Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hmmm its been awhile!

First I have some BIG NEWS!!! Kobe has started pooping in the potty!! WoooHooo!! I seriously about started crying! I cheered, clapped, thanked God... he was excited because I was sooo excited.. This HUGE! LOL... Hes done sooo good... minus this past Saturday when he couldn't even cough with out going... due to the antibiotic he is on for Strep Throat... Kobe calls it "Die-E-dara" lol...

I still have no car and I'm about to go insane... Its going to cost any where from 1200-35o0 to fix it. I can't even run to the Grocery store when I need to which is very annoying... So if anyone knows of a cheap car or of someone who wants to give a car away let me know LOL

Hasn't the weather been nice??? Although what happen to "spring"? I mean it was almost HOT the other day!! It was 87 in my house! I refuse to turn the air conditioning on though... But I wont complain because the sun is wonderful!!

I'm having "Baby Fever" really bad... Everyone is having babies and I want another... its gonna be ALONG time before that happens tho LOL...

Well hopefully this rain wont last long and we will be able to play outside again!

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  1. I want a baby TOO!!!!!! It STINKS lol.