Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blessed.. yeh that sums it up!

Wednesday night we decided to put up our tree since our normal day would be occupied this year with the Circus!! 

Thanksgiving Day we went to my Dad's Cousin's house where we had the most yummy food and desserts..

Thursday night my sister, mom and I went out toWal-mart for "Black Friday" This was Mom's first Black Friday experience.. Amanda and I told mom to stand in one spot with the cart and we would "go get" needless to say Mom did not like the whole Black Friday bit and looks like we'll have to find us a new cart watcher next year lol.. I got a good start on Kobe's Christmas but not near done.. there are just a few things I have left to get..

Friday Mom, Amanda and the kids went to the Circus.. Kobe was more excited that we got to drive on I-69 lol First time since its opened.. it took 35 minutes to the first eville exit.. That was going the posted speed limit lol. It usually takes a good hour or more. The drive home was very nice..

Our back seat hooligans lol

Waiting on the Circus to start

Its starting!!

If you look carefully you can see a motor cross guy in mid-air on his dirt bike! This was the BEST part of the circus!

After the Circus we didn't let the fun stop lol we took the kids to Gatti Town. It was more fun than Chuck E Cheese! I loved it.. it was Kobe and my first time going and we'll go back again someday...
 You get to sit and watch TV while you eat...

After we got back in town.. before Kobe and I headed home we went through our pretty park.. it was a good ending to our awesome day!

Aren't we CUTE lol
I had to share this pic because I love these two so much!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Interstate 69 opened finally Monday Nov, 19th. I think its cool that I got to witness this before it was even built, while it was being built and now full blown in use. We plan to take it down to Evansville Friday to the Circus. I hate that homes, farms, land etc. Were destroyed in order for this but I think its a good thing. I just hope we aren't a forgotten town like the one in the Pixar's movie Cars lol the one lightening McQUEEN gets lost at lol..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Movie and Pizza night

Saturday night is becoming "movie night" in our house. Since we still don't have tv. We are watching our own movies but on Saturdays we go to RedBox and rent movies. 1. For Kobe. 2. For all as a family and 3. For Jason and I after Kobe's in bed.

Jason was hunting so Kobe and I went to JayC to get frozen pizzas, pop, and sweets. We hardly ever buy pop for home but something bout pop and pizza go together lol. We also picked up a brownie mix and stuff to make chocolate chip cookies.

Kobe was such a big helper making the sweet treats... While they were baking we watched his movie "The 12 Dogs if Christmas" (soooo stinkin corny and we both lost interest lol)  so after J-bird got home we fixed the pizzas and popped in our family movie "The Amazing Spiderman" we all LOVED this movie. It was so good. Of course it took forever for Kobe to settle down and get/stay in bed because he was in such a rush from the movie, maybe the sweets, or both. But he was acting like Spiderman lol. He's so fun to watch though. I love his imagination. After he finally went to bed Jason and I popped popcorn and snuggled under a blanket watching our very funny movie... "Medea's Witness Protection" it was so funny we loved it. We had a great night..

Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm so behind on blogging... As always. Still without cable/internet so this is a phone post.. bear with me lol..

We had a great Halloween. Kobe was a vampire this year. He was the cutest vampire ever lol. Sunday the 28th we went to our city park and did "Trunk or Treat" that a local church puts on. Then Halloween night both my sister and I were husband-less so we got together and took the kids to family. This year they could get out and walk up to doors alone.. yay lol. After that we headed to our local Sheriff's Station.. they hand out candy there.. and always give out a small pumpkin. We then headed to my parents. We parked there and walked their neighbor hood (my childhood neighborhood). Kobe had a great time. We love Halloween!!