Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Vacation is coming to an end...

I can't believe we are coming to the end of Summer vacation. Schools starts August 3rd this year and it's creeping up on us very fast. Mom, Kobe and I went school clothes shopping last weekend for Kobe and found some awesome deals. Now we just need to get his school supplies and shoes then he'll be all set.

This summer has flown by but I'd say we had a pretty good summer! Here are a few things we did this summer...

I've been babysitting this summer for my cousin's girlfriend's kiddo and niece... Roxy loves having more kids around

 We've had picnics
played at parks

 Went to splash parks

 Kobe had to get his shots for 6th grade


We've done some swimming.

 Kobe got to go to the City Pool with friends..

 Kids's had a "car wash"
 Kobe and Olivia went to Zeller's Distinxion Camp

The boys helped their dad butcher chickens

 While Mikayla watched from inside the house

 She did go out with me to snap some pics
 We took the kids swimming
 I've got Clayton almost swimming. It's harder to teach an older kid, I've learned, but he's almost got it.. I hope to take them this weekend.

 Mikayla has been my shadow everytime we have the kiddos and always wants to help me with dinner, setting the table and cleaning. She's quite the little helper! I love every minute of it!
 We had a taco bar for dinner one night. The kids loved it..

The kids and Jason went to church for the first time with Kobe and I. We were so happy to have them.

It's been a month and they have went every Sunday! It makes me so happy to have Jason come to church with me. I think its what our marriage and relationship needed.

Can you tell she is his daughter?? HAHA

Kobe's been allowed to mow now!

One of our chickens got out of the coop while Jason was at work and Kobe rounded it up and stuck it in here lol
 We finally watched "A Dog's Purpose" Kobe posed Roxy with the movie LOL
 Been catching up on some reading
 Made homemade strombolis

 Celebrated Grandma's Birthday.. Made her a cake for her birthday

My little engineer found this at Goodwill so he can take it all apart and make stuff with it lol
He made a 2 wheel electric "car" but I didn't get a pic of it
The gear shifter in my van broke. While at the park the cable snapped and my van was stuck in park.

Kobe took up frog giggen ... Him and Jason went out one night and used the frog gigger and got 2 frogs.. Of course we had to fry the legs up so Kobe could eat them lol
Roxy waits patiently while Kobe's down at the lake fishing and gigging.. That darn invisible fence makes her sad LOL

She did finally figure out she likes to stick her head out the window when we take a drive LOL

 Finally tried Cotton Candy Grapes.
My review: Not worth the money. The first grape you pop in your mouth, you think, OMG so good.. taste like cotton candy... 2nd one.. not so much...! Next time you go to the fridge and get some the 1st one tastes like Cotton Candy... 2nd one not so much again LOL. I wanted more. I expected more!

 Kobe stepped on a rusty nail
 Thank goodness he had a tetanus shot
 We soaked his foot and put some salve on it.. He was good as new

4th of July had a sucky start (this is my FAVORITE Holiday) But ended good

Later we headed out to the camp ground for a fish fry...
 Kobe trying to light sticks since we had no fireworks LOL
 After this pitiful picture Mamaw came to the rescue and bought the kids some fireworks LOL
 Waiting on fireworks

After the park's fireworks we let some big ones off at my parents house...

 I didn't get any pictures of the actual camp part because I wasn't there but Kobe got to experience his first time at VBS at our chuch! He loved it! He will be to old to do it next year since 6th grade is the cut off but they already asked him to volunteer for next year. He was pretty excited they asked.

 We celebrated Ashtin Boone's Birthday.. I made his cake too...

 We ate crayfish and swordfish

 Well I didn't eat crayfish.. I mean look at it.. BLAH lol But Jason and the boys did. Kobe is my little seafood eater!

 Amanda and the kids went swimming with us.

Noah discovered the slides and LOVED them LOL

 Noah was so proud of his "Big Pretzel" hahaha

Our green beans aren't doing good this year so my in-laws shared!

But our cucumbers are going strong...

We'll be pickeling this weekend!

I'll end this blog with Kobe making himself "Breakfast" at 11:30am

We are out if syrup lol but he's gonna eat them anyways LOL

I think thats about all that's been going on.. I'm sure I've left something out .. But until next time..

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