Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Saturday afternoon Olivia (my niece) had her first Basket ball game.. They call it "Bitty Ball" the kids are tiny lol I think there were some 3 yr olds out there even lol.. It is VERY comical.. Olivia scored a basket.. of course I missed seeing it because I was telling Kobe to sit still lol.. but she did such a good job... But if Aunt Annie had it my way she'd be in dance and gymnastics lol.. I'll cry if I have a tomboy lol.. My sister got her wish when she said she didn't want a fru fru girl lol..

Then Sunday my cousin and his wife had a co-ed Baby "Sprinkle" kinda like a baby shower but it was a sprinkle.. although it was basically like a shower :) I LOVE baby showers... especially for baby girls.. because I want a little girl sooo bad.. and I have baby fever like craaaaaazy!! I got her this cute little outfit.. it had a pink shirt that is longer with zebra print leggings.. She got alot of precious things for her shower..

 My Aunt got her this precious dress from the Gap.. I LOVED it!! I could tell Whitney did too.. Isn't she so stinkin cute!!!
Here are some more pics from the weekend..

Made these.. click here to check them out and get the recipe
 Made J-Bird and I some Amaretto Sours..
 J-Bird got his glasses.. isn't he so darn CUTE!
 This is how my son likes to look for things in the Laundry.. Yes he had to clean it up lol
 Big Lots.. has Crocs???? Since when?? I was shocked to see this... and look at that price... Bargain..

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