Thursday, January 7, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye 2009! It was a good year!!

**2009 Was such a good year!**
Here are a few pics from over the year!!



Kobe turned 3!!

Miss Olivia Turned 3!


Easter Bunny came to visit!


We celebrated My Aunt Denise and Uncle Tom's 25th Wedding Anniv.

We spent alot of our time here at the Water Park in Petersburg!

Kobe's first Pedal Tractor Pull at the county Fair!!

Took a mini vacation to French Lick

Me and Kobe watching Fireworks on the 4th of July!

Kobe's first time playing "putt putt Golf"


Trip to the Zoo!


Camping Trip!!

Children's Museum!


2nd Place in the Tricycle Race!




HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Welcome 2010!!!

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I think its kinda fun to type 2010 LOL!! I know it doesn't take much to entertain me LOL!

New Year's Eve we had a little shindig at my parent's like we do every year... We ate finger foods and sat around and talked and watched the kids play... This year I bought the kids party hats, sparkling Grape Juice and Wine glasses to drink with... They thought that was sooooo cool LOL... Kobe kept asking.. "is this beer?" hahaha noooo Kobe its Grape juice... LOL

Here are some pics! Enjoy!

My Laptop *cry*

The other night Me and Kobe were watching TV in my bed and I was on my laptop browsing the net. Kobe decided he had to potty so he got off the bed and went to do his duties and when he was getting back in bed he climbed in on my side and did a roll thingy and tapped my laptop with his foot (not hard at all) and I watched my laptop screen crack and go fuzzy right before my very eyes!!... I shut it off and hoped it was something that could be fixed as it just needed to be restarted... NOOOOOPE! Sure wasn't :o( UGH that's my baby... if u know me the Internet is my hobby I do LOTS of things on the net... So here I am now on my very.. VERY.. slow desktop that is actually Kobe's (since I got my laptop).. I've had this thing since 2002 but hey its better than nothing right?!

Christmas Time!

What a wonderful Christmas we had. Even tho we didn't get to go see Santa and sit on his lap this year, Santa still found our house! Thanks to Jack our friendly little elf!

According to Kobe his Christmas was "PERFECT"! Which makes a mommy's heart feel soo good!

Here are some pics::

Kobe's first Christmas present to start of the holiday was a "wonderful" gift of Strep Throat and Bronchitis

Making Christmas Cookies!!Leaving Santa some cookies and Milk and Apples for the Reindeer!!Christmas Morning!!

And Christmas Eve at Mamaw and Papaws (my Parents):