Saturday, September 17, 2016

Time is moving on...

Do you ever feel like life is just moving too fast? I sure do. It seems like days go by so quickly... I can't believe its been almost 2 months since I blogged! I have good intentions to blog on the regular, but who am I kidding? That NEVER happens.  So here is whats been going on...

 Jason and I went on a date.. this is a rare occasion.. and it wasn't anything fancy and anything that could have gone wrong did, But we laughed and had a good time...

Kobe and I ended our summer with a fun time at Rainbow Beach

Kobe was doing flips off the diving board..

School started on Aug 4th this year!

We got a truck load of sweet corn and we froze it.

I turned 33.. blah.. doesn't that sound so old??

My parents got me a Happy Planner

This dog showed up at our house and we brought her in until we found her owner. The owner never came forth so we set her free to try and find her way home.

Jason made me a bday cake

Mom and I went to Whittney and Eric's wedding...

Our canning corner

Tried a new recipe.. it was a hit

Made spaghetti with our homemade spag sauce we made

Kobe is starting off the school year just right :)

Kobe made Student Council

Celebrated Dad's bday... by the way he's doing great and back to work

Went to the Turkey Trot.. Saw Blackhawk Friday night and Mark Chestnut Saturday night
 Kobe rode all the rides.. even the scary ones..

Saturday morning we had to get Kobe fitted for his air brace and he couldn't play in his first soccer game but we still went to cheer the team on..

We finally got around to fixing our walls from where our septic backed up and ruined the walls in the bathroom and hallway


Kobe's 5th Grade School pics came back yesterday then there's mine.. UGH I hate them so much.

So that's whats been going on... it wouldn't be a blog with out me saying I'm not going to wait so long to blog again but we all know how that goes!!