Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 10th-October 20th

Soooo.. I finally got some new tennis shows.. if you truly know me, you know I HATE shoes and socks.. But there is this thing called winter that makes me have to wear them. Aren't they cute though?? I love them. I just wish they would hurry and get "broke-in" because they kills my ankle bone in the back. They come up to high or something.. 

Also got a new purse!! I've been wanting a Michael Kors purse forever.. I finally got one :)

On Saturday the 10th my guys and I headed to Jasper to eat and shop around..
We ate at Fazoli's  and then went to Rural King and Dollar Tree..

Kobe got a new bike with the money when he sold his dirt bike

Sunday we went with Jason to clean out his parents Chimney

My awesome neighbor made us cinnamon rolls the other morning for breakfast..

I love getting Ipsy bags... Here is my newest one..

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Aug, Sept and some Oct

So I started my job after waiting FOREVER to get my background check back. I love it! So far so good! It took me awhile to get adjusted but I finally did.

So I celebrated my 32nd birthday on the 12th of August..

 I got Flowers from Khelaria
 Jason and Kobe got me a cake and silicon straws for my Tervis and my favorite candy.. It doesn't take much to make me happy..

 Jason did good picking my cake out
 My parents got me a Selfie Stick lol I've always wanted one.. and barely use it. I thought it would be great in Florida but I only used it once lol
 As always went to El Mazatlan for my birthday dinner!
 Jason's HUGE burrito
 Oh and here is my desk at work lol ( I saw this on my camera roll so thought I'd throw it in there)

We got (new to us) furniture

  Celebrated my Dad's birthday on Sept 7th.. we went to Ponderosa then back to my parents to have cake.. I made him a German chocolate cake..

This is his YETI cup mom got him..

 Grandpa getting the truck ready for our trip to Florida

 The boys pack in and ready to head out
 This was AFTER being awake for almost 24 hours

 Our view from our Condo
 This was taken with my selfie stick LOL

 Kobe tried raw oysters, fried oysters, crab leg (which he already loved) fried crab leg, scallops, clam, shrimp.. its safe to say he is a sea food lover..
 His half shell he ate the oyster from

 Our frozen drinks from Margaritaville (yes they are virgin lol)

 Kobe parasailing with Lucas and Brittany
 Kobe watching Luke get his new tattoo
 lol this was a picture Kobe and I send mom at walmart in FL. With the caption "Have we been gone too long?"
 Kobe and his cousins having a race with their hermit crabs lol
 my cute cup

Oh and my husband adopted 24 kids.. lol sadly he adopted them to kill them in a few months lol
 So yeah we will be having chicken in our deep freeze soon.. But aren't they cute right now?

After we got back from FL we made it home in time for the homecoming parade and the car cruiz.. the homecoming parade was good.. the HS floats were all awesome...

Noah got to go with us to the car cruiz. Mom, Dad Jason Kobe Noah and I headed up to Main street.. the cars FLEW by very fast this year though.. I was kinda bummed.. But Kobe and Noah loved it..

After that Jason, Kobe and I went to Taco Bell and took it out to the country by the lake and ate it.. it was really nice

Jason put ceiling fans in the kitchen

I got my Bridesmaid dress for Adam's wedding.. I love it. Its a little big and of course long but after alterations it will be great! It looks purple-y but it's not its Colt's Blue

Here are the ugly chickens today.. arent they UGLY!

Well thats about it.. until next time..

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