Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lots of things going on..

Soccer is still going.. Kobe (excuse me while I brag) is awesome. He knows how to play the field and gets the ball up the field.. He's scoring goals and playing awesome defense. I love watching him play!

Mom and I took the kids to the Harlem Wizards one night thanks to my sister and brother in law. They bought tickets for us all to go! The kids had a blast! It was more like a dance party than a basketball game lol..

We adopted a dog... for 6 days .. Sadly to say she went back. She is the SWEETEST dog but she didnt work for our house or family. She was busting through kennel doors, chewing tie-outs in half and LOTS of damage to our belongings .. I'm talking wall hangings, things on shelves, things on counter tops etc..

This was on TOP of the piano
 got into the trash can
This was on a shelf probably 6 ft up the wall
It wasn't safe for her to be at our house so she got taken back so she could have a fair chance of having an awesome home to run and enjoy
We celebrated Mom's 55th birthday with a weenie roast at Amanda and Josh's

 papaw let Kobe ride his four-wheeler. I was a nervous Momma!
We got our garden plowed and planted
We FINALLY got our septic system fixed!
Kobe lost his first TOOTH yesterday 4/30/2013

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