Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hmmm its been awhile!

First I have some BIG NEWS!!! Kobe has started pooping in the potty!! WoooHooo!! I seriously about started crying! I cheered, clapped, thanked God... he was excited because I was sooo excited.. This HUGE! LOL... Hes done sooo good... minus this past Saturday when he couldn't even cough with out going... due to the antibiotic he is on for Strep Throat... Kobe calls it "Die-E-dara" lol...

I still have no car and I'm about to go insane... Its going to cost any where from 1200-35o0 to fix it. I can't even run to the Grocery store when I need to which is very annoying... So if anyone knows of a cheap car or of someone who wants to give a car away let me know LOL

Hasn't the weather been nice??? Although what happen to "spring"? I mean it was almost HOT the other day!! It was 87 in my house! I refuse to turn the air conditioning on though... But I wont complain because the sun is wonderful!!

I'm having "Baby Fever" really bad... Everyone is having babies and I want another... its gonna be ALONG time before that happens tho LOL...

Well hopefully this rain wont last long and we will be able to play outside again!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We had such a WONDERFUL Easter!!

We had such a wonderful Easter! We woke up at 8AM headed down stairs to see what the Easter bunny had left...So while Kobe was in the potty I hurried down stairs and yelled up to Kobe..."Hey Kobe, Someones been here! He left you presents". I hear the potty flush and pitter patter of feet running to the stairs. SO down he came!! Here are some pics!

So after Kobe went through his Easter Basket, We headed back up stairs and got ready for Church. UGH... I was so nervous the whole time while getting ready. All I could think of was Kobe not sittin still because he is a typical 3 yr old. He likes to be nosey, loud, and not sit still until he falls asleep at night lol. And he doesn't like to listen to his mommy all the time either LOL. So we get to Church and he's greeted by all the people in the door way! He sticks out his hand and shakes every little old man's hand that was standing around! It was cute! So we spot Jacob, Whitney Grandpa and Ashtin and we head over to sit with them. Well he was fascinated with Grandma playing the piano and then when Kevin started the guitar and Adam started the drums he was in awe! He loves Music. Then he got invited to go up front and ring a bell with the other children. He went right up there with not hesitation and rang his bell... he had help from the preachers wife though. But I was so proud of him. Then when it was time for the children to go upstairs he went right up with Rachel and Mary Beth. He made a "Esus" picture and everything LOL... and when we said prayer he bowed his head and put his hands together and when we said Amen so did he! I was very pleased.

We had a good rest of the day. We headed out to my Aunt Denise's house where we had lunch and if ur like my family u stay late enough to eat round 2 and then you eat dinner also! It was just such a good day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Its been awhile!

Well this weather has been a downer! I hate rain!! Yes I know "April Showers, Bring May Flowers!" Well its only April 11th and I'm SICK of rain lol...

I am however soooo looking forward to this weekend!! I Can't wait to spend it with my family! Our family is pretty much back to the way it used to be. We had a rough past few years with some feuds and what not. Everything is cleared up and going smoothly again. I know this has lifted so much stress off my grandparents! No one wants to see their kids fighting and having disagreements! So I am very thankful to have my family back together at a family functions.

I am going to attempt to take Kobe to Church Sunday. My Grandma is always wanting us to come. I'm just so uneasy about taking Kobe who is a very active, always on the go, nosey little boy. But I'm going to try my hardest to take him. I'm sure if he knew it was a place to do with "Esus" (refer to my blog "Dear Esus") He'll be fine... He hasn't been to church since he was in an infant carried... Oh that's awful! But I wasn't raised in a family who went to Church and neither were my parents. I would however like to Change that for Kobe. I do talk to Kobe about Jesus and he says his prayers every night. Which personally I don't see why you have to go to Church to worship. I mean as long as you believe in him and accept him then what does it matter what building you in when you do it? I mean if that was the case my Grandparents church is in their fellowship Hall do to weather damage a couple years ago. Its just an old metal sided building. I seriously am curious about that so if anyone would like to tell me I would love to know why.

As for another subject. My heart is breaking. I feel as if my son has been forgotten. Okay here is the story. Kobe's "father" aka (I use that word loosely) my ex husband(Tim). Left us on Dec 28th 2007 and moved out to Washington State. Our Divorce was final March 2008. When Tim Left he did us wrong in soo many ways. Me and Kobe had to move in with my grandparents in this little tiny room which was so stressful and we weren't happy cramped back there. But at least we had a place to stay. Then it all started. He wrote himself a $100 Check from our account and waited to cash it until he was in another town which I had just paid bills so there wasn't enough to cover that check which came in before all the other little tiny Checks did so My Checking account over drew and was -$365. Then I get a letter in the mail from Kobe's doctor's office saying due to non payment we were no longer able to receive care from them. So we had to find a different doctor thanks to him not paying that. So from Dec 28th 2007 - Jan 25th 2009 Tim didn't see Kobe and called maybe 6 times. He moved back on Jan 25th 2009 and saw Kobe twice. On the 28th of this month it will be 2 WHOLE months since he's seen him. He's called once ONLY because I messaged him on Myspace and asked him to... well it was more of me telling him to. I have tried emailing him numerous times and I get nothing in return. He reads them because it tells me when ppl read their email. THEN I find out today that he gets his other son. So why not Kobe!?!?!?!?!?! Why treat my son this way? I just don't get it. It isn't fair to Kobe. So please say a prayer for Kobe and I.

To end with a happier subject. Me and my Lamont are back together and doing really good. Long distance relationships are hard and challenging but we are trying our hardest to make it work this time. He truly is an amazing man and treats me good. Kobe really likes him that's a HUGE plus right there! Trust me if Kobe didn't like him I wouldn't be with him. I will NEVER choose a man over my son ANY DAY! Well I'm off to bed. I think We are going to bypass the Easter Egg Hunt in the morning because I'm sure it will be a muddy mess!! Good night and have a Happy Easter!!

Kobe found this outside this morning. Never in my almost 26 years have I ever seen one in real life! I thought it was pretty cool! And Kobe Loved it!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Wonderful Weekend!

We had such a good weekend! We went to the Pet Store here in town and I fell in love with this!!
Isn't it the CUTEST!!! OMG If I have $499 I would have bought it for sure!

Amanda and Olivia Fell in love with this lil girl!! Chihuahua She was precious!

Enjoying the WONDERFUL Weather on Saturday!

Eating at El Mazatlan

HAHAHA It took us like 30 minutes to get him on the Easter Bunny's lap!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm such a JUNKIE! and much much more!

Internet Junkie that is lol.... I'm seriously addicted to the Internet! I just signed up for Twitter like 10 minutes ago ( http://twitter.com/andrea_1216 ) for all of you on Twitter... What a silly name and pointless website... LOL but of course I'm a member LOL because all the "cool kids" are doing it LOL.

I do sooo much on the Internet I seriously LOVE it... it is my biggest Hobby... I mean I'm not addicted to where I don't do anything else lol... but in my free time I get on the Internet. I'm a member of CafeMom Where I'm the group owner on there for Moms of Jan, Feb, Mar 2006 Babies. A member of , Myspace , Facebook, Blogger, Kobe's Baby Site, and I'm a YouTube Junkie also LOL.

I seriously find the Internet as my "stress reliever" and my life link LOL... I talk to alot of people via the Internet... I think its a great way to keep in touch with people. I signed my mom up for FaceBook and she has found some people she went to school with and I can talk to my cousins in Rhode Island, Arizona, Corydon and other towns. Its nice to be able to talk to them and see how they are doing instead of waiting for a holiday and hoping we are all going to be there to see each other.

Well my week is over ... my weekend starts well now I guess since it is 2:30 AM Yes I'm a night owl... But when Kobe goes to bed its "Mommy Time" and I enjoy the peace and quiet! I love my son to death and wouldn't trade him for the world but man that little boy talks and talks from the time he wakes up in the mornings until he falls asleep at night and he doesn't stop for even one minute LOL. Which we ALL know where he gets it from... yes, ME! I'm guilty LOL I love to talk too LOL...And my son doesn't meet a stranger! He loves for ppl to talk to him and honestly it scares me to DEATH! He'd probably go with anyone... We are working on "Strangers" but when I told him about "bad guys" he started not wanting to sleep in his own room.... Oh boy! Parenting is defiantly a challenge... But also rewarding... But being a single parent is tough but I cherish every single bit of it!!! I Love my son more than life its self! Even tho he can be a stinker and talk ur ear off or try u til ur on the verge of pulling ur hair out... he truly is the BEST!! At least in THIS mommy's eyes! Children are WONDERFUL!!! And Mad Props to Me and Jess and other single moms out there with deadbeat dads!! WE ROCK!!! HAHAHA! Ok I think Im delirious LOL

NIGHT ALL!!! Love You ALL!