Sunday, April 19, 2015

Guess what I'm doing?!

if you guessed *Playing catch up* you are RIGHT!!! So here goes!

Kobe made pancakes

Noah has upgraded from High Chair to booster seat

We played some PIG and HORSE

Jason has found a new Hobby

Dad fell asleep or passed out at the wheel and wrecked the car

lol hope he's comfy

Soccer season has begun!

Olivia turned 9!

My cousin Davey and his gf Wendy welcomed Jackson David into the world

Kobe stopped in the store to pick these up with out being told..

Colored Easter Eggs

Mom and I took the kids to the Harlem Wizards game.. the kids had VIP passes and got to sit courtside and do a meet and greet

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I wouldn't change him for the World

When did society change? What happen to it being ok for little boys to be ...little boys? Here lately I have seen people get on or say something about little boys acting like... little boys. I don't get it. When did playing in mud puddles, digging for worms, building forts out of junk laying around your house etc. etc.  become NOT ok for little boys to do? I mean I get there's a time for it and Sunday morning before church in your good church clothes is NOT the time. I also get there are other concerns like safety and whatnot. I just don't how some people think little boys playing like this isn't how kids should act which brings me to something that made me VERY mad. Kobe came inside from playing with friends the other day and as we were eating dinner he said, "Mom, So and So's Mom told him not to ever act like me. I don't get why she said that, All I was doing was trying to get bugs with my bug zapper." I was like "Whaaaat?" He said "Yeh, I was getting bugs with my zapper and she says to so and so, 'NEVER ACT LIKE THAT'." I said well were you acting crazy or something? He said No.  I wasn't doing anything but zapping bugs. The sound in his voice and look on his face I could tell he had his feelings hurt. My feelings were hurt. I wanted to walk over there and give her a piece of my mind but I choose not too.. I asked if he had said anything after she said it and he said no I wasn't supposed to hear it but she was loud and I did hear it. This happened earlier in the week and I'm still not okay with it and can't shake it off.. I guess thats the momma bear coming out in me. as for her "never act like him" bullshit I just wanna say you'd be lucky for your kid to act like mine lady! My child may be rambunctious at times and hard headed but he has the biggest heart and is the most caring kid you'll ever meet. His love for God is awesome. He is a straight A student who excels in school. He just got to have a pizza party at school with 4 other kids because they were top readers in his class My 3rd grader is reading at an almost 6 grade level(5.9). He also can do simple Algebra that some Jr High kids can't do. He is an OUTSTANDING soccer player. He would rather be outside playing than inside on an electronic device, He puts candy back at the store to get Cherry tomatoes instead.. I could go on and on and on about him.. if you don't want your child to act like mine than that's sad. I feel sorry for peoples children  who have to sit and act perfect all the time. I'm sure thats not too fun... If you for one second think "wow, she's totally bragging on her son" you are DAMN RIGHT I AM!!! I am proud to be this childs mom. He makes me proud daily!!!