish lol
 Daddy helping Kobe with his homework
 Kobe FINALLY let me patch his awful jeans since I found CAMO patches!


  1. Omg... those EXPENSIVE things?! I ate one last night before bed for a snack. There were about 7 or 8 left in the bag. I woke up this morning and there was only ONE left. Somebody woke up early this morning and helped herself to a whole butt load of expensive!! lol

  2. Oh, and silly!! You coulda used a drinking glass as your cutter of biscuits.

    And didn't you just give away some nail polish because it was all hookerish? lol

    My kiddo's jeans are all hole-y in the knees too. Drives me crazy!! She's a GIRL!

    Ok, I think I'm done now. Love you!!

  3. Love that Kobe tried to sell his old bike! What a little money maker lol