Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We had such a WONDERFUL Easter!!

We had such a wonderful Easter! We woke up at 8AM headed down stairs to see what the Easter bunny had left...So while Kobe was in the potty I hurried down stairs and yelled up to Kobe..."Hey Kobe, Someones been here! He left you presents". I hear the potty flush and pitter patter of feet running to the stairs. SO down he came!! Here are some pics!

So after Kobe went through his Easter Basket, We headed back up stairs and got ready for Church. UGH... I was so nervous the whole time while getting ready. All I could think of was Kobe not sittin still because he is a typical 3 yr old. He likes to be nosey, loud, and not sit still until he falls asleep at night lol. And he doesn't like to listen to his mommy all the time either LOL. So we get to Church and he's greeted by all the people in the door way! He sticks out his hand and shakes every little old man's hand that was standing around! It was cute! So we spot Jacob, Whitney Grandpa and Ashtin and we head over to sit with them. Well he was fascinated with Grandma playing the piano and then when Kevin started the guitar and Adam started the drums he was in awe! He loves Music. Then he got invited to go up front and ring a bell with the other children. He went right up there with not hesitation and rang his bell... he had help from the preachers wife though. But I was so proud of him. Then when it was time for the children to go upstairs he went right up with Rachel and Mary Beth. He made a "Esus" picture and everything LOL... and when we said prayer he bowed his head and put his hands together and when we said Amen so did he! I was very pleased.

We had a good rest of the day. We headed out to my Aunt Denise's house where we had lunch and if ur like my family u stay late enough to eat round 2 and then you eat dinner also! It was just such a good day!


  1. Glad to hear you had a good Easter! Your house looks really nice in the pictures!
    We go to Southwind Wesleyan every now and then with Steve. It's not our home church, but we just love it there. They do such a good job of keeping the little ones interested with the music and message until it's time for children's church. I'm glad Kobe did well!

  2. Very cool! Easter is especially special for kids around Kobe's age. Looks like he had fun!

  3. no mention of your stud of a driver to church, or anything! :(

  4. Oh my goodness...Look how big Kobe is getting. It's funny because he kinda resembles his aunt Amanda. Have you heard that before? Anyway, he is adorable and I love your new blog, especially your quote at the top!

  5. hello andrea....i actually use a canon eos rebel xsi. clay got it for me for christmas, and i've totally became a different picture taker with it. it's a bit pricey, but extremely worth it. i don't have to take cohen to a professional photographer as often!