Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kobe update!

First off let me brag about my son... He got an awesome report card. I'm sooo proud of him :) He's such a smart little cookie!
(Click on the picture and it will go bigger)
 (not sure why they are 2 different colors lol must not have had my lid shut tight on my scanner)
And then this.. it melted my heart as soon as I saw it.. The spelling was perfect lol Yes I know its miss spelled but how precious is he!?!? :)
Love this kiddo!!
Sooo Can't remember if I posted in my last blog about having to switch doctors because the one we were seeing left :( sooo anywho we go to see the new one for Kobe's ADHD (same office, different Nurse practitioner) She was concerned with his rapid weight loss.. 3 pounds.. He was in a size 7 at the end of July/beginning of Aug. He now is back in his size 5 pants (where he SHOULD be) she thought the weight loss was because of his medication which I tried to tell her it wasn't it was because where we lived prior he wasn't aloud to go outside and ride his bike as much because it was hot out and the policy where we lived was he couldn't be outside alone but since we moved and have a yard he can go out and play in and ride his bike constantly plus being in school all day and having recess and P.E. he shed those few pounds off pretty quickly.. But she didn't think that was the case sooo we were back to square 1. She was ready to reduce his meds (which were working great). Was having me fill out questionnaires, making me feel like I was just trying to get my son on meds for my personal benefit. I was sooo upset when I let the office I feel like we were right on track with things and now shes coming in and making us start over. So when we talked to Dr. Dan (Child Psychiatrist) he told me he would write a report and send it over to the NP. Soo we go back to see the NP for a weight check and he hadn't lost anymore weight so she wrote another script for more pills and said she didn't receive Dr. Dan's report so next time I go to make sure and have him send one. Sooo we go see Dr. Dan... he thinks Kobe needs an evening pill after school, Not a full does but just half a dose to ease him down from the full dose. So I agreed and told him how the NP was doing all this and how she makes me feel like I'm a horrible mother for putting my child on meds. He assured me I'm NOT.. I use Dr. Dan for my personal use too lol.. I love him he's the best.. but any how.. so he sent the report over.. well we got see the NP about the 2nd does.. My stomach was in knots because this woman already has me labeled obviously so when I told her why we were there.. she claimed she dint get the report from Dr. Dan and she was going to go call before I left.. so she comes back in the room, with what?!?! The REPORT Dr. Dan sent over.. Surprise Surprise... Sooo in the report Dr. Dan asked that Kobe get a 5mg dose at 3pm well she right away said No.. she wouldn't do that because it might stunt his growth.. she miiiiiight do a 2.5mg at 1pm but she'd talk to Dr. Lohano and see what he said.. and I'd have to come back to pick up the script on Friday... this was the FIRST time they were ever concerned about his heigth.. never questioned it before.. never even measured him.. so Idk.. but anyways I go in on that Friday to get his scripts and it was for 5mg.. So obviously Dr. Lohano over ruled what she wanted to do.. Soooo I had an appt set up for Oct 25th so they could check his height but they called and canceled it and rescheduled for the 31st with Dr. Lohano... *siiiiiiigh* on a plus note tho.. Kobe is doing wonderful on his medication.. he adjusted well to his evening pill and he's eating dinner better, sleeping WAY better, and wakes up and eats a whole bowl of oatmeal for Breakfast.. We are finally on the right track lets just hope it stays that way...


  1. Ugh... I hate when doctors & nurses won't listen to a parent because they think they know better. No one knows a child better than his mommy.

  2. Dont let those doctors make you feel are an awesome mommy and know more about Kobe than any NP can ever know...they think all kids are the same and only YOU know your child...Glad to hear he is adjusting to the new meds and hope all goes well from here on out :)