Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was awesome as usual.. We went camping with the whole family. We tent camp and its really not that bad but Jason and I have decided we want a camper... so we'll be on the look out for a cheap(haha) camper.. The weather was PERFECT! It rained once when we were out around the fire but only for about 5-10 minutes but that didn't stop us.
Poor Kobe had a few episodes with night terrors.. he had at least one a night.. I hate watching him have those. his throat seems to be doing good. He's been off meds since Friday. He's eating solid foods. Last night he ate a whole grilled porkchop that I cut up and hashbrown casserole with no problem. He's doing great other than his breath that could kill a person. Although now he is having headaches? He had one Monday morning when he woke up and then another Monday night he had another today.. so I'm not sure whats going on there. We go see his Dr. Friday for a check up so I'm going to talk to her about his headaches and his night terrors. We don't see his ENT doctor for a follow up until June 20th. But they did call to check on him and ask if he needed more pain meds which he didn't.. He's a little trooper!
This year the camp ground had activities for the kids. The first night they had a parade. They all decorated themselves and their bikes and had a parade..

Saturday night we had our annual fish fry.. Dad, Jason and I battered 15+ pounds of fish. Plus homemade onion rings. We had a lot of ppl out this year. All of us, my grandparents, friends and even Adam's new girlfriend's family came out for the fish fry. It was a good old time with cornhole, music, laughing and lots of fun. Now that I total it up there were 22 ppl there. Thats a lot of ppl to have around a fire at the camp ground lol.
Uncle Josh found a turtle that was a hit with the whole camp ground
Kobe, Jason and I snuck away Sunday evening and had some time to ourselves.. we went and sat by the lake and Kobe caught minnows while Jason and I sat and talked which was nice because he had been out of town for work and we missed each other.. We aren't used to time away and we don't like it lol. He tried to teach me how to skip rocks across the lake but that didn't work well for me.
Even though we spent all weekend around a fire.. I'm ready for the next fire with friends and family..

Monday, May 20, 2013


(Before Surgery)

Friday May 17th Kobe had his tonsils, adenoids removed and his uvula (hangy ball in the back of your throat) trimmed. We had to be there by 8:30am to get registered. It was an outpatient surgery. I was kinda hoping he would be admitted only because he woulda been under nurses care. I was scared and nervous. He was scared and Nervous. The surgery went smooth. The recovery time at the hospital was rough. He got sick and was dry heaving so the nurse gave him anti nausea meds which made him SO tired and groggy. He couldn't even open his eyes. He was a little comical though. When the blood pressure machine would beep he raised his hand. I'm not sure if he thought he was having his hearing tested like they do at school or what he was thinking lol. It was hard to get him to drink anything. He got a glass of apple juice and had to drink so much before he could leave. It took him awhile but finally he got most of it down and we were able to leave. He had no restrictions, was told to eat soft foods and drink LOTS of fluids to prevent dehydration... We finally get home about 4pm, Kobe wants to go outside and play?! I'm thinking *no you need to rest, you had surgery* he crys and crys so I text his surgical nurse, tell her he's wanting to go outside. She assures me its fine for him to go outside. So out he goes.. riding his bike, playing basketball, kicking the soccer ball.. I felt like I was doing something wrong.. Like he should be inside on the couch being baby-ed by his mommy.. Nope not this kid. Doesn't surprise me one bit though.
(Teddy got his surgery gear on)
(After surgery)
The first night(surgery night) Kobe fell asleep on the couch. I had decided I was going to sleep with him in his room so I could wake him up every 3-4 hours and give him his meds and drinks of water. I was getting things ready in his room when I heard him crying then it lead to screaming and him litterally running around the livingroom mumbling things I couldn't understand. I finally got him calmed down enough to take his pain meds and drink some water and got him in his bed. As soon as his head hit his pillow he was out. 3-4 hours later I had to wake him up for more meds and water.. he fought the meds alittle because he was half asleep and its such a nasty tasting medication, but it wasn't that bad and went back to sleep. At his 4:00am meds he was up and couldn't go back to sleep so he stayed up. Was fine the rest of the day. Played outside, rode his bike.. spent the night with Mamaw that 2nd night. He had another hysterical crying moment when he spent the night with my mom. But the other med times were good she said.
Sunday- Played outside.. acted fine all day. His throat was alittle more sore which was what we expected. They said days 3-7 were some of the worse. Last night (Sunday night) was horrible. I was just getting ready to get in bed and I hear Kobe screaming.. these chilling/bloody murder screams. It gave me chills. He was having a night terror. I get up to get to him as fast as I can and stumbling to turn lights on in the dark and find him standing by our piano in the pitch dark screaming "I'm going to die".. "help me".. "I'm panicking" He is asleep I can't talk to him because he can't hear that Im there. I try to grab his arm to walk him to his room and he takes off running.. saying "Don't touch me I can't breathe" By this time I'm hysterical.. because its so hard to watch your child have night terrors. He had them when he was younger. I finally got him back to his bed and as soon as his head hit his pillow he was out of it. After I sat up and bawled for over an hour at 1:20am I finally felt like I could sleep again.. I had just dozed off  and at 1:40 we had another episode.. same thing.. this time he wanted Jason... crying for Jason.. although it was because he couldn't find Jason in the dream he was having. I don't know if its because Jason wasn't there during the surgery or its because Jason's been working lots of hours? Idk. I finally got him to take Advil and drink some water and got him back to bed. I got in bed with him because I thought he may sleep better.. he kicked, cried out and mumbled all night..
Monday- This morning (7ish) I was in the shower.. I had just shut the water off and stepped out to dry off and I hear him crying.. not those horrifying cries but a good solid cry.. once again he's not awake.. its time for meds again and he is finally saying his throat hurts bad. I get him some ice water and more Advil I go to rinse out the medicine cup and turn around to talk to him and hes gone. I go look for him and he's back in bed sound asleep like he didn't even come in the other part of the house a few seconds ago. He was out cold too.. I even moved his bed with him on it too find his other flip flop. He didn't even move a muscle.  I finally get him awake and we head into town for the day..he ate some biscuit-less (lol) biscuits and gravy from Hardee's and part of a chocolate milk shake.. But now we have THIS going on with his tounge...
Dr. Moss's office called to check on him today and I told her about this. The nurse said his throat is supposed to look like that but not his tongue and that she would tell Dr. Moss and see what he says.. but  haven't heard anything back from him yet.. so we'll see.. it doesn't seem to bother in but it looks gross and he says it feels "soft" I thought it was thrush but idk.. He's acting fine and playing.. being the hard headed little Kobe that he is. He is complaining more of his throat hurting.. and moves his neck weird I'm guessing cause his throat hurts.. We shall see what today brings and the days to come...
(From Mommy and Daddy )

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nervous Nelly

First off I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Breakfast in bed which was an assortment of doughnuts lol It was sweet and thoughtful.. Kobe got me a bouquet of beautiful flowers and Jason got me a hanging basket of petunias!

We had a cook out at my Sister's house. SHE had the bright idea of letting the guys plan/cook.. We ended up with a fish fry instead of a cookout. THAT is why we don't let men do the planning lol. It was nice though because it was family time.

We always have a good time when we are all together!

So Kobe's having surgery on Friday.. I'm so nervous. He's nervous. His doctor, the ENT Doctor and I think this is what is best for Kobe. He snores and has bad breath. So they are removing his tonsils, adenoids and trimming his uvula (hangy ball thing). This makes me cringe just thinking about that. But I'm sure the Dr. knows what he's doing. Since the surgery is this Friday he'll miss the last week of school and his last soccer game which bums us out.. Praying that this surgery and recovery goes as best as it can..

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lots of things going on..

Soccer is still going.. Kobe (excuse me while I brag) is awesome. He knows how to play the field and gets the ball up the field.. He's scoring goals and playing awesome defense. I love watching him play!

Mom and I took the kids to the Harlem Wizards one night thanks to my sister and brother in law. They bought tickets for us all to go! The kids had a blast! It was more like a dance party than a basketball game lol..

We adopted a dog... for 6 days .. Sadly to say she went back. She is the SWEETEST dog but she didnt work for our house or family. She was busting through kennel doors, chewing tie-outs in half and LOTS of damage to our belongings .. I'm talking wall hangings, things on shelves, things on counter tops etc..

This was on TOP of the piano
 got into the trash can
This was on a shelf probably 6 ft up the wall
It wasn't safe for her to be at our house so she got taken back so she could have a fair chance of having an awesome home to run and enjoy
We celebrated Mom's 55th birthday with a weenie roast at Amanda and Josh's

 papaw let Kobe ride his four-wheeler. I was a nervous Momma!
We got our garden plowed and planted
We FINALLY got our septic system fixed!
Kobe lost his first TOOTH yesterday 4/30/2013