Friday, October 28, 2011

40 minutes of Questions..

First check out these cute things we made for Kobe's Halloween Party at school!!

The Bean and I drove to get J-Bird from work in Jasper.. which from home to J's work its exactly 40 minutes.. Usually Kobe falls asleep.. not yesterday. He was wide awake and full of questions. Odd Questions at that lol. First off he asks if Deer have "milk bags" like cows. I was caught off guard by this question lol.. I said no, they eat berries and leaves.. he then says "UH HUH, yes they do Mom, Uncle Adam cut one of the deer he was cuttin up and showed me" Soo I told him we'll ask J and see what he says cause Mommy didnt know lol.. and well its hard to believe Adam at times lol he always tells Kobe wild stories.. Kobe told Me and Mom that him and Adam went to New York to drop off the deer carcase.. that's probably what good ol' Uncle Adam told him LOL.. in Kobe's eyes Uncle Adam does no wrong lol Sooo then Kobe wanted to know "Why do bulls want to buck the cowboys off?" So I told him what I know.. I said well you know that rope the cowboy is holding onto? Well that is tied to the bulls peepee and it hurts the bull and he's trying to get it off so he's bucking. I look in the rear view mirror and can see the wheels turning in his head trying to process this all LOL.. Thank goodness it didn't go much farther than that LOL. There were several other silly questions but as we pulled into J's work there is a big pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness and he goes "a pink ribbon? really? pink? Seriously!?!" I said that's there for Breast Cancer awareness.. He then asks what breast cancer was... So I told him its when women get sick and they have knots and bumps in their boobs and sometimes they have to have surgery.. I told him sometimes people can die from it.. He then proceeds to ask if I ever had it .. I said no I haven't and I pray I never get it. This little boy is really making mommy work lol.

The icing on the cake was this morning.. I was changing this morning an I had just my bra and panties on (sorry for the scary visual lol) and Kobe says "are you having a baby Mom?" I was like umm no Kobe.. He said "well your belly looks like you are" I said nope I'm just fat, not having a baby.. he then flops down on my bed with this pouty face and says "I want you to have a baby. I want a baby sister. and then a baby brother" I said I want a baby girl too... He asked how we could get one in my belly ..So I told him to pray to God and ask him to put a healthy baby sister in Mommy's belly.. I was NOT going into dicussion of how babies were made.... He's such a curious child..


  1. Jennifer Saul-NeukamOctober 28, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    Lol... he certainly keeps you on your toes!

  2. LOL oh come on, you're not ready to have the birds and the bees talk with him? Too funny!