Saturday, January 7, 2012

2nd Grading Period..

Friday Kobe brought home his report card for the 2nd grading period.. it was pretty much a perfect report card. I am one happy Momma!!! Even though they aren't "letter grades" they are still awesome. How awesome is it to see "M" which means Mastery-Knowledge of 100% Standard. Last grading period he had one "P" which means Partial Mastery-Knowledge of 50%-99% of Standard.. he brought that up to the "M" this grading period.. Whoop whoop!! He's such a smart cookie!! To smart for his own good sometimes..
Kinda sad to think that Kindergarten is halfway over *tear*...

  The other day he brought home a paper that had things associated with January on it, such as Winter, Ice Skates, Martin Luther King Jr. etc.. his hand writing was SO neat I was telling him what a good job he did on his paper and he says "OH! Mom! See that guys name on there?" Me-"Yes, Martin Luther King Jr." Kobe-"Yeh he's coming to our school to talk to us." lol I explained to him that wasn't possible and why then we got into a big discussion about it.. He is such an interesting kiddo, he really is. He's been watching a show on TV called "Dino Dan" now he is all interested in Dinosaurs.. Which I'm kinda glad. I think every little boy needs dinosaurs in their life. Although Kobe wants them to be roaming the Earth again so he can be like Dino Dan. I love than Nick Jr. has a show on like this.. Kuddos Nick Jr.!  Even though Kobe is into the whole Dinosaur thing he has found a "new hobby" his Diego walkie talkie can pick up truckers. He thinks they are talking to him and he'll carry on a "conversation" with them. He claims that one guy called him a "chicken Nip" hahahaha Oh this kid beings me so much laughter and joy... he's the BEST!!!!


  1. Way to go Kobe! and Mommy of course :) Kobe should totally be on that show kids say the funniest things. It would be so awesome if the truckers could hear him hahaha

  2. Isabelle is also into Dino Dan...It is a very cute so and extremely educational which make mom happy :)