Thursday, October 27, 2011

*Whistle* Taxi!!!

This morning was sooooo smooth. Woke up got dressed.. got Kobe up.. I asked him what he wanted for breakfast.. he says "uh, hmm? just whatever you want me to have" So I fixed him a bowl of Rice Crispies. He ate all most all of it. Took his meds. Then I helped him get dressed. He asked if I'd put lotion on his face because it was dry and itchy.. UGH its VERY dry.. and looks chapped or something.. I'm not too sure his allergies aren't flared up. Although the Nurse Practitioner says his allergies are FINE.. after looking in his ears and nose.. Sooo any ways I put lotion on him then we laid in my bed and cuddle for a good 5 minutes before we headed out the door.. He was sooo sweet when we were cuddling.. He wanted to hold my hand :) Its hard to get him to cuddle, so when he does I want to make the best of it.. But time was breathing down my neck and I needed to get him to school... So I said.. "Mr. Darrah, your taxi is here. Please get your sponge bob suitcase and head to the taxi." he got this huge smile on his face got right up and we headed out the door... He's like "i need to put my suitcase in the trunk" LOL nooooo we can't do that... So he got in and got buckled.. he told me exactly how to get to his "work" It was cute and he had fun! Although when he got out of the "taxi" I said "Bye Mr. Darrah. I love You" and he looked at me and said "uuuh Taxi Drivers Don't say that to people" hahahha But I said well your Mommy says she loves you.. he said Love you too Mom... ;)

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  1. Aw! You're such a great mommy! Blade & I used to play games like that too! I miss those days!