Friday, October 28, 2011

40 minutes of Questions..

First check out these cute things we made for Kobe's Halloween Party at school!!

The Bean and I drove to get J-Bird from work in Jasper.. which from home to J's work its exactly 40 minutes.. Usually Kobe falls asleep.. not yesterday. He was wide awake and full of questions. Odd Questions at that lol. First off he asks if Deer have "milk bags" like cows. I was caught off guard by this question lol.. I said no, they eat berries and leaves.. he then says "UH HUH, yes they do Mom, Uncle Adam cut one of the deer he was cuttin up and showed me" Soo I told him we'll ask J and see what he says cause Mommy didnt know lol.. and well its hard to believe Adam at times lol he always tells Kobe wild stories.. Kobe told Me and Mom that him and Adam went to New York to drop off the deer carcase.. that's probably what good ol' Uncle Adam told him LOL.. in Kobe's eyes Uncle Adam does no wrong lol Sooo then Kobe wanted to know "Why do bulls want to buck the cowboys off?" So I told him what I know.. I said well you know that rope the cowboy is holding onto? Well that is tied to the bulls peepee and it hurts the bull and he's trying to get it off so he's bucking. I look in the rear view mirror and can see the wheels turning in his head trying to process this all LOL.. Thank goodness it didn't go much farther than that LOL. There were several other silly questions but as we pulled into J's work there is a big pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness and he goes "a pink ribbon? really? pink? Seriously!?!" I said that's there for Breast Cancer awareness.. He then asks what breast cancer was... So I told him its when women get sick and they have knots and bumps in their boobs and sometimes they have to have surgery.. I told him sometimes people can die from it.. He then proceeds to ask if I ever had it .. I said no I haven't and I pray I never get it. This little boy is really making mommy work lol.

The icing on the cake was this morning.. I was changing this morning an I had just my bra and panties on (sorry for the scary visual lol) and Kobe says "are you having a baby Mom?" I was like umm no Kobe.. He said "well your belly looks like you are" I said nope I'm just fat, not having a baby.. he then flops down on my bed with this pouty face and says "I want you to have a baby. I want a baby sister. and then a baby brother" I said I want a baby girl too... He asked how we could get one in my belly ..So I told him to pray to God and ask him to put a healthy baby sister in Mommy's belly.. I was NOT going into dicussion of how babies were made.... He's such a curious child..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

*Whistle* Taxi!!!

This morning was sooooo smooth. Woke up got dressed.. got Kobe up.. I asked him what he wanted for breakfast.. he says "uh, hmm? just whatever you want me to have" So I fixed him a bowl of Rice Crispies. He ate all most all of it. Took his meds. Then I helped him get dressed. He asked if I'd put lotion on his face because it was dry and itchy.. UGH its VERY dry.. and looks chapped or something.. I'm not too sure his allergies aren't flared up. Although the Nurse Practitioner says his allergies are FINE.. after looking in his ears and nose.. Sooo any ways I put lotion on him then we laid in my bed and cuddle for a good 5 minutes before we headed out the door.. He was sooo sweet when we were cuddling.. He wanted to hold my hand :) Its hard to get him to cuddle, so when he does I want to make the best of it.. But time was breathing down my neck and I needed to get him to school... So I said.. "Mr. Darrah, your taxi is here. Please get your sponge bob suitcase and head to the taxi." he got this huge smile on his face got right up and we headed out the door... He's like "i need to put my suitcase in the trunk" LOL nooooo we can't do that... So he got in and got buckled.. he told me exactly how to get to his "work" It was cute and he had fun! Although when he got out of the "taxi" I said "Bye Mr. Darrah. I love You" and he looked at me and said "uuuh Taxi Drivers Don't say that to people" hahahha But I said well your Mommy says she loves you.. he said Love you too Mom... ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kobe update!

First off let me brag about my son... He got an awesome report card. I'm sooo proud of him :) He's such a smart little cookie!
(Click on the picture and it will go bigger)
 (not sure why they are 2 different colors lol must not have had my lid shut tight on my scanner)
And then this.. it melted my heart as soon as I saw it.. The spelling was perfect lol Yes I know its miss spelled but how precious is he!?!? :)
Love this kiddo!!
Sooo Can't remember if I posted in my last blog about having to switch doctors because the one we were seeing left :( sooo anywho we go to see the new one for Kobe's ADHD (same office, different Nurse practitioner) She was concerned with his rapid weight loss.. 3 pounds.. He was in a size 7 at the end of July/beginning of Aug. He now is back in his size 5 pants (where he SHOULD be) she thought the weight loss was because of his medication which I tried to tell her it wasn't it was because where we lived prior he wasn't aloud to go outside and ride his bike as much because it was hot out and the policy where we lived was he couldn't be outside alone but since we moved and have a yard he can go out and play in and ride his bike constantly plus being in school all day and having recess and P.E. he shed those few pounds off pretty quickly.. But she didn't think that was the case sooo we were back to square 1. She was ready to reduce his meds (which were working great). Was having me fill out questionnaires, making me feel like I was just trying to get my son on meds for my personal benefit. I was sooo upset when I let the office I feel like we were right on track with things and now shes coming in and making us start over. So when we talked to Dr. Dan (Child Psychiatrist) he told me he would write a report and send it over to the NP. Soo we go back to see the NP for a weight check and he hadn't lost anymore weight so she wrote another script for more pills and said she didn't receive Dr. Dan's report so next time I go to make sure and have him send one. Sooo we go see Dr. Dan... he thinks Kobe needs an evening pill after school, Not a full does but just half a dose to ease him down from the full dose. So I agreed and told him how the NP was doing all this and how she makes me feel like I'm a horrible mother for putting my child on meds. He assured me I'm NOT.. I use Dr. Dan for my personal use too lol.. I love him he's the best.. but any how.. so he sent the report over.. well we got see the NP about the 2nd does.. My stomach was in knots because this woman already has me labeled obviously so when I told her why we were there.. she claimed she dint get the report from Dr. Dan and she was going to go call before I left.. so she comes back in the room, with what?!?! The REPORT Dr. Dan sent over.. Surprise Surprise... Sooo in the report Dr. Dan asked that Kobe get a 5mg dose at 3pm well she right away said No.. she wouldn't do that because it might stunt his growth.. she miiiiiight do a 2.5mg at 1pm but she'd talk to Dr. Lohano and see what he said.. and I'd have to come back to pick up the script on Friday... this was the FIRST time they were ever concerned about his heigth.. never questioned it before.. never even measured him.. so Idk.. but anyways I go in on that Friday to get his scripts and it was for 5mg.. So obviously Dr. Lohano over ruled what she wanted to do.. Soooo I had an appt set up for Oct 25th so they could check his height but they called and canceled it and rescheduled for the 31st with Dr. Lohano... *siiiiiiigh* on a plus note tho.. Kobe is doing wonderful on his medication.. he adjusted well to his evening pill and he's eating dinner better, sleeping WAY better, and wakes up and eats a whole bowl of oatmeal for Breakfast.. We are finally on the right track lets just hope it stays that way...

Hum Diddy..

This weekend we spent it with J-Bird's family.. Saturday we went to his cousin Elaine's Wedding.. She looked beautiful! Her dress in my opinion was PERFECT!! The reception was decorated beautiful and the cake was DELICIOUS!!!! It was an orange cake ... never had orange cake (other than Orange jello cake)before but it was wonderful.

Sunday we went to J's nephew Evan's 6th Birthday party.. Him and Kobe get along so well and play really nice together.
Here they are in their "Space Ship" fighting Aliens
 Now they are on the "space Horse" hahaha I love kid imagination
Soooo Speaking of cake ... I've decided to try to start making cakes/cupcakes.. For family and close friends or whoever asks me too.. I already make cakes for my family's b-days but I'm going to start putting a little more into it.. like working with fondant and doing some cake design. I've thought about taking classes to help but then I thought whats the best way to learn? Yep YouTube!! I have learned how to do so much from YouTube. A man on YouTube taught me how to make biscuits and gravy ;) So I found this woman on there who is teaching me how to make things out of fondant... So we'll see..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big weekend

J-Bird bought Kobe a BB gun.. Kobe was soooo excited... He'll only get to use it when J takes him out in the country and shoots it. We didn't just give our 5 yr old a BB gun and said "Have fun" Kobe coming from a family who hunts (not me lol), Dad, My brother and now Jason, he will be needing to learn how to hunt not only that but needs to learn all about gun safety and the rules of a gun. What better way to learn than with a BB gun. He will take the Hunter's Education course when he is old enough but for now the important men in his life can give him some pointers.
So Sunday while I went to the Craft Show. J took Kobe to shoot his BB gun for the first time. Kobe said it was "awesome" lol.. I'm so glad he has someone in his life like Jason :) We are very lucky.

So Sunday while the guys went and played I went with my Mom, Sister, niece and Anna (Adam's gf) to the Dubois Co. Arts and Craft show. This was our 3rd year going. We love it and look fwd to it every year. They always have a booth there that does personalized Christmas ornaments and so I always know I'm getting one before I see the booth :) I love all my purchases I made this year... but regret not getting something I really wanted.. but I couldn't spend a whopping 14 bucks on just myself lol so I didn't get it. Now I'm sad I didn't get it LOL. I was too busy looking for the guys something lol.
Here are my purchases for the day: (not pictured, Yummy peanut butter and chocolate fudge for Jason and I and a white chocolate tractor sucker for Kobe)

This Family sign I got for $2.00
 Me and Jason's first ornament
 Our first family ornament
 Kobe's pet rock lol This was only $.50 and it was by far his favorite thing I got him lol
 I got Jason and Kobe both a key chain like this.. its a rabbits foot and a deer antler lol they both loved it :)
Sunday evening we had our monthly family dinner. This time it was at my cousin Jacob's. Him and his wife Whitney and their son welcomed us out to their place where we had a "weenie roast" actually Jake cooked the weenies on the grill because it was sooo windy. We celebrated Jake and Anna's Birthdays at the family get together. It was so nice. It was very relaxing and we all enjoyed ourselves.

oooh yeh and we hung some new wall decor.. this is the sneak peek of the new wall to come in the living room.. I got the wall cling at Family Dollar for $3

hahaha and these lovely things :) are now in the living room ;)

Kobe got some new kicks too.. He wanted boots like J's soooo bad so today I surprised him with some.. He is gonna run into things because he watches his feet when he walks LOL...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Happy Happy!!!

I just sent off my papers to get my new Social Security card changed to Andrea Colvin :) I forgot all the things you have to change when you get married. Its gonna take some time to get used to Andrea Colvin.. I'm so happy to be Mrs. Jason Alan Colvin :) Next I need to go get my name changed on my license, Bank account, insurance etc.

Soo anyways I just had my first Parent Teacher Conference with Kobe's teacher via phone.. she said he was doing great.. He's very smart and right on track with every thing. He was one of a few kids who could count to 100 I'm so proud he is doing good.. her only complaint..was his stubborness.. Oh boy do I know all about that. He is the most stubborn child EVER!!! We are having some major issues at home with this.. Even with MAMAW!!! The one person who I never thought Kobe would give grief too.. His Mamaw lol We ARE working on this stubborness and really crackin down on him. But its about to get the best of this Mom..Now that I think of it, He truely does get it honestly.. The Hill's are pretty stubborn ppl lol

But all in all.. I am extremely happy with the way my life is going. I couldn't ask for more..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Time

We finally  carved Kobe's pumpkin he got from Lark Ranch. The pumpkin carving was delayed by some behavior problems Sir Kobe was having. Wow 5 year olds sure have attitude problems.. But anywho Kobe wanted a vampire face on his pumpkin so I did my best to try and draw a "vampire"..

 I didn't get to play in the "goo" this year :( lol I LOVE pumpkin "goo" I love the feel of it and the smell of it :)

 Yes only my son would be sportin' snow boots and shorts LOL
 He is soooo stinkin cute!! I love my KoKo Bean!!
 Jason's new chair we got for $9.00
 I LOVE this look on my HUSBAND! Nooo I'm not talkin about the pumpkin "goo" nor the welding dust under his nails ;) I'm talking about that wedding ring on his finger :) I love looking at his hand.. I'm soooo happy!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lark Ranch 2011

Sunday was the Annual Lark Ranch trip. We were so ready this year. I couldn't wait to spend this time with my family and since I had my own little family this time it was sooo nice. We all had a good time. I forgot my camera Waaaah! lol. I even charged the batteries so it was ready to go. I just forgot to take them off the charger and put them in the camera and sit the camera by my purse. Thanks to Amanda she brought her camera and snapped some pics of Kobe for us :) Then of course I had some on my phone but the silly thing kept crashing after every pic.. so there isn't a pic of him shooting the corn cob gun or him riding the horse blah lol O-well.. I love my family and I love this day of the year :)